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  1. Who is JJ, and what are you doing in this thread? Last time I'm going to ask, we will make assumptions. Travis
  2. This is the permanent perpetual plaque with Elden's name now permanently in place.
  3. Photos from this weekend. Top photo is Elden in between Paula and Christy, I will let @ssh or @dtel's wife fill in the other members of the Yocum family. 2nd and 3rd photos are Elden being presented the Paula and Scott Yocum Membership Award. Bottom photo is the Cornwall IV room with McIntosh tube preamp/Amp (275).
  4. They are being presold, regular edition is high 20s, the limited edition 75th Anniversary is mid 30s. Contact your favorite Heritage dealer for details. They are absolutely stunning in every way.
  5. I thought I had already merged these once?????????
  6. Sorry, but I don't have access to the factual data you are looking for. I do know that all signatures have been completed and are in place and that they are set for shipment soon. On the regular editions, we get our reports from Klipsch quarterly and the report with significant data I don't think is available for another 30 days. Travis
  7. Who is JJ? Why are you posting in this thread?
  8. Go back and read it. "Congress shall make no law . . . . " This discussion is limited to whether people should be able to come into other member's ads and bash on price, etc.
  9. One-time Opportunity Sale Of Museum Edition 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6-ME A RARE BEAST In addition to the legendary acoustics and impressive upgrades already included in the AK6, the Klipsch Museum of Audio History is proud to offer a limited production of one (1) pair of unique 75th Anniversary Museum Edition Klipschorns – Numbered AK6 ME-001 and AK6 ME-002 HANDSOMELY APPOINTED The units are custom veneered with Black Limba (Terminalia Superba), a beautiful West African species whose lower trunk wood yields deep, radiating markings. Often used for guitar bodies and heirloom boxes, Black Limba’s grain pattern is said to be reminiscent of sound waves. DuraCrest has been supplying Klipsch Heritage loudspeaker grilles for nearly half a century. To celebrate the creation of the 75th Anniversary Museum Edition Klipschorns they have crafted a resplendent cane grille that expertly complements the Black Limba’s depth and hue. TRULY UNIQUE In addition to the 75th Anniversary plaques and emblems, like all Museum Edition speakers this pair of official Museum Edition Khorns will have plaques affixed to the rear of each speaker enclosure and are numbered and hand-signed by Roy Delgado, Jr., PWK protégé and acoustic designer of the Klipschorn AK6. The Museum Edition Klipschorns also feature hand-matched AK6 crossover networks and drivers, personally selected by Roy. YOUR PURCHASE DIRECTLY SUPPORTS OUR CAUSE 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this exclusive pair of 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 Museum Edition loudspeakers will go directly to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History, supporting its mission to proliferate the scientific principles and preserve the archives of Paul W. Klipsch. HOW TO PURCHASE Stay tuned for further details, or PM Travis, or email travis@klipschmuseum.org for additional information and to be placed on update list. To see a brochure of an earlier Museum Edition Klipschorn in black limba go here: FULL BROCHURE DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE. Note, the 75th Anniversary Museum Edition will have cane grilles, and all of the 75th Anniversary emblems and plaques.
  10. One (1) pair of 75th Anniversary AK6 Klipschorns will be made in the Museum Edition. For more information check stay tuned to the Garage Sale section.
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