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  1. I think I have decided to go the amp / pre amp route. Here is my problem.....Apparently my budget is too weak for a tube set today. My "new" plan is to purchase one quality piece and one budget piece. My thoughts are to buy a c2200 tube pre-amp and buy an old Solid State Amp. I have been told that the tube pre amp and a solid state amp will have a MUCH more dramatic effect and sound much better than the reverse. Any advice?
  2. I purchased a pair of Forte II in 1988 for my High School graduation present. I never will forget the salesman. He said I would have the biggest set of headphones in the dorm. 20 years later........I am dusting them off and looking to pair them to a McIntosh amp. I have about $1,250 to $2,000 to spend on the amp/pre-amp. I am flip flopping back and forth about tube vs solid state. I wrote McIntosh and they suggested a solid state unit. The McIntosh MC6300. BUT, the MC6300 reviewed terrible. I am not against a pre-amp / amp combo. But, they usually cost more than the integrated unit. I am also not against older equipment. In 1984 I almost received my brother McIntosh stuff.(He wanted Bob Carvers latest cubes to push his K-Horns) I settled for a 40 watt NAD that I wish I still had. Sorry I drifted. Anyway, I am a McIntosh fan. It's cool stuff. I am looking for suggestions from the Klipsch family ...... Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks for your help........ PS. While I don't live in Hope, your presence is missed.
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