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  1. @Chief bonehead sent me this photo a couple of days ago, they were going to be finished and a signing party today..waiting for more photos and then approval by the Board on how to sell them. That will happen next Friday. Travis
  2. Welcome to the Forum. You may want to indicate what part of world you are in. Dallas?
  3. Give it awhile, you should have lots of responses by this evening. Lot of long time fans and owners of RF-7II here, and lots of crossover network knowledge on this.
  4. I moved this to Talkin Tubes so OP might get more response. There is a link from original post in Two Way to this thread so people will know where it went.
  5. Welcome to the Forum! If you want to post photos and your listing in the Garage Sale section you can, or I can move your post there. The Alerts section is a way Forum members let other members know when Klipch items are for sale on outside locations like Craigslist or ebay, usually they are not affiliated. Garage Sale is for people such as yourself who have Klipsch or audio equipment for sale. Either place is fine, but you may get more response in Garage Sale. Other folks here can give you their thoughts and suggestions as well. Travis
  6. That was an awesome series. Conviction Integrity Units are an essential thing. Patricia Cummings (featured in the Philadelphia episode) is a good friend of mine.
  7. On the crossovers, the Klipsch authorized repair/replacement dealer is: Edit: It seems to me that now it'sJEM PERFORMANCE AUDIO https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036957831-Heritage-Crossover-Repairs I'm not sure if they sell kits if you want to DIY it, but you can give them a call. They use same parts as KGI if you want to keep it original.
  8. Welcome to the Forum! You will get lost of responses here.
  9. Lubbock, Texas native
  10. Note to self. Do not allow feedback, of any kind, on platform that sells poison dog food and exploding batteries. Where were most of those two wheel hover boards sold that were catching fire?
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