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  1. Welcome Stringmun1.....I have horn monos as well as the Full Function Preamp pushing a pair of LaScalas. Hope you read the Stereophile magazine review on the horn monos.....very complimentary. Go to Quicksilver Audio and follow the link to the review if you haven't done so. Chuck
  2. OK, I'll bite since I don't know -- what's a "full feature" preamp? Thanks -- LarryC.......The Full Function Preamp is the name of Quicksilver Audios tubed preamp. Duke can probably fill you in better than I can but I think it may be 5 years old. My preamp is #504 and I don't know what the total run was. I believe it has now been replaced with a line stage preamp. Chuck
  3. See the thread 3 below on "Paypal and VPI record cleaner". There is much discussion on the VPI and record cleaning in general. Chuck
  4. As I recall it was $25 for 1oz. and that makes 1 gallon. A gallon will last me a loooong time. I went through the 4oz bottle of cleaner that came with the Nitty Gritty in no time and was looking for a lower cost option. Chuck
  5. I know you are all tired of the hand wringing about tube compatability so I have settled on JJ KT-77s, a copy of the Marconi-Osram tube when they were part of GEC. Doug said that all his NYC customers are dropping their EL-34s in favor of this tube in their Marantz 8s and Dynacos. Not being able to hear them first I am going on his reccommendation. Thanks Craig for hooking me up with this tube dealer.
  6. I think rubbing alcohol is the one alcohol you want to stay away from. Lanolin is often added to rubbing alcohol to condition the skin during a body rub and can leave a residue on records. See if your pharmacy or chemical supply house has some 97% pure isoprophyl. I recently bought a small bottle of record cleaner concentrate from AcousticSounds.com. I think VPI made it and 1 ounce makes a gallon of cleaner when mixed with distilled water. I use that with a Nitty Gritty Record Vac. Works okay though water beads a lot.
  7. Where you been oldbuckster? You haven't given me much to read today and now I won't be back on line till Monday. Tarheel
  8. Sorry about the multiple emails. Thanks....I will try Doug. Chuck
  9. Seti.....have you tried suspending the tt from the ceiling? Use chain so you can remove links to level the tt or a small turnbuckle. We did this at Bluesboys house and no more skipping/sratched records. A great conversation piece to boot. Chuck
  10. Craig.....I have no idea but I will forward the email I got from Tube Depot if you don't mind. I am using Tesla 34Ls but would like to try other tubes if I can do it safely. I am a novice in way over my head so any reccommendation will be appreciated. This is my first tube gear. If I stay with the 34L do you have a brand preference? I will be leaving my pc in about an hour so I may not get your reply til monday. Thanks much. Chuck
  11. I am looking for some suggestions on replacement tubes in the 20-25 mA bias range to use with the horn monos. Can I get KT-88s in this range? If not then I guess I will go with Mullard EL-34s or JJ/Tesla EL-34s. Any preference? Chuck
  12. mowntnbkr Go to the thread on mega 70s recievers. I just saw your offer on the SX-1280 and responded. Tarheel
  13. mowntnbkr Please pardon me for not responding to your question but I never finished reading the thread. Another forum member called last night and asked if I knew that you were interested in the Pioneer reciever so this morning I continued reading. To answer your question in a round about way I guess I could sell it though its' almost like asking is your dog for sale. A little history, you will have to bare with me while I do some sentimental rambling as thats what old folks like me sometimes do. I bought the Pioneer new in the 70s when I was in my 20s, financed it and made monthly payments. I bought it through one of those discount houses, maybe Illinois Audio, I can't recall. It has been babied all these years, taken apart for cleaning 3 years ago and now sits on top of my right laScala waiting to be played again. Since I went to tubes, that doesn't happen often. When I listen to the tube gear and look over at the Pioneer I feel a tinge of guilt almost like she has been abandoned. Some folks will say...it's either for sale or it isn"t. Well thats not the way it is for me. When I think about selling it I wonder if after 2 or 3 years I will wish I had it back. On the other hand it's not being used and doing what it does best, making music. If you are still interested, ask me your questions. I hate to even think about packing up such a heavy piece of equipment. I have the manual and the original sales brochure I use to go oogle over at Southeastern Radio. You do have a fenced yard...right? Just kidding. Chuck
