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  1. The only thing a JBL L80 has over a Chorus II is distortion. You want to feel the bass of a Chorus II add a QSC SRA 2422 or a Crown K2 for amplification.
  2. What equipment did he use to demonstrate the capablities of the Chorus II's? You wouldn't believe the difference an amp or preamp and the amount of power can make when rocking out with a pair. No offense to Jason, but if he is still using that Adcom gear, which I've used every amp they've ever made, there is another level of performance to be obtained from those speakers. Especially if you are wanting to rock out.
  3. I prefer the hard sound myself. At low volumes it still jars my teeth. Love it! You might be a Cornwall fan. A litter slower fuller and bigger sounding bass.
  4. I'm with ya Pete. Pretty high on my playlist as well. But the no drums or rock from the 60's through the 90's really cracks me up. Hell what else is there to play on a pair of Klipsch.
  5. I think that pick is going to surprise you. He just played for an idiot of a coach with no offensive line and still was one of the best in the country. The boy has an arm and doesn't make a habit of throwing picks. I agree that he could start.
  6. If you like Acurus you really need to give an Aragon a try.
  7. There is alot more money than that sitting in the room pictured. Double that to start.
  8. How are the 970s or 971s. I have no personal experience but those were the first generations of Oppo and are what put them on the map so to speak. They have all received great reviews.
  9. For that kind of money I would really try and talk your dad into an OPPO 980. I've been very satsified for quite some time.
  10. LMAO. Tell them how you really feel Roger[Y]
  11. You have hit the nail on the head. Some folks don't get it because they haven't experienced it. For the OP, I tried for a few years to warm up to Adcom with my Chorus II's and I personally could just not do it. I had about every adcom ever made. Theres another world of gear out there that really makes these speakers shine.
  12. It appears your doing all this with a very inexpensive receiver. I guess just enjoy some of us can't find what we are looking for even with taking out a mortgage on the house.
  13. 650 for a pair of Chorus II's is a descent deal if they are nice. Excellent condition should yield 750. These people and their price assumptions crack me up. Some haven't even heard a pair but "wait I heard Leroy got his for a couple hundred bucks so heck you sure wouldn't want to give over 400 for a pair". Kg line doesn't deserve to even smell where a Chorus II sat. Wake up people.
  14. My experience as well. Nice, wide sounding speakers but I've yet to hear them rock out in a hard way. I've heard them with 150 tube watts and 500 ss watts. Personally, I like them but they seem to be lacking real "drive" in the low end when it comes to listening to rock IMO. Midrange can be overwhelming as well......but the same is true with other Heritage speakers. Agreed. This is from someone who has owned CWs most of his life. When you listen to Khorns VERY loud, it's an experience you don't forget. Cornwalls sound great but at very high volume they can be ear piercing with many recordings. Nothing beats them with acoustic jazz at low to moderate volume. As far as using more than one pair for non-multichannel music, it's fun but not for me. I'm a 2-channel vinyl guy and I like having a soundstage, imaging, depth and all that good stuff. Maybe some day I'll find a way to enjoy my tube gear in a multichannel environment but so far I always end up where I started. I am glad to see that others are not afraid to admit the truth about the Cornwall. Indeed at lower to moderate volumes maybe the best or at least one of the best Jazz speakers on the planet. Also it does an admiral job at rock and roll at lower to medium volumes. But come on people, Klipsch made much better rock speakers than the Cornwall. I think Colter is probably right though. Best bang for your buck or all around honors would probably favor the Cornwall.
  15. Well these have been on Chicago craigslist for about 3 months. http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/1665838917.html I would say 350 is a good buy but at 600 you will be holding on to them for a long while. Hes even resorting to trades and asks what ya got?
  16. Classic Stereo of South Bend introduced me to the wonderful world of Klipsch.
  17. Thats a very good buy for the KLF 20s at 350.
  18. Chorus IIs do rock, and are easier to place than the LaScalas, considering their narrower cabinet. Older Corns do have an upper bass peak that can certainly muddy things up. The LaScalas are great for higher volume for sure, and being fully horn loaded are nice. Opinions around here are split pretty even on whether or not a sub is needed with the LS. If I didn't have my LS, the Chorus IIs would be my next favorite. Or a pair of each. Bruce I bet I would really enjoy a pair of LaScalas with a nice sub.
  19. Cornwalls are great speakers but I still just dont see how they are such great rock speakers. They will rumble under extreme power. I actually got mine to flutter. Plus that midrange gets aweful shrill unless your the type that doesnt mind finger nails on a chalk board. But my experience is with 500 WPC SS. I guess its possible a nice tube amp could change the characteristics of the Cornwall. A high damping factor obviously isn't the proper way to run a Cornwall because they do start to rumble. I laugh when people talk about how their receivers make Cornwalls sound the best in the world. I'm willing to bet that Winchesters setup is about the best you can ever make a Cornwall sound and I still rather doubt it would be what I call a heavy metal setup. Buy KLF 30's or Chorus II's and rock out. Lascala's or RF 7's with mandatory sub.
  20. Congrats! Klipsch Instruction Manual c.1996.pdf Klipsch Instruction Manual c.1996.pdf
  21. One more win and they've basically got home court in the Final Four. Go Dawgs!
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