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  1. That is an excellent question.They mark county roads there with blue signs with yellow lettering, so a blue sign with a "3" on it. Here is the google photo:
  2. I thought it added to the confusion, but thanks. Wish we had an English teacher on here that knew how to communicate clearly (unlike me) a simple set of directions.
  3. Rodney has upgraded, and got a tower (I think). Some folks will be there Tuesday that might be able to run a Speed test. You can PM @dtel's wife when she is there to see if she can run it.
  4. @dtel's wife You need someone to post a thread for you. with directions and a map. The key is that that you turn onto Nevada County Road 3 and once you make that turn it is exactly 1.1 miles to the GATE. Google will get you close, but an odometer will get you there exactly. At some point they will have some type of a banner posted by the gate to make it a little easier to spot during the day. It is very confusing to people on here, especially to those who have limited reading comprehension or tend to to look at things with a quick glance because they are driving when they read emails and texts, terms like "front gate" and "back gate" are ambiguous. The gate near the clubHOUSE can easily be confused with the gate by the House. I have pinned THE gate you need to enter below in the maps. The GATE is on NEVADA COUNTY ROAD 3. It is exactly 1.1 to the gate after you turn ONTO Nevada County Road 3 FROM 53/32. See maps below for reference. Here is a link to the google map. https://www.google.com/maps/place/33°31'07.7"N+93°25'33.6"W/@33.5224506,-93.4211826,15.01z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d33.518796!4d-93.425996 Here are the google coordinates 33.518796, -93.425996 If are arriving BEFORE Friday (this would be Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, etc.) you should make sure you have all of this information before you go. Cell phone coverage is spotty depending on your carrier. Good luck and God's Speed.
  5. Apparently, it's going to be a surprise. @dtel's wife needs to get someone to help her post a thread about DIRECTIONS TO RODNEY'S and it needs to be pinned at top. THROUGH THE BACK GATE. (The front gate by the house will be locked) .
  6. I don't know if there would be time to switch a driver on a 402 and do an A/B. Roy is bringing them for a specific purpose, to serve as the PA for the Q snd A and for DJ music the rest of Friday evening in a combination with his new 1502. They will be inside on the stage. It's just my assumption, but I think he wants people to hear Jubes, and his new 1502. On top of that, he is designing and building the outdoor system which will be Kevin's 600 system with four 1802s. Only @Chief bonehead would know for sure. As to the 510, you would be in the best position to be able to determine if you could set up a 510 on top of another speaker, like a cornwall, KG, HPM or whatever and set up an active crossover to bi-amp it so that they could hear what a 510 sounds like. Do you have another 510? If you had two 510s you could set one up with a K69 and the other with a TAD, if someone is bringing LS's you have the settings for a Jubescalla. Is there settings for a jubscalla with a 510 and a TAD?
  7. They have a custom knife store at Washington State Park
  8. Good thing you got your money in long ago so you have a pro printed badge. Those that didn't are going to get something pretty close to that, if they catch me early in the day. If not, it may say "Welcome to Walmart"
  9. What a shame This is what I remember her from.
  10. Got you down! See up. 3 posts above. Can you run with this from here @jimjimbo if I am not around? You can just copy and paste what I have above and fill in whoever is committed to a slot.
  11. So here is the start of a list, and the possible associated mood/theme (the times are merely a reference, and could be as much to 15 to 30 minutes later): 1. (First Slot) About 6:30 "Cocktail Hour" Matt Sommers? and Chief Bonehead? (Roy just got the special edition, pre-release AES Pink Noise tracks (Remastered), plus some real headbanging stuff guaranteed to work up an appetite) 2. 7:00 "Dinner Music" 3. 7:30 "Dinner Music" continued TOTALCOMFORT 3rd SLOT @totalcomfort 4. 8:00 @jimjimbo (for Christy) 5. 830. @jimjimbo 6 9 7 930 8. 10 9 1030 10 11 11 1130 "Chill" or maybe not, this slot may not exist if the first slot doesn't end up starting until closer to 7 Ends at 12, last bus for Hope, leaves.
  12. I have a list of slots about 5 posts back, pick one. Dinner is at 7 (Rodney time) and the Q and A with Paul Jacobs will finish about 630 to 645 I will repost the times and whatnot after you pick your slot @jimjimbo
  13. That reminds me, Ian wanted a slot. He would have you covered on the reggae. So you want a slot of your new Country? Or you want someone to take a slot and play newer Country?
  14. Richard was talking specifically about putting a 510/K691 combo on top of a Jube bass bin to compare with a 402 horn, I don't know if Roy is setting up those Jubes early at Rodney's, and if he does I don't know if the mixer and other stuff will be there as it may be used for Transfer Ceremony. I doubt there will be any time to A/B on Friday, whether Jubes are out there on Thursday or Sat. I have no idea. I'm just going with Roy's recent question that goes way back at the beginning, for FRIDAY night. They can play with their equipment to their heart's content. But a 510/TAD isn't going to sound like anything without an active crossover and a bass bin that Roy has designed and engineered to go with it. Just didn't want Richard thinking those would be there and available for side projects/demonstrations.
  15. Looks like these folks for sure have indicated they are going to bring music for a slot. @jimjimbo @totalcomfort @MetropolisLakeOutfitters @seti Total Comfort (On a reel to reel, which is perfect for dinner hour if he wants it can be turned on and let it go unless he wants to into each song like some like to do. It's not required if you don't want to discuss each song). What slots do you guys want? Who did I miss? Who wants a slot?