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  1. dwilawyer

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    I though I read that Mac took care of it as you would expect them to.
  2. dwilawyer

    Bought KP-115's and a KI-215 ... now what?

    I would wait for some more knowledgeable people to chime, I just have a very basic understanding of this stuff.
  3. dwilawyer

    Bought KP-115's and a KI-215 ... now what?

    The 215 goes down to about 70hz your 904s go down to about 40hz IIRC, they won't do anything I'm afraid except muddy, create nulls, to a great engineered speaker system. If you want more low end for your 904s you need to look at 684s or an 1802. Otherwise you are going in reverse. You have a professional cinema speaker with the 904s, the 215 and 115s are for PA systems or permanent instalation,
  4. dwilawyer

    Bought KP-115's and a KI-215 ... now what?

    KI-215 White (# 94315051924) The KI-215 trapezoidal array-capable (twelve built-in 3/8" 16-thread fly points) subwoofer perfectly complements Klipsch’s high power full-range loudspeaker systems. The KI-215’s enclosure dimensions and rigging configuration are identical to the KI-362 full-range professional loudspeaker system, making it an ideal match when using an external, active two-way crossover. Its highest-quality heavy-duty drive components use 104-ounce magnets and 3" voice coils as well as proprietary speaker motor assemblies to deliver high sensitivity and advanced power handling capabilities. Ideal for clubs, theaters, auditoriums, churches, and performance halls the plywood construction tuned port enclosure applies CNC fabrication techniques for uniform tolerances and build reliability.
  5. dwilawyer

    Bought KP-115's and a KI-215 ... now what?

    What do you have for garage or patio. These might match up with a great sounding system out there.
  6. That's some awesome stuff you posted there.
  7. @Chief bonehead That's why he is Chairman of the Museum's education committee!
  8. dwilawyer

    All GONE! Thank You Everone for Supporting the Museum!

    UPDATED LIST 8/11/2018 THEY ARE SOLD AND ALL GONE. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE KLIPSCH MUSEUM OF AUDIO HISTORY. THANK YOU KLIPSCH (especially @Chief bonehead) FOR THE GENEROUS DONATION OF EXCESS INVENTORY!!! Thank you @bhendrix @kharmondds @dtel for all of the sales support, research, photography, set up and assistance. We have some more stuff coming like some new Heritage speakers that WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. Stay tuned.
  9. dwilawyer

    Stadium owners thread - we want updates!

    @Chad do you know anything about this, one way or the other?
  10. dwilawyer

    Stadium owners thread - we want updates!

    Sorry to hear that. I hear they sound incredible? Travis
  11. dwilawyer

    SOLD NIB Klipsch The 3 For Sale-Klipsch Museum

    SOLD, thank you to the forum members who bid on this. Travis
  12. dwilawyer

    SOLD NIB Klipsch The 3 For Sale-Klipsch Museum

    As of 1232 Central time, but is $325.
  13. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History at the Hope Watermelon Festival again this year and they are selling a brand new in the box Klipsch 3. The silent auction ends at 3 PM tomorrow Central Time. If you want me to put a bid in for you post here and I will do it. I will also accept you maximum bid by PM and bid up incrementaly for you. Thank you to KGI for the generous donation of the Klipsch 3. As of 8/10 @ 506 pm the bid is $250 ($10 minimum bid increment). Travis
  14. dwilawyer

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Got an awesome historical tour of Texarkana today. Could have spent the whole day there. Thank you @Mallette