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  1. Photo courtesy of @seti I must have asked Roy a really stupid question....
  2. @Chief bonehead was surprised with the shirt, if some people want them we can can get Christy to do some shirts with that back and Museum logo on front. That was the Rennisance Man once again.
  3. What would you like to know, we will ask him. Travis
  4. Update, I'm meeting with the rest of the Museum Edition Team this weekend and will hopefully be able to provide an update on when each model should be available. Travis
  5. So @OilyBoy is the lucky guy. There are a few people on here that run a 3 way Jubilee, and at least one who has a strong preference for 3 way over 2 way and has explained it. I'm sure you will get many responses, plus a lot of questions about those passives. Travis
  6. Quartet, working name was the Heresy X Drawn by Jim Hunter, approved by @Chief bonehead
  7. Unofficially, they are shooting for end of October. Travis
  8. You would want to give the artillery a shout. @Trey Cannon https://www.klipsch.com/blog/category/install-stories/p2
  9. Gravitas, nice choice of words "More Robust" Midrange, more flesh and blood. No strain. Sense of distirtion. Control, Finesse.
  10. Roy has finalized the class schedule. He bumped up the time in the lab on Saturday, I guess he thought of more stuff to show and explain. Travis
  11. That's a tuffy, welcome to the forum, you will get great advice here.
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