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  1. I have been so busy lately, I haven't kept my AVS and Klipsch Build Thread's up.  Definitely have had some upgrades to the theater room.


    I sold my (4) Klipsch RSW-15's that were approaching 15yrs old and purchased Dual SVS PB16 Ultras.   I loved the output of the my RSW15's but always wanted something that had a bit more depth.

    I got a pair of SVS SB16 Ultras in to review and although they were nice, they didn't have the output the RSW15's had, even when doing a 1 on 1 comparison or a 2 on 2 comparison.  I knew it wouldn't be a fair fight if I put all 4 RSW15's up against the Dual SB16's.

    I reached out to SVS with my findings and after thinking about it, they realized the RSW15 is more similar to a ported design than a sealed design.  I always viewed them as a sealed enclosure since they don't have "ports".  Learn something new everyday.

    So they sent me a pair of PB16 Ultras and oh my goodness.  Talk about impressive.  You guys know how much I love Klipsch but the PB16 Ultra is a beast, not only in size, but also in output, depth and had much more authority below 30Hz than my 4 RSW15's had.

    Before sending back the Dual SB16's, I had a little bit of fun with them and decided to stack them behind my 150" screen.  :)





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  2. I'm just now seeing this thread.  The forum is not a place to bash another person....period.  I don't feel Dean's comment was appropriate, which seems to have sparked the bantering back and forth and thus why his comment was removed.  Your comments were removed because they were a direct attack on Dean and his product. 


    I'm not choosing anyone's side but my view is if you disagree with a product someone sells, simply don't buy it.  No need to bash them or question their character in an open forum. 


    Moving forward, let's keep it civil or the thread will be locked. 

  3. @King Kong I ran RS52 for awhile and they had absolutely no problem keeping up with at the time, my RF83 / RC64.  I found a good deal on the RS62 and even better deal on the RS62 II.  The RS62 do sound slightly larger, maybe a bit more enveloping, but it's certainly not night and day.


    In this thread, I shared my thoughts on the differences between the RS52 and RS62



    It's hard to tell from the photos I took when I had the RS52 and RS62 but this photo of the RF83 and RF7 II show the same differences in color between the two series.






    You can see in my photo below how the RS62 II woofers are copper in color






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  4. Yes, I have owned RS52, (4) RS62 and now (4) RS62 II.  Only difference between the RS62 and RS62 II is a rounded grill and RS62 II woofers look like copper where the older RS62 have bronze colored woofers.


    59 minutes ago, wvu80 said:

    You might want to open your search to include the RS-62 II's.  According to @Youthman they sound the same but the II's have a round grille instead of the triangular one, and it attaches via pegs and not magnets. 

    Actually @wvu80 the RS62 II have magnetic grills as well.

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  5. No matter what speaker you have, it's pretty much impossible to obtain good sound when you aren't somewhat in front of the speaker.  Midrange and High Frequencies are very directional whereas bass is omnidirectional.  That's why a truck that drives by with a killer sound system, the bass sounds awesome as they drive by but the mids and highs sound like poo even though they might sound amazing where the driver is sitting.


    I think @dwilawyer offers a good solution with in-ceiling speakers if you are looking to add additional sound in another room. 

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  6. Welcome to the forums.  Building a home theater is a lot of fun.  Feel free to check out the links in my signature to maybe get some ideas.


    my room is 13’ x 19’ with 10’ ceiling.  I decided to go with a 150” Acoustic Transparent Screen and feel it’s completely immersive experience.



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