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  1. Already stated the drivers are snug what does the position of the gasket matter. Klipsch doesn't think it matters already been asked and answered.
  2. Kerry, These came from the factory new this way according to the original owner. I never noticed the slightest audible difference and both mid range drivers are tight so no worries. If the orange gasket bothers you from a pyscological cosmetic stand point you could always even them out. But as you already stated and I agree they sound much better with the grills on.
  3. Glad to see you are enjoying the KLF 30. Yes once away from the initial shock of the new speakers reality sets in and since I have also owned those Paradigm V2's I agree with your assessment. The KLF 30's are a very good speaker and sound nice but so do alot of other speakers. There are speakers within the Klipsch family that I feel excel the performance of the 30's and also several outside of the Klipsch line as well. But alot of it comes down to personal preference. Some folks get so caught up in personal opinion that it sorta of clouds their judgement. At the end of the day buy what you like and enjoy.
  4. Well that explains why the mid horn of the Chorus II is so much smoother.[] Don't get me wrong KLF 30's are very nice speakers and can do alot of things great but I only place them so high up the totem pole.
  5. If you already own KLF 20's and a KLF C-7 and are looking to match up your home theater I would buy the KLF 30's if I was you. Then I would buy the Chorus II's for my 2 channel only room and enjoy both systems[Y]
  6. Hey Kerry glad you like the speakers. I knew they would blow your mind. They looked great in your room. Now you are starting to realize what all of us Klipsch fanatics have been talking about all these years. Klipsch just plain and simply rocks and sounds excellent doing so.[Y]
  7. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/7589/54516.aspx#54516
  8. Chorus II by a landslide in all categories IMHO. They have been bringing good money lately. 1225 and 1100 for the last two pairs on Flea-bay.
  9. Agreed Keith. But like you I also have a Karcher HD 3101. Always use the pump lubricant every year and fuel treatment over the winter. Not one leak and runs and pumps like new. But these 3101 models actually are quite a bit more powerful than your local car wash. The Dirtblaster rotary nozzle can be dangerous. As stated it will cut down small trees.
  10. Praying for a quick recovery Dean. You and your family are in our prayers.
  11. That tractrix mid in the forte II / chorus II / quartet series is one smooth operator.
  12. That had to of been taken just for the sake of taking the photo because there is no way he runs those KLF 30's up against the wall blocking the rear ports like that. Very cool pic though.
  13. I've been praising the Chorus II for years. What a great speaker!
  14. Wow great to see you back Duke. I bought a pair of those KLF 30's myself because of SWL and they do indeed rock! The Crown K2 moves those 12's nicely.[Y] What kind of set up are you running these days Duke?
  15. You obviously don't know the same Duke Spinner we are talking about.
  16. http://thewelltemperedcomputer.com/KB/WAV-FLAC.htm
  17. wav vs flac always ends the same. absolutely no difference besides a little space. which both are identical to the content on the cd. this test has been done hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.
  18. Tube amp on the horns and high powered SS on the woofers is not a waste of time or money when it comes to high efficiency Klipsch. Especially when most of the woofers have such low impedance dips.
  19. 6 years this month smoke free.[Y]
  20. The most powerful amp by far that can handle just about any load under the sun is that Krell no matter which way anybody tries to twist it. Now is it the best match for the RF 7's I doubt it but it will have the most ease driving them if thats what your concerned with.
  21. Just from the amps mentioned the Krell is in another league but was originally priced about 4 times that of the other amplifiers.
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