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  1. There's way too many variables to say that any subwoofer placement would be recommended over another way. Things such as room size and phase cancellation with your other speakers are only a couple items that will make a huge difference as to the best location. Best way to find out is sit where you normally listen and have someone move the sub around a bit until it sounds best to you.
  2. You might have better luck buying DeOxit at Radio Shack online or even eBay, which is where I bought mine. I called both my local Radio Shacks and asked if they carried DeOxit and both of them said no. [:@]
  3. I think there's at least a few other members here who would consider a couple of the Heritage Series not exactly "top of the line."
  4. Actually its the love of money that is the root of all evils, so say the verse. Reminds me of another good one..."For wisdom is for a protection as money is for a protection; but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom itself preserves alive its owners."
  5. Are we talking pots or prophylactics here?! [] Have you tried the standard 'turn the volume knob all the way up and down 50-100 times with the power off and amp unplugged' trick yet?
  6. Someone already posted about them, I think in the 2-channel forum.
  7. I used to have an AudioSource EQ a long long time ago and enjoyed the convenience of being able to adjust the sound over several octaves. I know that many people are of the opinion that not using an EQ would be best, but if I were to hook one up inline with my receiver and subwoofer's pre-ins and pre-outs, would I be introducing more noise and more distortion into my system? With my HK 730 I only have a bass and treble knob and I have no idea what frequency that they boost/cut and by how much. I'd like to be able to leave those at their flat position and then get an EQ to adjust specific frequencies.
  8. The Rolex is a great deal, guys! A current brand new all stainless steel ladies Rolex goes for $3000+! The seller is correct, the bracelet on this Rolex (called the oyster bracelet) is a much more durable and much more modern looking bracelet than the jubilee bracelet (the one with the three small gold center links.) It is much less likely to stretch over time, and since the gold is solid 18k the entire watch can be refinished by almost any jeweler as many times as you'd like and can be made to look brand new forever. The diamonds that Rolex uses in their watches are 'D' color and Flawless clarity. The whitest, clearest and brightest diamonds that nature produces. Even though the diamonds on the dial may be somewhat small, their quality makes them dress the watch up incredibly well. Can you tell that I love watches? Can you tell that I also sell Rolexes? []
  9. Just a few suggestions: Move the speakers as far away from the side walls as you can. This made a huge difference with my RF-7s. What is the flat or middle setting for treble? You state that you currently have it at '2.' Is 0 the middle? I'd put it at 0 or -1, again, if 0 is the middle setting. Horns don't need ANY extra treble empasis! You'll find that different movies and music will be recorded vastly different. Some will be more dynamic and full, and some will be duller sounding. Same with the sibilance in recordings. I have some CDs that I can't even listen to anymore because they sound terrible on my RF-7s. I'd seriously discourage you from trying and modifying your speakers by replacing any drivers. The cabinets and crossovers were designed specifically for each driver that's in there. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll end up with a sound that you will not like. Hope this helps!
  10. Well, my wife would be the first to tell anyone that she's heard me blasting MMMBop by Hanson more than a few times since we've been together. [8-|]
  11. Actually, the RF-10 is the bottom model. Just wanted you to feel better about your purchase! []
  12. Basic spelling isn't something that a person needs a college degree to be able to learn. Its taught in kindergarten. The last three guys that our store hired are the WORST spellers I have ever seen. We have job repair envelopes with words such as 'appraisal' printed right on them and they still spell it wrong![*-)][8-)]
  13. Well, with the $1500 plus the sale of your RF-3II and RC-3II you could get a pair of RF-7s and an RC-7 plus have money left over for a new amp/receiver if you wanted.
  14. The more balls you have, the higher up the list you go as far as who has the most posts here. Currently you're in the top 75 of all the posters.
  15. Thanks to the recommendation by a fellow forum member, I experimented with moving my RF-7s along the long wall of my room. I listened to my speakers for a couple hours last night and must say that I am very pleased with the results. Here's how my stereo used to be situated: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/688514/PostAttachment.aspx Notice the speakers are only a couple of inches away from the side walls. And here's how it looks now: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/702448/PostAttachment.aspx Hard to see in the pic because I can't get far enough back to show that the right speaker is now a good 3 feet from the side wall (left speaker is about 10 feet from the side wall) and the speakers are about 8 feet apart. Fortunately my A/V stand is on wheels so it makes it easy to move it around the room. Stereo separation is improved immensely, gone are the intense early reflections from the speakers being so close to the side walls. A lot of the high frequency harshness has also been removed. I also separated my RCA cables to the right side of the A/V stand and all power cords to the left side. Made for a much cleaner look and also I don't have a very very faint buzzing sound that was caused by interference from something. It really goes to show that placement is almost everything when it comes to getting great sound from these speakers. Now I just need to have Dean work his magic on my crossovers and I'll be set!
  16. The speakers you're theorizing on are extremely efficient and don't need a ton of power to make them play loud. They do need quality watts to make them play cleanly, though. Pretty much any decent receiver with 40 watts per channel would be enough for most people's average listening. Denon and harman/kardon are just two good examples.
  17. My Definitive Technology sub makes a pretty decent thump when I turn it off. I just leave it on all the time.
  18. You'll notice my TV stand/equipment rack is on wheels. Makes it very convenient to move it when I need to! http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/688514/PostAttachment.aspx
  19. I cross my RF-7s over at about 100hz. I don't feel that I'm giving up anything!
  20. One more question/observation...60" Grand Wega TV and a $100 DVD player?? Did you blow your budget on the TV? []
  21. There is a way to manually change the output from 480i to 480p. It should be in the Samsung's owner's manual. Does your TV have an HDMI input? If so, why not just buy the cord? That's the only way you're going to get 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. I don't know of any DVD players that will go any higher than 480p through component video.
  22. I'm in the two channel guy group and I recently disconnected my sub to see how my RF-7s sounded without it. Yeah, that lasted about 5 seconds. Sub on!
  23. A topic about losing one's virginity containing phrases such as: "I will refrain as hard as it is." "You have a point there" "Lights out, feet up" "Man was that a blast" Sounds like the 4 stages of sex if you ask me!
  24. Apparently the woofers are very fragile and the surface can bend/crease very easily. My RF-7s have a very small crease from the original owner.
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