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  1. I follow that reasoning. But every lineman and defensive tackle wasn't on or didn't know the proper way to use STEROIDS as they do today. When quarterbacks get hit today its from real animals. I do say all of this with respect from both eras. They both had some great talents. Johnny U was a great quarterback along with several others from years ago and there are some great ones of today. GO COLTS!
  2. "GO COLTS" is about much more than a "single" game. Its about a dynasty.
  3. If I had a guess I would venture to say the 565 with the best phono stage and the 750 as best overall.
  4. Thats your opinion. The Colts reside in Indy. What that team did to the city of Baltimore has nothing to do with the player and class act that Peyton Manning brings to that team every year. He has done the Colts well and has also set the standards for perfection in the quarterback position very high. Peyton has acknowledged time and time again how proud he is to be wearing the same colors as Jonny U. In the end what Peyton has done on and off the field will put him along side Johnny U in the hall of fame and rightfully so. So us Indy fans aren't taking the "bait" around here Russ. Ever looked at the stats? 17 years for Johnny and 12 years so far for Peyton and really its very lop sided. Career NFL statistics as of 1973Pass attempts 5,186 Pass completions 2,830 Percentage 54.6 TD-INT 290-253 Passing yards 40,239 QB Rating 78.2 Career NFL statistics as of Week 17, 2009Pass attempts 6,531 Pass completions 4,232 Percentage 64.8 TD-INT 366–181 Passing yards 50,128 QB Rating 95.2
  5. That was a good read. Thanks.
  6. Agreed. Everytime they decide to take it easy at the end of the season because they have clinched the playoffs so early trouble happens. The Colts owner needs to let the players keep the throttle down. They should have and probably would have went undefeated and finally shut up those Dolphins. Lets win them all Colts!
  7. Lets win a superbowl this year!
  8. http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/Maimi-Heat-meet-with-Derek-Fisher-071010
  9. Sure would of liked to see all three end up in Chicago but wow what a trio. Add just a few fill-in players(which they already have a couple) who want to win a title and holy cow. Do I hear 4-peat or 5-peat or more. Just go ahead and send the Heat to win a gold medal for us!
  10. If you really want to "rock" it would have to be a Crown K series or a QSC PLX series amplifier.
  11. Chorus II's are the same way. With my Crown K2 running full tilt my 15 inch woofers barely move.
  12. Cool. It's definitely a classic and worthy of a nice frame![Y]
  13. Oppo needs to be left at full volume. Thats what they relayed to me years ago.
  14. Welcome back fellow Chorus II fanatic.[Y]
  15. Yeah, someone needs to explain that philosophy to the city of Chicago.
  16. Absolutley. Also controlling a woofer in a well designed speaker sure has its payoffs. I couldn't get my Cornwalls to tighten up even setting them outside. [N]
  17. Not confusing anything. Forte's work better and sound tighter in a smaller room than chorus (or cornwall) do. The bigger Klipsch need more room to breathe, and not to boom. Well I wasn't assuming that we were listening to our Klipsch speakers in a closet. And If I did put the Chorus II in the closet with the death grip the Crown K2 has over the woofers I would probably just hurt myself. To the OP if I was only going to use 45 watts I would choose 45 high quality tube watts and call it a day. Maybe toss in a sub.
  18. You must be confusing the Chorus II with the Chorus I or Cornwall. Theres no flab in a Chorus II. Chorus II has a very lean bass which some folks consider it to be bass shy. But add some watts and she lights right up. Actually with the Forte II dropping to 32 hz it has a lower perceived bass but actually I found it to be a tad loose compared to the Chorus II. Another reason I chose the Chorus II. Can't stand loose bass. Definitely a pet peeve with me.
  19. I've used the Harman Kardon 930 which is actually rated at 45wpc. I believe the little 430 is rated at 25wpc. To do structural damage so to speak you really need to move up to the big seperate amps. My Chorus II's see a clean 500 wpc and theres no problem with bass from the 15 inch woofers. When I demoed the Quartet, Forte II and Chorus II I found the sound just got bigger as you moved up the line. All of them are basically voiced the same. I like a nice rock solid kick drum and the hard smack of a snare.
  20. That would be Thursday August 14th, 1993 (226th day of 1993)
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