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  1. Off in the rough again, but not OB. Yes, be sure to check out Gates conspiracies on Snopes. Here are about a dozen of the latest ones: https://www.snopes.com/collections/coronavirus-gates-foundation/ He and Warren divided the world after T. Boone died. Don't know what their latest plans are as they cancelled Bohemian Grove last monrh.
  2. P.S. @Chief bonehead, over 30,000 views and still climbing. I'm going to edit the OP's title to "talking about jubes"
  3. That was the first "official" word, we are all waiting. Hey @Chief bonehead "well . . . We're waiting."
  4. Something against unions? Klipsch Heritage and Professional are union made. Disneyworld workers are union (union supported the park opening back up). What does this have to do with a non-political discussion on Covid updates?
  5. It looked like there were two ads for the same item so I merged them.
  6. I would be afraid to do it, poor example in hindsight. But calculating and measuring is how Paul would have done it, and did do it, in many peer reviewed journals.
  7. WWPWKD? He would calculate/measure it, but he could probably do that in his head, and he could also tell you the derivation. After that he would make you a handmade slide rule type thing specifically for your speakers that you could calculate this on the fly (I'm not kidding about that, he did exactly that for performance criteria for his specific airplanes he made himself). He is often quoted as saying "what America needs a a really good one watt amplifier" but I have heard that has been taken a bit out of context, I don't know for sure.
  8. dwilawyer

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    @Chief bonehead is gonna be jealous
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    Half credit
  10. What are you doing in Lounge?
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    That's a keeper
  12. dwilawyer

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    Very cool photo
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