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    how's about: www.hdcd.com
  2. that was also the name of our college intramural broomball team "the nads". our cheerleaders would yell "go nads!".
  3. sal, yes they'll match fine timbre wise. you have anything else for speaks or subs? only dif between the I & II are cosmetic imho. the II have monster wiring, snap in/out port baffles & bigger feet. otherwise identical as far as I know.
  4. i like "war pigs" by sabbath. i like bill ward's drums in that one.
  5. Kain have you tried entering a zero? maybe that will come out as a letter O.
  6. btw, from what i've heard the ref 50 started getting delivered in just the last few weeks. b&k # is 800-543-5252. ask for tech support. jerry is the best to talk to imo.
  7. zd, i use the b&k ref 30 & 7270 amp in my main system & i'm real pleased w/ the sound, features & support. now that the ref 50 is out their tech support tells me an upgrade for the 30 should be available in about the next 60 days. i've had only about a year as a b&k owner, but i've called their tech support many times on their toll free number & they've always been a lot of help & supportive. from what i've heard they've had a real good track record on upgrades & seem pretty committed to them to me. seem like a good quality US co dedicated to only amps, receivers & preamps/processors along the lines of mac & mondial. 5 year warranty too. as always best way to find out what you like for the price is to use & demo preferably at home.
  8. jd, it'll play the dolby digital track as long as it has a DD decoder which all most likely do. & yeah many dvd-audio discs have a dolby digital, dts &/or pcm 2.0 track on 'em in addition to the mlp (meridian lossless packaging) format (hi-rez) track. but it won't do the high-rez dvd-audio, whether 96/24 5.1 or 192/24 2.0 if it doesn't have a mlp decoder on it.
  9. a stern version of porky's. that's great! i'm sure they'll be paging michael hunt again. looks like they'll remake every movie eventually. so many more movies made these days.
  10. sure you can put it right underneath the tube too. if needed, then instead of angling it down just angle it up so that the tweeter/mid speakers or horns are pointing at your ears in the sweet spot.
  11. sal, meant to add, if you want more than an rc-3 & also a voice/timbre match for the rf-5, you could definitely also look at the rc-7.
  12. jd, that's a good question. shy of eartesting them i guess one would have to find out & take a look at the dacs, dsp, other components used in them. myself i'm already sunk in the seperates route. just hoping for upgrades to better & simpler connections like firewire sometime in the near future.
  13. the only way i've gotten search to work is by choosing a specific forum. doesn't work if you leave that blank, though sounds like the master is working on getting the search across all forums up & running again.
  14. whoops, guess i saw that longer ago than i thought. its out for sale now: http://www.gi.com/dcp/about_dcp/overview.html
  15. jd, yeah its all coming. i even saw a prototype from motorola that had the receiver w/ tuner, dvd/cd player & digital cable tv tuner/modem all-in-one.
  16. un, 1st, i haven't heard quintets but i'm pretty sure they wouldn't be a good timbre match for your klf &/or ksp. iow, they may cost you more there than they're worth. & front effects speaks as like used by yamaha provide some ambient sound from the front channels to expand the front soundstage outside the main speaks. don't want to run them inside the front speaks & duplicate the same signal. & again the timbre mismatch w/ the speakers. "effects" preouts on the 5700 are for REAR effects aka rear surround. it looks like w/ the 5700 you have to use an external amp for rear effects, as well as a 7.1 input device passed through the 5700 to its outputs. but 7.1 is 5.1 + 2 REAR effects/surround speaks. so if you want to do 7.1 & the a/b, pick up a single or another pair of klf like even the C7 for the rear surround(s) & use the klf-10 as the B surround for the music modes. you'll also have to have like a dvdp w/ 7.1 outputs & perferably the ex & es decoders for 7.1. & you'll need that external amp or another one to drive the rear surround/effects speakers. or you could just stick w/ what you have & do either A/B or A+B surround w/ the s6 & klf-10. don't sweat having the empty fronts terminals on the 5700. using the external amp for the fronts & leaving the 5700 fronts terminals empty frees up the 5700 amp to better drive the center & surround speakers.
  17. mm, never have tripped breakers on the house. though before i brought in the heavy equipment i had an electrician replace the 15A breaker w/ 20A for the HT room circuit. seemed real easy he just popped old one out & put in new. now fuses & breakers in previous speakers & amps - blown my share of those. i remember the old BIC speaks we had set-up in the HS cafeteria. they had breakers & i had to get up from the DJ table a few times.
  18. boa12


    todd, congrats! those rsw have some serious spl. even the 15 i did hear at the store. another one you say? you going to stack 'em?
  19. sal, the rf & rp are a good timbre match, but the C7 is not a good timbre, voice match for the rf. & that's where it matters most - the fronts & center. best to have an rc-3 over a C7 there.
  20. boa12

    Die Another Day

    a reviewer i believe at the NY Times said something like this was probably the best bond flick since "the spy who loved me". that seems to say a lot. & it even beat the new harry potter already. i'll have to try to see this on the big screen.
  21. thang is when you buy from an unauthorized dealer like many of these net dealers you do have a warranty. the key is its from THEM since they bought from an authorized dealer, or who they bought from bought from an authorized dealer, etc. that's why for warranty work they want you dealing direct w/ them, not w/ klipsch. in klipsch's eyes YOU don't have a warranty w/ klipsch. so if the unauthorized dealer goes away, you could be SOL on warranty work. that's a risk you take for the low price. plus the possible cost & inconvenience of shipping the product back, as you can't take it in to a local authorized klipsch dealer. like w/ anything "guarenteed". it may be so, but you have to ask by whom is it guarenteed? like said, klipsch authorizes ubid.com & backs the factory warranty for klipsch or mondial discontinued lines &/or models.
  22. boa12

    Black Hawk Down.

    yes ed, i have noticed that dts on the credits at the end, as well as sdss too many times. though i realize sdss has no consumer aps, yet anyway. dts does have that advantage too. much more rear bass usually there in movies. nice supplement to the LFE. much higher audio bit rates for dts too (about double dolby) as i can see on the dvdp display. & yeah at blockbuster the only way to get dts is if its bundled w/ dolby digital 5.1. bet if you go to rent the private ryan dvd there its the old dolby version.
  23. actually as far as browsers i still like most & use netscape 4.79. but certain sites will only run on IE. or run best on IE. like if you want to use this "rich text" here on the klipsch forum. still i use netscape & obviously have no rich text.
  24. todd, yeah the only way i found out the pioneer box i had a few years back was digital compatiable was by finding the digital out on the back myself. to this day many "tech support" folks at time warner probably still have no clue about it. time warner has various stores around the metro here. i finally got their store phone numbers & called around to find a scientific atlanta 2000, then a 2100. so we know those boxes or higher are digital. don't know if at&t (soon to be comcast) has scientific atlanta or not, but those would be a sure bet for digital. problem may be getting the info from them. may have to just go in & check out what they really have, unless you can get a knowledgable support person on the phone.
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