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  1. No chocolate, bourbon or ice cream,.pass.
  2. This thing is kind of like a hurricane. You have those people who say I'm going to prepare, be ready to evacuate, and leave well before it's too late. They look at the "cone", the models and do what they're supposed to do. There is less death as a result. But there is a fringe who look at the lower numbers and say, "see it was a panic, over reaction." My biggest fear is when it rebounds, and it will rebound, people come away from this first round thinking it was media hype and no big deal. The better you react to it and prepare, the more you prove the view of the uneducated and ill informed. It's a paradox.
  3. The charts below show projected hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths. The projections assume the continuation of strong social distancing measures and other protective measures.
  4. Thank you for the update. Nice to have some encouraging news. Travis
  5. Depends on who's making it,.the cajun version Fromage de couchon, varies widely across Louisiana.
  6. And what's a potato tower?
  7. Great idea Chris I set this thread up for that purpose, if anyone has a better idea for a name, or intro, let me know, happy to amend/change. @Thaddeus Smith if you have any suggestions let me know. Travis
  8. Rudy I'm about done cooking a brisket right now, (Sat. 5:48 pm), when I'm done I am going to fire up a RTR deck and slap on a master tape in your honor. Travis
  9. Many may have seen that our Forum Friend and Brother @Rudy81 apparently has Covid-19 and has been moved to a hospital. A forum member @Chris A suggested (see below) that some audio posts and well wishes might do Rudy some good so I have featured and pinned this thread to make it easy to see. Great idea Chris. "Instead of harping on with morbid COVID-19 stories, let's keep Rudy entertained with good audio stuff on the forum--don't you think? I think he'll respond better to that. I know I would. It can help to lift the spirits. Prayers to Rudy and his family for a speedy recovery." Chris
  10. I know a forum member and his wife who were exposed to a known case in Houston, and are about at day 14 with no problems I know another forum member who is presumptive positive but hasn't publicly said anything here or elsewhere so can't share anything on that yet. Travis
  11. Glad you got the memo that Tito's doesn't work. How is the Everclear/alone on the skin so far?
  12. Really said to hear that. Come on @Rudy81, hang in there.. God's speed.
  13. I was referencing in line ventalator filters. 99.9% filtration, they have been tested, per reviewed, and regulated. Masks I had heard the same 95% more because of fit around face, but that was an NPR story almost a month ago.
  14. Well, one or two still don't appear to be getting it.
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