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  1. I like beer too! She returned a cat trap to the neighbor, we no longer need since she came back. Michelob Ultra, I can stand it, although I said cheap would do. Guess I was hoping for a Schaeffer or something. She is listening to Pink Floyd, "Meddle" and digging on my T-500, which are now, her speakers. Have to tell that other guy about the strategy for Klipsch acceptance w/W/GF.
  2. Well she surprised me....oooops.forgot the beer! [:'(]
  3. What *Daddy Dee said! http://community.klipsch.com/forums/p/17907/142284.aspx#142284It was related to impedence for a search:
  4. Well I just heard that whistle blow between songs awhile ago! Told the GF to surprise me. It will be a surprise if it is Old Mil., in which case I will promptly sling in the freezer until icy. Meanwhile, I'll have worked up a little heat by mowing some(10 min) and will pop that top carefully and ingest it's meager contents with earnest passion. Then I will probably belch and have a sitdown contemplating the 1st Old Mil. I had after playing in the pool at my sister's place in Homestead, cooled to perfection., thereby proving to me, at least, that almost any beer can be good if it is cold, and you are hot& thirsty. Here 's to you!
  5. Did you hear song "Deacon Blues"?
  6. Money well spent! Another real crock is the price asked for RG-6, when buying even 100 feet. Lowe's or similar has larger quantities. I have a spool of 1000' for $35 or 3.5 cents per. Sort of silly for someone to get rich enough to retire off a coupla deals.
  7. Don't know if this e-mail from Thorens will help: There are no longer any new parts being made or stocked by Thorens for these vintage turntables. We have a friend named Tim Larsen who has been buying used Thorens for over 20 years and salvaging parts to make working models. The net result is that he now has a basement full of used parts for a wide variety of models. Call him at 570-897-7945. Thanks for your inquiry
  8. I received an e-mail from seller saying "first come first served" cash...a little surprised they were still there. Cornscalla or Corncornerhorns?!
  9. Something to look forward to, good fortune!
  10. "kick ash" Now that I've never seen! Cool!
  11. Instead of a rec., I'm going to go with OB's super dooper choice. Seen Bob 3 times that can recall now,Silver Bullet,With Teagarden & Van Winkle(OP's), & The Bob Seger System, with LPs like Noah, Ramblin Gamblin Man, Back in 72, and Mongrel.Live double album, Silver Bullet Live was/is the music of choice for the partying 70,s.
  12. It is the best thing IMO, that DishNet got out of the Voom deal, when they went out. Takes the place and fills a void, from you know who.
  13. Going to go out on a limb and say, Robin Trower??????may show, since Fogarty did.
  14. [*]Score[<)][H] Gonna be hard to leave! But the hammer down when coming back![Y]
  15. Ad said you could down pay part and do the rest in a couple of months. Who in this day and time does that?Guess he wants someone that wants it to have it.
  16. My GF and I have watched for maybe 4 or 5 episodes. The last 1 we watched a couple of weeks back, when Dexter got the greedy bad guy w/ wife, and nonchalantly tossed the bodies overboard in weighted bags, that maybe we were becoming a bit de-sensitized, watching a serial killer, chewing gum, and acting a bit too normal. It occurs to me now that when others get mad, or other emotions, when watching fiction, that after all, it is just a movie. Cheap thrills at our expense is, after all, what Hollywood is about. Of course quality is not always first rate. Give me an old classic anytime. Poe was required reading in my American Lit. class in HS in Orlando, and launched for me at least, an obssession with his works, which has lasted till this day. I have the 1968 (VHS) movie by famous Italian prod./director, with the more modern versions of Metzengerstein,William Wilson, and Never Bet The Devil Your Head. Fun obssession, I should say!
  17. Rather lengthy/comprehensive, and reviewer I would read as impressed. Should sound good with a variey of Klipsch, if I read correctly. Thanks!
  18. The Tangent 500 has the passive radiator on the front. Same parts basically as T-400 w/ PR 12inch. The T-500's sound great/ somewhere between a Heresy/Forte, I would suppose. Lately it is taking on 2 channel duty, it is sounding that good.
  19. Now getting in the range of terrestrial MBell, point to point links, as well as slice of C-Band satellite, extraterrestrial uplinks. Parts can be had but, I know of no canned "out of the box solution. But to be fair, I have not been following that technology lately. Certainly can be done! Interference issues sometimes, depending upon location can cause out of band/in band interference, or TI! Have you tried sheilding/blocking/isolating? What about the RF Link service dept. Surely they are aware of problem! Sorry but this may prove interesting/challenging for home use products, as this product I see now is having problems: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-KETFwZdGF7L/App/Product/Item/Main.aspx?g=15260&i=209LF20S&c=1&tp=2051 I have used these with some success: http://www.smarthome.com/8210.html And then there is this, which I used back in ther 80's. It was banned ? by the FCC and unavailable, but is tamer ?now. & I suppose is cool: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wireless-Video-Sender-System-TV-Genie-type-beats-2-4GHz_W0QQitemZ170166966871QQihZ007QQcategoryZ11726QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQ_trksidZp1638.m118.l1247QQcmdZViewItem And ultimately, a little more $: http://www.infinetwireless.com/products-technologies/skyman-ng-system/skyman-ng-subsystems/infiman
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