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  1. If you're using a sub make sure the receiver isn't rolling off the lower frequencies to your Mains. Also, double check you haven't swapped speaker wires somewhere (out of phase).
  2. TaylorMade isone helluva expensive guitar....that musta hurt~
  3. I've noticed all the BMG discs are "made for BMG" or "made by BMG" under license, blah blah blah and they sound like absolute crap. I stopped BMG a couple of years ago due to this. Amazon.com has the absolute best selection of CD and SACD/DVD-A online with really competetive prices. I buy used ones in "like new condition" many times for a fraction ($2) of the new price & haven't been disappointed yet.
  4. Bridging for higher wattage USUALLY results in decreased fidelity, not to mention it taxes an amp MUCH more. Biamping is much preferred and takes a lot of the strain off amplifiers....FWIW.
  5. I've worked for TSA since the git-go and we received HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of claims for stolen LAPTOPS from the beginning. That was JUST laptops. Things have gotten better over time but there are still issues. When you have a workforce of 46,000 that are constantly turning over (albeit much better than in the beginning), you get some bad apples... The best advice I can give you is file a complaint through TSA's website: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/customer/claims/index.shtm
  6. I don't own the Green Egg but have friends who do; they are GREAT! The only drawback as mentioned is they crack relatively easy, so if you move a lot they may not be the best choice.
  7. Well, it must be nice to be able to say "pay off your card every month or don't have one"...but I'm in debt from a 3-year divorce fight & Chase did the 29.99% thing to me recently & dropped my limit. I tried to work with them but they said "if you'll let your payments get behind 60 days, we can offer you a lower rate on a payment plan!" WTF???
  8. I saw this Millenium Falcon out back a few days ago... Also saw THIS Bird of Prey...
  9. Looks a lot like a Peregrine Falcon.
  10. Where is the picture of the R/C planes? www.putfile.com went belly up & lost about 2,000 pics I had posted there....sorry~
  11. I prefer a well-engineered SACD or DVD-A to vinyl, but that's just me....
  12. Keeping both my 225,000+ mile vehicles running, bicycling, and R/C planes....
  13. If you found the RT-12D "anemic", something was not right with your setup...
  14. From the link above: Hi Everyone, I am Lisa from Rita's Vintage Audio Repair. Here is some helpful info: Here is our info: Rita's Vintage Audio Repair 1920 Bickford Ave. Snohomish, WA 98290 360-568-4700 ritasvintageaudio@gmail.com Our Charges: $175.00 Flat Fee $175.00 for active drivers ONLY if it needs it $75.00 for passive drivers ONLY if it needs it $75.00 for tech labor time on unit over 3hrs. $ 20.00 ONLY IF box & packing material are needed or wanted. Customer pays Shipping & Handling both ways. We ship UPS Ground for return UNLESS customer chooses otherwise, also we insure for $999.00 for return. Please include all contact info when shipping to us. We will not ship your unit back until we receive payment. Billing will occur at the time of return shipment. Please include the best time to contact you for payment. We warranty any work We performed for one year. Any questions please feel free to call. P.S. Occassionaly Mr. Carver finds time to drop by & we can get him to sign units!:-" Thank You, Lisa Selph
  15. Apparently, CarverAudio.com is going to reproduce these beauties with Bob Carver's blessing! [:|]
  16. That is OLD~ still funny, though.
  17. Babylon Sisters is an excellent example of a great recording. I also like "Morph the Cat" and "Everything Must Go" by Steely Dan which are exceptionally clean recordings with incredible dynamic "pop" & bass extension. Most of Donald Fagen's solo recordings would work as reference material. I also like "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" & "Sinister Minister" by Bela Fleck to check out bass response, and "Time Squared" on SACD by the Yellowjackets. You CANNOT leave out "Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture etc. / Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops (Multichannel Hybrid SACD) by Tchaikovsky, Cincinnati Pops, Kiev Symphony Chorus, and Erich Kunzel" from your list of reference material. This works for both Redbook, SACD 2-channel, and SACD Multi-Channel systems.
  18. Yep. I've heard some of Bob's other tube amps and they are ASTOUNDING and incredibly hardy/troublefree. His newer tube amps he's been selling onesy-twosey on ebay have a lifetime warranty (his life) for labor only. These were one-off upscales from the Silver Seven Tube amps.
  19. Check out these beauties; only 4 sets made! Yes, those are 20 KT-88 tubes to the tune of @ 580 wpc. Link to the entire thread: http://www.carveraudio.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8434
  20. Subs are SOLD. Thank you, Jay!
  21. See the first post in this thread. Pic:
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