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  1. dwilawyer

    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers

    You can't call ahead? Or is it one of those deals where you are going to be in the area so why not check it out? Is it LA area?
  2. dwilawyer

    SS or Tube Preamp

    That's well reasoned also. I think I might need to do some playing around.
  3. dwilawyer

    SS or Tube Preamp

    What he said
  4. dwilawyer

    crossovers AL versus the others

    I am also moving this to the Tech/Mids section as that is probably the most appropriate place. Travis
  5. dwilawyer

    crossovers AL versus the others

    You need @BEC and/or @Deang. Many others have owned many or all of them and can help you compare, and they are going to want to know what speakers you have, drivers, etc. because that makes a lot of difference. Welcome to the Forum.
  6. dwilawyer

    Klipsch to update La Scala

    They were sure seemless in that set-up.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Sorry it was at a time when there was a bit of drama or turmoil, but as someone once said here, we are like a family on here, and with all families you are going to have disagreements, some drama, etc. One of the other moderators brought this up before in our section we have to discuss things, and I will revisit it with the other moderator's and ask the Administrator if it would be possible to go back to the way it was. It seems that there is a consensus to have to have a "Moderator" designation, and so I will reurge it.
  8. Even a blind pig . . .
  9. It did change a little, the moderator title was embedded and just appeared, and then a change or two ago, that went away and it went to the slightly different color with the copper line around the post. But you need to be on the forum awhile to figure out that is the case.
  10. Thank you, I saw that but I wasn't sure. Travis
  11. So after you go to our profile, and then "Edit Profile" what Field does it go into. Right now on mine it says "Ultra Forum Fanatic" but I don't see that in any of the available fields (probably because it auto-generates based on the number of posts made?). Travis
  12. I wish all of that could be in my signature. Travis
  13. Since you are always on an even keel I will change it and see what it does.
  14. Viewing it on my tablet and phone doesn't show the Moderator designation @CECAA850 added to his profile, which I guess is why I didn't catch that. Phone and tablet is where I primarily view.
  15. Partial quote of @Youthman 's excellent post. I have nothing to add to that.