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  1. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters
  2. Warning points have been issued for the abusive posts in this thread. Enough with the name calling.
  3. dtel's wife

    What I Got Today!

    @Ceptorman...black. They will match our other forte iis, and the 402 horns. We did see the lighter colored grills but preferred the black for placement in our family room.
  4. dtel's wife

    What I Got Today!

    @Schu, these were a gift from @pappyIII, which makes them even more special. Elden and I both are overwhelmed.
  5. dtel's wife

    What I Got Today!

    Picked these beauties up in Hope, AR this weekend. A huge shout out to @pappyIII for his generosity. They are beautiful and we are just getting around to some listening.
  6. No the mods do not catch everything. Unfortunately we all have this thing called life that demands our attention every now and then. That being said this type of language is not acceptable, ever under any conditions. In the future PM me or another mod immediately when something like this happens.
  7. My cell is 601-799-8350. @jmcamp54 please text me. We are actually up here this weekend working. Would love to add you to my list of folks we can call on when we need help. Will be at the Museum today working.
  8. @richieb, thank you for the pic of your PWK/Klipsch Museum of Audio History "Wall of Fame". Thank you again for your generosity and for displaying your pride in the Museum and PWK!
  9. Will work on that...but we've got another little surprise we are going to be adding in after this weekend, so maybe next week I'll get dtel to take a full shot!!!
  10. The ones you are referring to as "for sale" may have been purchased. the purchaser may have a few for sale. PM me for his info if you are interested.
  11. Sounds like KPT 600s possibly.
  12. @HPower dtel, @Chief bonehead and @kharmondds....dialing it in!!! Yea, it really did happen!
  13. @HPower here ya' go. Before and after.
  14. Our news for today! On this track we would be in the direct path. Hopefully it won't intensify much.
  15. I make a pretty good bread pudding! Yes it would have been nice! Next time you can park your behind here! Easy commute from here to New Orleans!!!
  16. You guys are awesome! I can not ever thank you enough for the support y'all have given to the Museum. Your contributions have helped financially stabilize the museum and are allowing us to proceed with much needed maintenance on the building. We've also been able to purchase computers and software that are essential to our operations. The Executive Committee is preparing for our upcoming quarterly Board of Trustees meeting. We hope to have lots of exciting news in the next few months. Again, thank you all!
  17. Not quite sure that @Chief bonehead has seen this thread yet. Hopefully he will see it, read through the comments and the questions presented here and offer some answers. Honestly, all of you know that I've never been one to study the "technical" stuff. I just know what I like to hear out of our system. I truly wish more women understood and appreciated the concept of good audio. @dtel, may have described it best for me, "Roy designed it, set it up and it's all fine". I can't really add anymore to that statement. I've never made it a secret about my feelings for Roy, both professionally and personally. He is truly one of the most incredible people I've ever met. It's always a privilege to have him visit our home and for us to visit his home....and an honor to have his personal prototype of the 1502 integrated into our system.
  18. We all need to come your way soon and visit!
  19. It's my understanding they will be going into production, just a question of when that will happen. They are "under patent". The 1802s are already in production
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