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  1. How does "Made in Japan" fit into your requirements? I have heard really good things about the Onkyo A-9555 int. amp. According to the website, the photo of the rear view of the amp reads "Made in Japan". http://www.onkyousa.com/model.cfm?m=A-9555&class=Amplifier&p=f Here is a review I found. http://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/907onk/ Bill
  2. I would say upgrade to RC-52. Here is another option. An RC-25 for sale, the Ref. III version of the RC-52. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/emd/1146426452.html No affiliation. Bill
  3. Who's laughing? I have the Forte I's in oak oil and the greatest band ever to come out of the "Great White North", (Rush, of course) never sounded better in my house. Sometimes the bug bites and you don't get infected, that is when I am happy. I save $$$ that way. Bill
  4. Looks like the seller lowered to $750.00/pair. The deal just got sweeter. Again, no affiliation. Bill
  5. Hey, I am just goofing around. It is fun searching the web for good deals even if it is to share with others. Bill
  6. My 63's are better than your 7's. OK, I have a couple beers under my belt. I know not the stellar deal that Nixonrsx got but a great deal on great speakers all the same. Bill
  7. I posted this link in Garage Sale section. No affiliation at all. Great deal in Baton Rouge area. Someone should jump on this. IMO, almost as good a deal as last weeks cherry RF-7's for $650.00 in Orlando. I got a good deal last year for $1000.00 delivered. For $800.00, I would buy another pair if i lived near. http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1246441677&/Klipsch-RF63-cherry- Bill
  8. I can't say for sure he didn't know the value but he paid $2500.00 @ Sound Advice a few years ago. He did not seem upset when I broke the news that they go for $1000 to $1400 a pair on the used market. I do know he priced them for a quick sell but may have dropped too low. He was a class guy that many could learn from. He bought a Pioneer Kuro 60 inch plasma and a pair of Def Tech Mythos to frame the plasma(WAF). He must not have needed the money that bad. Bill
  9. Hey Nixonrsx, What brand of receiver is that in your setup? It kind of looks like a Marantz. If so, what model and how do you like it? Bill
  10. Not an hour late, just the wrong decision. I should have dropped money off and came back to pick up. My loss, nixonrsx's gain. He deserves them more because he is keeping them for himself. I saw the photo in the CL add and they look mint. Fwiw, the seller(Sean) could have legitimately raised his price when he realized their value but he graciously chose not to. What a class act he is. Bill
  11. Winning a deal like that, he deserves to be on this forum. Our chess match was short lived but fun while it lasted. Let's help him find a cherry RC-7. Bill
  12. Again, leave jumpers intact and choose either side. Yes, look for RC-7. You will see them come up for sale in the Garage Sale section from time to time. Bill
  13. Got up this morning at 6:00am, turned on computer, went to craigslist.org, clicked on Orlando, typed Klipsch, and low and behold at the top of the page was an add for a mint pair of cherry RF-7's for $600.00/pair. The add described the RF-5's but the picture looked liked RF-7's. I then emailed the seller with my questions and he said he made a mistake and typed 2-8 inch woofers instead of 10 inch woofers. I then went on the avs forum and someone had posted asking was $600.00 a good price for RF-7's. I naturally could not bring myself to answer his post and promptly called the seller to arrange to see the speakers. He said he would not be available until after 1:00pm. I chose not to meet him yet because I did not have the means to transport them because my son's car seat would have to be removed in order to make room for them. When I got home, I got my measuring tape out and determined that they would fit in my wife's car. Called him and he said someone else(avs poster) was on his way to see them but said he would call back if guy didn't take them. Twenty minutes passed and got call saying guy wanted them but had to get a way to transport them. He told that guy I was interested also and would not hold them too long. An hour later seller called me to say they were sold. The lesson to be learned was I should have gone over first and handed the $$$ over and arranged later for pickup. I would have beat the guy that bought them by at least an hour. Also, the seller was honest and honored his first agreement. I too could not have snaked the buyer by offering more money for them. By the way, the add was active for less than 23 hours. If the truth is known, I would have bought them and flipped them for a nice profit and used the proceeds to buy the RC-64. Bill PS---Congratulations to nixonrsx(avs member) on your purchase, you got a steal.