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  1. Saw that with you and the Klipsch crew at Strathmore. Quite a moving piece. Where's the Beethoven Beethoven recommendations??
  2. That's a tall order, skip the 1st 20mins of that.
  3. There is only one way to ship a Mac amp, buy a shipping box from Mac, or one from Audio Classics. The ones from AC are actually better, no MAC on outside. Some of them have wood pallets on bottom that the amp is bolted to, and they arenall double boxed. The boxes cost anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the amp. Anybody who has a Mac amp shipped without one of these boxes is just asking for trouble.
  4. Now we are getting somewhere. What's the best tube amp for the money?
  5. It has been brought to my attention that the collective forum hasn't had the proper standards in place with regard to people who comment on various pieces of audio equipment such as turntables, tube amps, etc. For the last 20 years, anyone with a keyboard and internet service could come here answer questions, offer advice, be helpful in some way and so on. The only requirement was that you be respectful. It was optional to provide technical references, work experience and other back up information in support of an opinion. People were free to give the weight and credibility they thought should be accorded a particular opinion or poster. We have been doing it all wrong for two decades. Oh the humanity! Henceforth, in order to express an opinion on any class of audio products, such as amplifiers, you have to submit proof you have attend RMAF the last 3 years in a row and read, cover to cover, at least 6 audio magazines. Attending any 5 of the last 8 years of RMAF will also qualify. Other partical experience may qualify as a substitute for attending one or more RMAF. For example, being the current owner of Klipsch speakers is clear evidence of someone's audio intelligence (AQ) and is an automatic qualifier. Other similar experience will be considered on a case by case basis. I'm sure that this new measure will elevate the level of discourse here by at least one order of magnitude. Carry on
  6. Boy Jeffrey you sure showed him. Wooooo boy. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn. You can't fix dumb.
  7. But with the first post it was s lock? No? Well at lesst I hedged with soy beans and pork bellies
  8. Exactly, you have to look at the trade agreement. Do the US and Italy/EU have an agreement where they recognize the patents of the other? Is foriegn registration required to be valid?
  9. Which amps, your DIY amps at the firehouse? Or are these some amps that someone is selling? Please knock off this constant personal stuff. If you have something to say other than what your personal opinion is do it. Maynard is simply pointing out, politely and diplomatically that the mainstream audio engineering community does not share your views. From what I can gather that is certainly true. Speaking for myself only, I'm to the point where I skip to the end of any post you make to see if there is anything of substance. Something more than your experience, your ears, your preference. I can go buy Stereophile if I want that, and at least they are going to provide what rhey perceive to be different, and why it sounds better to them. Maynard is pointing out to people that you are in the fringe, you can either come back with something to substantiate your assertions or not. Your personal experience based upon your ears doesn't cut it. As I told you before, we don't need you to save us from what we are missing by not having heard these amps. It's clearly our loss, oh well.
  10. You obviously have the decoder ring!
  11. Chied Bonehead's would know that off the top of his head, but it may be proprietary, or he may have other plans. He always has something going on. Travis
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