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  1. The Anniversary/Special Edition series in the past have been book matched pairs. No idea what these might be.
  2. Computerized Phil? Hell in a handbasket.
  3. Yes, being on Spring What did Phil say about this?
  4. It's just an announcement, but I will make sure you all have the order information at the same time (or before) anyone else does.
  5. There will be a regular edition and a Limited Number signed edition.
  6. They are moving a little bit at a time. I am going to measure this weekend for a couple of areas and give them a go. @bhendrix got some for his place but I haven't heard if he has done anything with them yet. Travis
  7. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    That's a great tip for in the future.
  8. Doesn't this violate US and International law? Two posts including this one. Both spam
  9. Locking this thread, it's a spam magnet and there hasn't been much substantive activity in awhile.. @JL Sargent If you want me me to reopen let me know and I will be happy to.
  10. They still have Russian (the best) plywood in them, and stuff from other places, that PWK and his team determined to be the best.
  11. I think that's Dutch, @Timmikid can you help him out? I have no idea what value of those would be in Holland. Travis
  12. Yes, way too late per the last two.posts Welcome to the Forum.
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