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  1. Updated woofer? I didn't get notice of that, I better order me a pair of those. Then I am going to need the new settings. Travis
  2. I think we are going to try an Auction format with regard to the Heresy IV's when they are ready. Travis
  3. I will try and have something up this evening that will explain everything with regard to the CW IV.
  4. puoi pubblicare alcune foto delle modifiche che hai apportato finora?
  5. I think people have been reccomending people for amplifier repairs and restoration on this forum for years. If you can help the guy with the KSP-400 shoot him a PM. I don't think it is that big of a deal for someone with KSP-400s to ask for help any chance you can get, take it as a complement that he hopes you can help. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. I think what you are doing is great, but don't too touchy about it. P.S. Is Klipsch cool with you calling yourself "Klipsch Repair Service" on eBay? With a copper and black logo? I figure you make it pretty clear in the ebay ad that you are not affiliated with KGI, but they have been know to get a bit upset about stuff like that. Travis Moderator in training
  6. I like those photos Mike, those show off the wood so well!
  7. Great suggestion, I have forwarded to the Writer of Specs with credit to the discoveror, and a link to this thread. Travis
  8. Does anyone know what a Forte III weighs? I'm going to guess 73 lbs.
  9. Ok some photos. These are from a phone camera, no flash, but you guys will get the idea. Travis
  10. What's the fun in that? Faliure analysis straped over to a probable misprint is much more entertaining. (Being sarcastic, you suggestion is obvioulsy the logical approach). Which one of these would you like me to weigh? Travis P.S. The Museum Edition Cornwall IV speakers were completed today.
  11. 01/08/2020: I was informed today that the Klipsch Museum Edition Cornwall IV will be finished at the plant tomorrow. We will be making a formal announcement on the pricing tomorrow, and the date and time we will be will be accepting an offer (likely towards the latter part of next week). It will be the exact same way we did the sale for the Museum Edition Klipschorns and the Museum Edition La Scallas. I should have some photos of them being signed or finished at that plant at some point tomorrow. The Heresy IV Museum Editions are still a ways off, I would say possibly in the 4 to 6 week range, and I will provide updates on those as well. The Board is considering an alternative format such as an auction format where bidders would be able to submit bids in a number of alternate ways. Stay tuned!
  12. I don't believe so. But they got this.
  13. I guess there are four possibilities: 1. Scrivener error; or 2. They mistakenly put net weight of product as opposed to shipping weight (this doesn't seem likely); or 3. @Chief bonehead used a lot of TI instead of steel; or 4. Klipsch always misrepresents the weight of their products to see if anyone really reads the specs I'm going with numero Uno. I'm pretty sure that Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters can verify they don't weigh 75lbs/33kg. Travis
  14. I will let the people who attended @Chief bonehead Education Class respond to this in more depth, but during the class he had everyone listen to the lab standards of the previous models and then he took had everyone listen to the lab standards of the new models. Then at one point he had showed everyone what was involved in the evolutuon of the networks, the work that Paul had done on networks, what he took from that, etc. @jwc was clearly taking a lot of mental notes, he can probably add some.
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