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  1. I don't understand? PWK had 4 core design principles. Many, many people later took those same principles and started speaker companies.
  2. I liked the voice coil thickness idea, however, what I really want to know is the thickness of the wire in a typical amp fuse.
  3. Um, based on my 40 years of audio experience, I'm sticking with crap shoot. But would welcome hearing one more tube amp review about how a particular tube amp, of a certain topology sounds with the greatest speakers in the world. TrVis
  4. No capish. I was quoting an audio magazine article about him, they were taking him of their recommendations list because he was constantly changing his design and offering mods, mods that went backwards. PWK invented.the Klipschorn in '46 because he was all about capturing the live music experience that other speakers at the time couldn't. It is what he designed his speakers to do. He was preaching the live music experience, and continuing with it 30 years before this guy came along.
  5. Here is a closer view to make it easier.
  6. Jim Hunter, Curator of the Klipsch Museum of Audio History speaking at the AWA Convention in Rochester, NY this week. Read the slide, my favorite PWK quote.
  7. You are so awesome. Thank you for your continued generosity Cory. Travis
  8. From the Stereophile article previously linked: But what Fulton was doing with his loudspeakers struck a responsive chord in many audiophiles. The 80 rapidly became one of the most popular small speaker systems among listeners who were aware of its existence and attuned to the sound of live music. Interestingly but not surprisingly, it had little appeal for listeners with no associations of live-music experience, but the reactions of those who did were positive and, eventually, fiercely loyal. The FMI 80 touched them in a way no other speaker system had, and when FMI announced other, costlier speakers, there was a ready-made market of 80 owners prepared to assume that the bigger FMIs would be just as musical as the 80 but with more highs and lows. When we reviewed the 80, we did find a couple of relatively minor things to complain about. (Although one of them was not the 12kHz peak that another reviewer claimed to have heard.) And Mr. Fulton responded by redesigning the speaker. He is still redesigning it, on what now appears to be a 4-month cycle. And when other FMI models started appearing, those too became subject to an endless series of modifications until it became obvious to us that, until we could go from typewriter to post office with the magazine in a month or less, it was virtually a waste of time to review FMI's speakers because they were changing faster than we were publishing. Thus, by the time a report got in print, the speaker reviewed had more often than not already been obsoleted by a later, "improved" version. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/fulton-musical-industries-model-80-j-modular-loudspeakers-fmi-cult#pmFAGhpBuQJ7FPkY.99 Just one mod away!
  9. What is the length of the cable? Or are they wireless?
  10. I know you don't understand it. You didn't find THE solution to amps, you found YOUR individual solution, to YOUR individual amp problem. It works for YOU, and that's great. As to whether it will work for anyone else, it's a total crap shoot.
  11. Yep, pretty much how all of audio is,.or was, until PWK came along and brought physics and engineering principles onto play, and wrote about them in peer reviewed journals. I wish Bose had a forum, some folks would really fit in other there.
  12. Um no, people have the listening ability they have, it peaks, and on average declines. Some people have perfect pitch, most do not. Audio listening experience doesn't improve you ability to hear, or judge audio quality. That has been proven over and over again. It's like staring at an eye chart for 4 hours a day isn't going to improve your vision.
  13. Um no, you found your solution on amps.
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