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  1. a fresh bottle of ketchup ... I'm on my way! I use A1 and Ketchup on my steak. my brother lived in Germany and told me about using mayo with fries. some people love a cigarette or cigar ... I love a swig of ketchup.
  2. I like Ritchie; but that was a nice jab Carl.
  3. here's the best scene from Mayberry ... featuring the brilliance of my hero Floyd the Barber.
  4. I'd try it. I can barely pour a bowl of cereal without some sort of disaster. I do love horseradish mashed potatoes though. Horseradish mixed with ketchup is great on a burger too.
  5. that size is enough for one order of French fries. I did finish off an entire bottle once at a Johnny Rockets in Long Beach, CA. I was at a British Pub having some fish & chips. The waitress comes by the table ... stops and stares ... then says, "I've never seen anyone use that much ketchup." In my defense, I warn people to use the ketchup BEFORE I do or there may be none left. I'm just a nice guy that way.
  6. Toasters are a kitchen appliance and thus very dangerous. Toasters should only be operated by trained professionals. Do NOT use a toaster in the bathtub.
  7. deleted by Floyd the Barber. .
  8. So, my old friend Ben has found his way home (apologies for referring to this forum as home; but you know what I mean). I hope life is treating you well my friend. Been much too long since we've talked. I'm around every now & then these days ... not a daily poster like in the past.
  9. you've yet to disappoint me; but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the Ghost to the Post and I think that was the lemongrass. good stuff!
  10. been watching this dude's videos about car painting. I don't understand what some of the paints that he uses are; but I'm a colorful guy so I can still dig it. the science of colorization.
  11. haven't been on the forum much the past few months. Doing alright though. Planning a return to California next year (I never was financially responsible, my theory is to just make more they take). Good that you are busy ... I've quit working back in 2017 ... big mistake. Not so much the loss of income (which does suck) but all that extra time that I have. Okay for most probably; but too much time alone with my thoughts isn't a good thing. Maybe the world would be a different place if I'd kept working? who knows? Peace to you though ... stay well.
  12. so it a good thing if your lawyer is a Caddyshack fan? Be careful though a Kentucky Fried Movie reference might get you disbarred. Hope you are well Jeff.
  13. very impressive Elden. When I was a senior in high school I took an Electricity class. I had already enlisted in the coast guard and was to report to boot camp after graduation. Here is a quote from the instructor that I received on my final exam. "Final exam: F, Class Projects: F, Final Grade: C. Going into Coast Guard ... all ships will sink." (My teacher told me that he was once in the coast guard ... so I guess that helped me pass the class. I only took the class because I had already earned enough credits to graduate and I had four classes and the last class finished at 10;30 ... my mom told me to either take more classes or get a job because I wasn't going to sit around all day).
  14. that guitar riff at the beginning sounds very prog.
  15. that's epic ... he and my pops would have got along. My Dad was a California Highway Patrol officer and was so happy when they were making a show about his job ... CHIPS. Then he saw the first episode and was so embarrassed.
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