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  1. Hell yes, but if it means your checking out soon than no sale.
  2. Who am I gonna talk with about Don V V and R2R now? Really bummed. This is worse than the Soprano's last episode.
  3. They should be fine sound wise. As far as finish I think @HDBRbuilder will be your best bet. Travis
  4. 29949 Today
  5. Which track or movement? Any one in particular?
  6. We can get Matt and Luther to work with what you started.
  7. Looks like plastic megaphones is the way to go here.
  8. I'm in Austin. We can get the tubes themselves tested for you. I have a couple good testers.
  9. If it were me I would go with this Davida Rochman lady. http://blog.shure.com/how-to-mic-a-choir/ http://www.shure.eu/support_download/educational_content/microphones-basics/choir Do you know her @DrWho? Your crew seems to be pretty experienced at this. Why couldn't you mike for choir without elevation (flat stage) and use one wireless mike for any solos? He wants an improvement, not perfection, and he has a $200 budget. There is no way to get any improvement?
  10. Nice article about Audi: Level 3 now, 3 to 5K for 35mph or less conditions which would be nice. Level 4 in 2020 http://www.autonews.com/article/20170105/OEM06/170109920/audi-plans-to-debut-autonomous-car-in-2020
  11. I meant a Level 4 or 5 car. Those will be a "luxury" item in areas they can be approved initially. The "luxury period" will depend on the cost (including any insurance savings or added costs), patents/IP (whether there is competition and how much), and whether there are tax incentives or disincentives.
  12. And he is an awesome guy. From Austin of course.
  13. Too late, they are SOLD and down the road.
  14. Congress can easily grant tort immunity. They did it as part of Tobacco Settlement, and there are many, many other examples. The question is will they pass it to prevent a barrier to the technology or speed the transition. We live in a capitalist economy, the market isn't concerned with what is in society's best interest. Public policy is set by legislation and regulation. Hence the need for FDA, USDA, EPA, FCC, etc. Seat belts and airbags are in society's best interest but had to be mandated. When they are ready to get cars to market they will either have to go state by state (very slow) or get Congress to preempt the field of regulation and open it up is mass. Auto safety is one area that Congress has preempted. I think that your idea about the convenience and added productivity is what will initially drive the sales on AVs. It will be a luxury item at first and will catch on. How fast will be a function of the regulations and laws surrounding it.
  15. Congress can give them tort immunity as part of their seeking approval to mass market them. Then it goes through the gauntlet of special interests and what pops out the other end is anyone's guess.