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  1. I volunteered at my wife's facility to help with mass inoculations: 109,000 signed up for 1A and 1B (72 and above) they initially got 6,000 this week, and they have 8,000 doses next next week. Start at Noon, go till 8 or they run out. Appointments on line, all automated.
  2. It's on the East River, off of Riker's Island, there were hospitals on it. If you were positive for small pox, TB or other communicable disease you were sent to the Island where you either recovered, or died. She was locked up for two years while she fought for her release. A new health official was appointed, advocated for her release, got her agree never to cook for others again, got her a job in laundry, and after she was released she changed her name, starting cooking again, got another 20 or so severely ill, including killing two or so people. She was returned to the island/"hospital" where she remained for the rest of her life.
  3. Nice to confirm, it's going to be a really nice book.
  4. Well I love Nimes, and everything around it, that is very, very beautiful area. When things settle down I am really looking forward to checking this hotel out:
  5. The Mcllhennys are going to be surprised to hear this.
  6. Klipsch is doing a live event on Feb. 4th, I'm waiting on details on where to tune in, platform, etc. I don't know the precise topics yet, but my guess would be that would be a perfect time to discuss. If they have a Q and A format that would be a perfect time to raise that and other questions. They typically have the key people there that can answer all of the relevant questions.
  7. I did, (I bought it under $2 when I saw a 13D filing in early March)
  8. https://www.baronefourteen.com/about Ran into this, Patachou, Inc., based in Indy, about 5 or 6 restaurants, some with Klipsch Heritage speakers, reel to reel players, and: In normal times, Bar One Fourteen offers bespoke cocktails and elevated bar fare. Equipped with an elite audio system that features Klipsch Forte speakers, a vintage reel-to-reel tape player, and vinyl turntable, Bar One Fourteen provides guests an unparalleled listening experience in an environment like no other.
  9. Thank you for the report, and the example. Jose has about 8 different Klipsch items that you all were looking for. He has been banned.
  10. Thank you for reporting, they have been banned which should prevent any PM capability.
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