  14. Coytee About the Rottie.....call the newspaper, radio station, PETA, Humane Society, police. The dog would be better off with just about anyone. Thanks for your efforts and concern! You may just be that dogs only hope Chuck
  15. Lech.....So true..."forever analog". Actually a lot of smaller companies are starting to make records again.... so things are looking up for vinyl. You can always go to ebay and enter "LPs new" and do a search or on numerous other websites. I know shipping would be expensive. Haven't heard sacd but some of the remastered cds sound pretty good. Chuck
  16. Yes Mark... after that review you may want to subsribe. Got the magazine Saturday.....couldn't wait to get it home and read the JuicyMusic review immediately. Great review..Art seemed equally impressed with Mark as with the product! Interesting that the color of the face plate was so controversial....90%hated it..10%loved it! Would like to hear and see one. BTW...another writer at Stereophyle, John Marks, hangs out at Audioasylum frequently. Extremely knowledgeable about recording. Traded emails awhile back about the release of Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" from archives'. Chuck
  17. Welcome aboard Lech.....absolutely stunning monoblocks! I bet they sound as good as they look. Do you listen to LPs or CDs? As I recall.... I ordered my cartridge (Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood) from a seller in Sweden....a seller on Audiogon that went by the name "Highendbroker". Again.....Welcome! Chuck
  18. Thanks for the reply William. I still have not decided on tubes for the monos. Its not like you can go listen to them side by side in your amps. I think I will retube the Quicksilver Audio Full Fuction Preamp first and go with the original tubes from Quicksilver for $109/set. I see you have some Cornwall IIIs coming or have they arrived? Let us know how they sound with the horn monos. Chuck
  19. Talked with Quicksilver Audio....Suggested that I ask for low bias voltage if I go to KT-88s. Said that the Tesla KT-88s sound particularly good but again I should order the low bias matched pairs. $120 a matched pair....ouch! Thank you to all responded as I am indeed a novice. Chuck
  20. Thanks for the help guys. I posed the question and then went out of town before I got your answers. I would really like to try the 88s but I don't here anyone saying to do it. WPM, Since you have the horn monos have you tried the 88s or 90s? I certainly don't want to damage the equipment but the self biasing feature was a selling point to me when I bought the amps. I will email Mike at Quicksilver before I make a move. Craig on another subject..... you suggested I move my cabinets out from the wall 8'' to increase the bass for my LaScalas. How does that work since the woofers fire to the front? Chuck
  21. Thanks Seti ..........Would like to see the list. His grandfather!!! Now I feel old. Chuck
  22. Thanks for the info Dave. Yes....a tidy some for that day. Chuck
  23. My Quicksilver Audio horn monos have the original EL-34 tubes. Has anyone tried different tubes such as the "Winged C" KT-88? Any improvement? Chuck
  24. Luther, Don and I have heard your tape and Travis' tape. Don and I have heard each others tape as well(prior to sending to you and Travis).If you have not exchanged with Travis then do so at your conveinence. Then return the tapes to the owner. Hope this clears it up a bit Chuck
  25. You are correct! The SX-1980 (built in 1980 of course) was the last of the great 70's era power receivers and probably the most coveted. They still sell for easily over a grand in NM condition. They are huge and put out 270 watts RMS. My Kenwood KR9600 weighs in at about 65 lbs so at 90 lbs, the Pioneer is enormous! A high school buddy of mine still uses his and it still sounds great (for SS that is[]). Does anyone remember what the retail price was for the SX-1280 and the SX-1980? I saw a 1280 go for $585 on ebay with 41 bids recently. The bid got up to over $700 as I recall and I guess the over exuberant bidder withdrew his bid. What a control center these recievers are with several phono settings and tape to tape duplication with the push of a toggle switch. The only styling item that looked a little strange to me was the slide settings for marking radio stations. Chuck
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