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  1. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    Very sad to see a fellow Scotsman reach a much too early demise. Struggling for a few years. A truly great rhythm guitar player, one of the best. RIP Malcolm



    That quote was in response to @Deang indicating je though Roger Dean may have designed the sets and I was too sure. The Yes sets that Dean did were quite distinct.

    And how. The original stereo mix was mind blowing out ofnthe gate. Mason recorded many of the other first some special effects such as the running foot steps.

    The Mason book talks about this. Alan Parsons went to an antique clock shop and recorded each clock individually, and then mixed them together,

    Just remember two first names from the Who.

    Every tour since '72. DSOM '72 Tour--Winterland DSOM '73 Tour -- (St. PATRICK'S Day) Radio City Music Hall Wish You Were Here -- Cow Palace (2X) In the Flesh (Animals) Oakland Coliseum (2X) The Wall -- LA A Momentary Lapse of Reason-- Austin (2X) Division Bell -- Dallas (X2) and Oakland Coliseum Are you sure about that. He did some Yes sets, I don't think he did anything for Floyd, but Oakland was inside so we had slightly different configuration. We had the pig, but no explosion. Airplane or rocket ship that crashed and exploded. A family, refrigerator, etc. The program credited those inflatables to a couple of guys. Great show. The jet fly over would have been cool to see.

    Where does Meddle fit in?
  10. Garage Epoxy Paint and Garage Cabinet Recommendations

    Thanks Rudy. I will see if they do business in Austin area, or have someone they recommend. This has been the dilemma. There is a very wide range of product available to do this. From one box kits in Home Depot to 4 coat systems with chips that you can drive six x six military vehicles on. They have epoxy floors you can be literally safe to eat off of. I am looking for something that will hold up to residential garage use, and have a nice shine. Travis
  11. Garage Epoxy Paint and Garage Cabinet Recommendations

    SW sells a urethane product in their line that will minimize the yellowing. I think you can just clean and apply, no other prep and it will put a hold on the yellowing. That is the one downside to epoxy, UV will yellow it if you don't put a protective top coat.
  12. Garage Epoxy Paint and Garage Cabinet Recommendations

    Black and Silver Paint was what I was thinking. There are several brands and systems available out there, was just checking to see if anyone had one they liked.
  13. Anyone paint, or have their garage floor painted with epoxy paint product system with good results? Along those lines, does anyone have any recommendations for garage cabinets? Thanks in advance, Travis
  14. Elon's "BFR"

    Doorbell has rung 23 times tonight, I swear it is same 5 groups of 4. I found the Esquire article. https://www.google.com/amp/www.esquire.com/news-politics/amp16681/elon-musk-interview-1212/
  15. Elon's "BFR"

    I think his conceptual thinking in terms of engines was that they needed them. After he spoke to Mueller he realized he could build them cheaper and he could make money as a launch company.