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I currently have an Onkyo TX-SR705(avr) being used as a preamp with a B&K Ref. 4430(200w) 3 channel amp running my Forte's. I know it isn't ideal using a HT receiver as a preamp but I think it sounds great. I am contemplating changing to a Marantz receiver to do the preamp duties but for now I am just enjoying the music. As a testimony to the B&K amps, excellent match with Klipsch and specifically the Forte's. I had an Adcom GTP-450 with the B&K running my RF-63's and was also very please with sound. B&K products are very reliable and are built to last. A nice neutral sound not too over the top or rough at the bottom. You can't go wrong with this combination: http://cgi.videogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?prea51ch&1244020844 http://cgi.videogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?amps30ch&1242499792 Bill
  15. Welcome to the forum. Yes by all means keep the S1's or return and buy the S2's and tell me where I can get those RS-42's for $275.00. But seriously, you would be fine with any one of those pairs. Buy the best you can afford. Surrounds are not as important to be as timbre-matched as your front soundstage unless you listen to music mostly in 5 channel stereo. Again, where to buy the 42's? Bill
  16. I think your HK will mesh well with these Marantz's. You really can't go wrong with this price. http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstran&1244228381&/Marantz-MA-500-Monoblock-Ampli Bill
  17. Anyone correct me if I am wrong, but from the looks of things, the open space beside and behind your setup may be sucking all the bass out of the ideal listening locations. Also it looks like the rear port of the 63's are only a couple of inches from the wall. I know you can't do anything about the open spaces but try to move them away from the wall about 6 to 10 inches. Try anything within reason. Bill
  18. I perfectly understand your problem. When I first bought my RSW-10d sub, it danced across my tile floor. I went to HD and bought four rubber square feet for furniture and placed them under each of the subs feet. They come in beige or dark brown and are about 2"x2". They did the trick for me. I am not sure the proper name for them but I found them in hardware area near castor wheels and furniture sliders. Bill
  19. Dan, What is that default crossover? 50hz,60hz,70hz,80hz? I hope that oversight by Marantz doesn't affect overrall sound quality. Bill
  20. Dan, One question. With this receiver, are you able to set the crossovers individually for each speaker? Example: Fronts---60Hz, Center---70Hz, Surrounds---100Hz. This is the way I have my Onkyo set with the LFE set at 80Hz. I read in a review from Secrets that you can't set them individually. Clear this up for us please. Bill
  21. Good going Dan. With Marantz reputation, it surprises me that it isn't mentioned more in this forum. That sounds like a good price. When the time comes I hope I can get at least $350.00 for my Onkyo and sell a couple of other items to be able to buy the Marantz. I told my wife I would sell in order to buy. Too bad you can't find the Marantz in most brick and mortar stores. I would love to listen before I purchase. On the other hand, that might cheapen the name. Will you be running it with an outboard amp? If so let us know how it sounds. Bill
  22. Another option: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampsmult&1243358979&/Adcom-Gfa-7000-THX-amp-5x130W Bill
  23. Here is a good intro into outboards. http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/1109170771.html I have not heard of the BGW but B&K's are great. Bill
  24. Sorry you lost out. Sometimes when really good deals come around they go fast. You need to install a hair trigger on your keyboard. Buy the highest wattage 2 channel he has for sale. The front soundstage will sound just fine with different amps. Just not as ideal as a 3 channel. As Dennie said, a 2 channel amp will be better for stereo listening. Get that Acurus A250. Sounds like a good buy even at $425.00 OBO. Bill
  25. Not sure how much you want to spend but here is one. This website has many to choose from. http://www.thesimpletvstandstore.com/p-4595-encore-home-entertainment-by-apa-marketing-stf-cs61-southfield-brown-cherry-collection-61-tv-stand.aspx http://www.thesimpletvstandstore.com/sb2.aspx?page=1&keywords=&refine=y&A6=13&refine=y&A10=23&lnav Bill
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