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  1. Sold them this morning to a great guy who drove down from St. Louis. I encouraged him to join the forum.
  2. Sorry, this would be for local pickup near Lexington KY only.
  3. Thank you...this is my extra pair of Khorns which I have been underutilizing...just time to downsize my collection.
  4. Thanks, Joe . . . I put them on Craigslist for $2400 . . . lower price on here for forum members. I would rather sell to a forum member . . . you all have been good to me.
  5. 1979 KBWO Klipschorns (pair) for sale Consecutive serial numbers I have owned them for over 10 years. Sound amazing. AA crossovers (original) There are a couple of top hat corners with veneer edge challenges. The tops have some stains. I inherited the stains and veneer chips. Pics tell the rest of the story $2200 I live in the Lexington, KY area Thanks, Billy
  6. Thanks all. Just sold it to a great guy and forum member here. thank you Craig @NOSValves for helping us both figure out a unique rebuild identifier verifying that you restored it 10 years ago. 10 years later, still beautiful and dead quiet! Thank you, Craig, for amazing work! I will miss that amp, but the new owner is a happy camper!
  7. FYI: Just pulled the tubes for a closer inspection... all 4 of the 12AX7 are verified Telefunkens. Been listening to it today on two channel, very sweet! Dead quiet!
  8. I should have thought to look before, ssh. Thank you for the question. The tubes included are: 1 x 5AR4 H. H. Scott USA 2 x 6678/6UGA GTC USA 4 x 7591 Sylvania USA 4 x 12AX7, ECC 83-12AX7 Western Germany
  9. I am just not using it save for the beauty. A waste when I know someone would love to have and use it regularly.
  10. I will have to take the case off when I have time to get the list of tubes. Should have done it earlier. But I could answer for now: "The same tubes that came when I bought it." 😉
  11. Going up for sale is my sweet Scott 299D integrated amp. I bought it from a forum member (Mike Lindsey) in 2013. It was rehabbed by Craig at NOS Valves in 2009. Dead quiet and sweet. Wrapped in a beautiful custom wood case. I have not put more than 10 hours on it since moving to Kentucky 4 years ago, and probably less than 50 hours on it since I have owned it. Located near Lexington, KY Price for the 299D and custom case? ? Will be $1100 on local Craigslist. $1000 + shipping to a forum member. I hope a forum member gets it. I have not been much active (but I do lurk) since moving to KY in 2015.
  12. Those were originally the "C" decorators. Someone has doctored them--the top grain going two different directions and made a feeble attempt at closing them in. The tophats cannot be original, if they are C models, according to the tags. and "Marantz" components? Definitely not original, if such exit in them. Bottomline, not even worth the price if the pair had working original tweeters, mids, and woofers. Gonna need some caps there too. just my 2 cents
  13. Meatloaf . . . "Bat Out of Hell II"
  14. Thank you, Dean. This is incredibly helpful to guys with basic soldiering skills like me in the desire to stretch ourselves a little further, to go beyond a recap. I sincerely appreciate it!
  15. When I went to buy my first set of Belles, the guy had some old ss pieces he talked me into kicking in a few more $$ (very reasonable) to take away too. I bought them for the looks then had a great tech go through them. A Phase Linear 400 amp (with the giant VU meters) and a Phase Linear 4000 preamp (with the quadrophonic joystick in the front), both the first versions. I am so glad I did. Those are two of my favorite pieces ... the PL 400 drives my fronts in the HT, especially since he did the mod so the PL400 won't turn into an infamous "flame liner." I could not be happier with the result and the sound. I also have a Pioneer SX 9000 that I love . . . it is probably time to fine a tech in my new location to rehab it for me.
  16. Round and round .... If that turntable is going into production, I'm looking forward to hearing more, Chad.
  17. Rhetor

    DaddyDee, RIP

    My prayers for Dee's family .... Though I never met Dee in person, I met him and remain enriched through the kindnesses of his many posts. You will be missed, Dee, by all of us. You made us a better online community and better people. Billy
  18. For 2 channel in the HT, I run the front Belles with LFE+main 2.1 stereo mode on the 4311. I like it best crossed at 80 U.S. When I want a little more slam on the low end, I just raise the level on the sub and reduce it again when running 9 channels again for the HT. Read your 4311 manual....a lot of tweak jewels to be found in there for the monster 4311.
  19. I'm after a different sound I tried a few subs in my 2 ch and didn't like it , I feel my speakers sound that good . I dumped allot of money on my 2 ch system and I am 100% happy the way it is . I don't care for allot of bass Good for you. It can be so hard dialing in what you like and then just enjoy it. I like low end so I run 2.1. Everyone's ears are different. +1 fir you finding that sweet spot for you sans a sub.
  20. With La Scalas and Belles and Hereseys in the HT I still like to grab the low end in both music and movies with my ML Depth i sub. Even with my 2 channel Khorn setups, I run them 2.1 for music. Even running Khorns with a Scott 299C I run them in a 2.1 configuration (with the sub off the center channel) to get all of the low end I can, especially with organ music. I am simply addicted to thump.
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