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  1. Is there anyway under the sun that Orlando can keep those 3 guns going long enough to win another one tonight?
  2. We have 3 different LCD tvs here that we can watch. Sony 46" 1080p XBR 120hz w/Bluray player, A Philips LCD 42" 720p w reg DVD player, lastly a 32" 1080i AKAI w built in DVD player. In general we must be over the whole Bluray thing because no one seems to care which setup we watch a dvd or bluray movie on or what type movie it is. We can certainly discern the differences in the images but alas nobody is very hung up on it. Couple that to the higher Bluray costs and well you get the idea. If we rent a movie we rent the regular ole format and might shove it in the Sony. [] I wouldn't get too hung up on resolution of these sets. Buy the tv that fits your budget and fits your viewing preferences. Our experiences here indicate we would be just as happy with three 720p tv sets. Your experience may vary.
  3. Questions and answers only appear at the bottom of the listing if the seller "clicks" a box to add them to the listing when answering..
  4. "but my brother is concerned about the health effects of plastic pipes and leaching" Now thats one I haven't heard before.[] Best I can tell all drinking liquids at all the eaterys we partronize pass those liquids through pastic pipe or tubing. How does your brother get around it? I would be more concerned about the leaching from copper than PEX myself but I'm not too concerned about either at this point.
  5. PEX is the future of plumbing it appears to us. We do some plumbing work for the railroad and its all going PEX. We do repairs on camp cars that are used as mobile housing for RR employees. Anytime the older copper pipes freeze (it happens way too often) its replaced with PEX. It is sooooo much better to work with. So much faster. Now get it cold enough and it will freeze too but repairs are a snap. These railroad cars travel mucho miles bouncing up and down the tracks of the Eastern USA and rarely do they leak. I understand that European residential has been PEX for years.
  6. Game 2 tonight and I have been listening to some ESPN radio. They were talking about the game and how Orlando is expected to play better tonight yet still lose the game. Lakers in 6 games was the series prediction. I can say this: If Gasol and Odom own Howard in the paint tonight this thing is all but done. I thought Bynum would have to play well, now I really wonder if thats even a requirement.
  7. "from what I understand his hands were also bound behind his back" Do what? Who reported that?
  8. Did you watch the first game of the finals last night? Oh my, Orlando could not hit the broad side of a barn. I can't remember the last time a team played so flat. Kobe and the lakers on the other hand were on a mission. They appeared ready to play and obviously were. Kobe dropped 40 in a 100 to 75 imbarassment of the Magic. Geez, I hope game 2 is at least a competition.
  9. I have a nice system with Sansui AU-70 tube amp driving Heresy IIs. Really enjoy it. The tube amp really warms up the horns.
  10. I asked my wife what to do about the sagging woofers problem and I was promptly slapped. [6] I guess she is not willing to lay em face down.[]
  11. The manager certainly had a motive. I would not be surprised at all if that was true. I've always been spellbound by Jimi's guitar. I had a 72' strat for many years and could play pretty good renditions of Little Wing and Voodoo Chile. RIP Jimi. Ever watched Monte Montgomery's version of "Little Wing" on Youtube, WOW.
  12. It aint over til its over don't ya know. Stan just called timeout with the Cavs 11 unanswered in the 3rd quarter. EDIT: Game just ended and Stan has his team in the Finals. I like Mike Brown but I really think Stan out coached him in this series. Dwight Howard had a big night with 40. SO: We got LA and Orlando. Who will win that series? Should be a good one.
  13. Do you know what the best thing about Picayune is? Its a place on Hwy11 called Dockside. [] Had a real nice lunch there several weeks back. We catch it when traveling to Lake Charles, my better half's hometown.
  14. Kobe and the gang are back in the big dance. Who is gonna join them? Can Lebron pull off another one man show like he did in game 5? They will hash it out tonight.
  15. I have followed that case over the last few years. Apparently Phil liked to "trap" female guests at the castle with gun play threats. Thats according to several victims/guests in the past. His own son stated "justice was served". Phil thought he was bigger than the law I guess. You could say he just got too big for his britches. At 69 I'd say Phil is headed to his last stop, the big house.
  16. Those are generalities that certainly don't apply in every case. Exactly. Which is why I carefully used the " some people" in those statements. In audio I have determined just about NOTHING is true for everybody. As for the JubScalas, I haven't had the honor, but, I bet they are smooth. Every livingroom should have a pair. [<)]
  17. I used the RAZR until it got run over by a tractor trailer rig. No joke. Now I'm using the LG CU500 which I think is a great phone. Now they're up to CU600 maybe? Anyway I don't text so can't really help with that. Also I'm all about my rollover minutes with AT&T.
  18. Some people consider Yamaha audio equip. to be "bright" Some people consider horn loaded speakers to be "bright" So its certainly concievable that bright + bright = double bright. You decide. For me horns need tubes on the uppers. No way around it.
  19. What a game. I went to be at the start of the 4th. Should of stayed up for that one. With that halftime dagger from Mo and a steady lead I figured Cleveland had it in the bag, WRONG. "He (Van Gundy) told us we all look like witnesses," Howard said of his coach's halftime speech, "and we can't have that. That really motivated us, because he said y'all are out there just watching (James) dunk, and that brought some fire out of us." But while Van Gundy did some screaming, he also did some pleading and prodding, repeatedly telling his team that Cleveland might not respond well to a nip-and-tuck game given the fact that they had steamrolled through the first two rounds of the playoffs, winning every game by double-digit margins, and could turn a tad uptight if things got a little too tight. And he couldn't have been more right.
  20. Well it seems we've all been touched by cancer. My mom has been battling Lymphoma with chemo for the last 2yrs. Fortunately it's a slow growing cancer the chemo seems to be working. Farrah's case is a tough one. How heart wrenching to reach the point where you realize the end is near. At least she has a great ally in Ryan O'Neal.
  21. You can go SS to the bottom of a Khorn and Tubes to the top and have very exciting results I suspect. I have several sound systems here and my fav by far is biamping 2ways with SS and tube SET on the top.
  22. Come on now, Stan's not that bad, is he? So much of the playoffs is mental. Dwight Howard is no exception. When there is has a fire under his butt his is awesome. If he thinks he's not getting the ball enough he takes the game off. Game 5 was as much about him laying down as it was about them not feeding him the ball. Cavs vs Magic: Orlando has nobody for Lebron, Cleveland has nobody for Howard. Lets see what happens. Im picking the Cavs. Lakers vs Nuggets: The Nuggets will show every night. Chauncy will be critical for any Nuggets chance. They can beat the Lakers especially if the Lakers take off the away games. If Bynum plays well the Lakers will do it.
  23. "the DC resistive component the motional impedance of the woofer sees thus changing damping." I'm trying to wrap my brain around that one. So the woofer damping is changed by it (the woofer) seeing motional impedance thats caused by DC resistance? Thats interesting if I understand it correctly. Changes in DC resistance will/can cause changes in speaker impedance caused by different freq. ranges of audio input? This then in affect causing changes in the quality of audio output? I continue to learn (or an attempt is made) something on here everyday lately.
  24. 1800 watts typically about max for a wall outlet (120v x15amp). I would imagine when you have alot of stuff going the voltage difference between input and output of the conditioner is different enough to cause the conditioner to "help" a little. I wouldn't worry about it. The fix would be to remove some of the load. You could divide equipment between 2 circuits while adding a second conditioner.
  25. As Jeff Foxworthy would say "If your livingroom speakers really belong in a movie theatre or the gymnasium you ___ __ _ _______" and they are too big for your house. Yes, I'm guilty so I KNOW.
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