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  1. That's the rub. China reported some anecdotal success with it early on. That was picked up on in other countries as it spread. There was the pre-publication "study" from France which drew a lot of attention, and also criticism from scientific/medical community which became a political football. That study has since been withdrawn. There was a second limited study in France that said it had "no effect." Another football. In US the position was it looks promising but we need to wait for the gold standard of studies, controlled study, random, with placebo. However, my doctor said that the people in the trenches were reporting some apparent success when their were no other options. His take on it was that the institutional types in ivory towers tend to be "we need to wait for proper study" whereas in the clinical setting when someone continues to decline you are willing to try some things you wouldn't ordinarily do. He is the one who said the best thing I could do was take Vitamin D and zinc (he had Dr. Fauci as his ID professor in medical school). Since then the Remdesivir gold standard US study has come out which shows it is effective. Then you get bogged down in what "success" is in these studies. Reduction in length of hospital stays (Remdesivir), deaths among study participants who are grouped (Remdesivir was deemed to not statistically significant, more analysis was necessary). My take on it is while the studies are carried out to see what is actually safe, effective, etc., if you are a hospital physician you do what you need to do. The other take is that people tend to put way too much stock in media reports of certain things, and really need to go to the source documents. For a time, it seemed to me, people were "in favor" or a medication, or not in favor of something, as an indicator of their support, or non support, of an elected official, medical/drug bureaucrat. If we allow ourselves to get drug into the media spin when making medical decisions, that really is a bad place to be. "I want drug X because _______________ said ____________." doesn't really bode well. Fortunately, as least to my knowledge, none of us have been the position of having to make serious decisions, but if we were, I would hope that the focus would be "I discussed this with my doctor/family member's doctor, he discussed the options, what her experience has been, etc., etc. and based on her advice we decided to do X." I hope I am never in the position of having to make the choice, but based on what I know now, if given the choice of HCQ or Remdesivir I would chose the latter unless my doctor suggested otherwise, in which case I wouldn't hesitate to follow their advice. Travis
  2. I tried to hide all of that, but some of it may still exist, for the reasons you state below: We appreciate that. Being publicly tranded creates a quagmire/minefield as it is. General economy, trends, indexes, are ok, specific stocks or vehicles really can them in a bind. @Jeffrey D. Medwin I seem to recall you worked in Chicago area (BOT?), Art is from that area. Travis
  3. The American College of Cardiology (ACC )has detailed information for its members, and available to the public, including their evidence based protocols and algorithms which I have posted since March. Since you have the background to understand it at a deeper level than most of us I would be interested in seeing what your thoughts were. Travis
  4. Well I suppose it's a virus that causes that so it's marginally on-topic..:)
  5. A virus is non-living. It needs a particularized host to grow.
  6. Yes they closed down a little guy for selling his outside area. Very sad. They started selling a limited runs of Imperal cane sugar Dr Pepper after that.
  7. Welcome to the Forum, someone in here should be able to help with this.
  8. There is no period in Dr Pepper
  9. Oh no, more shortages. I think Texas has it's own Frito Lay plant (lot of Chilli Frito pie to supply) and Budwiser, and Miller, Ford Truck Plant, own beef supply, produce supply, we may import our poultry I dont know. If you run low on Fritos we can mail you some. Oh, and Dr Pepper, we can send you plenty of that too.
  10. Assuming that were true, whose fault is that? More fundamentally, do we want the scientists and doctors to be part of a narrative? Media is driven by sales because it is a business now. It's ratings driven. They all select drama and controversy, in the eyes of their viewer base, in deciding how and what they air or publish. I didn't see Birx shying away from this was a serious outbreak that needed a shutdown. I think what she said on Friday it's every county/state for themselves and we will help them. Her death figures CDC is reporting haven't changed one iota since March, she explained how they use baselines to check their data, how it hit exponential growth, and how they measure if certain restrictions are working. She also said there were a few areas that they could not figure out yet, no decline despite following guidelines. She had no explanation for Maryland and Virginia. I say let er rip, done what we can do.
  11. That's my understanding, you have to hit the 75% with gross pay (940 expenses don't qualify as part of that is my understanding so watch that as well). Not sure if you hire a temporary employee to do work of reluctant employee counts, it probably does, as does a replacement employee. I think they are looking at gross numbers before and after. I don't know if you can use it for back pay if employees were laid off and you use it to help make ends meet. If they can do anything from home I know you can use it to pay people for that.
  12. Welcome to the Forum Oliver, Bonjour! The RF-7 are a speaker the come after the historical period, but the Historian may have an answer from other work while at Klipsch, or other owners may also know, we shall see.
  13. The researchers note that remdesivir treatment is unlikely to be sufficient on its own given that it has, at best, a moderate impact on mortality, so studies that combine the drug treatment with other therapies should be explored. But in comparison to another recent study on the effect of hydroxychlorquine on COVID-19—which suggests that drug causes a marked increase in death—this work should definitely be considered a success. The New England Journal of Medicine, 2020. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2007764 (About DOIs).
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