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  1. In reference to the BMS "HE". What is the shorting ring? How does this improve the driver?
  2. Just set up my CD player after the trip and found a CD in it that was not mine. Is anyone missing a Blue Note CD "Byrd In Flight"?
  3. I can bring a Oppo BDP83 and a pair of Heresy Speakers (1973 with crites tweeter & 4500 crossover). Let me know if is should bring them.
  4. Made my reservation tonight and was charged $60.95 for a single non-smoking king. In is a lot less than the Holliday Inn Express.
  5. Seadog I have room for 3 or 4 in my car. I will be comming in Friday and staying at the Holliday Inn Express in Hope.
  6. Good to know some forum members will be there. The rooms at the Embassy are reasonable. Reserved mine for $89.00 per night.
  7. What is that on top of the Khorn on the 04/14/12 Post
  8. Nice to know someone else in Missouri rides bikes and is interested in Klipsch.
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