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  1. PWK gets the respect everytime I even look at them!
  2. Yes! Not long after I bought my La Scalas, I cut the Satellite Cable and have never looked back! So yeah Man, I love my Speakers too! Thats what I'm talkin about![Y]
  3. I can imagine. I sure am enjoying mine.
  4. From one Klipsch fanatic to another, "it's all good"[Y]
  5. Umm comparing Klipsch speakers to farts you might want to get your woofers checked!
  6. Both my KLF 30's and Chorus II's put a big ole smile on my face[][Y] Anybody feel like I do about their speakers?
  7. I run a K2 and love it. It's basically indestructable as you know. It is unbelievable with it's abililty to control a woofer and it has the same front end as the renowned Studio Reference 1 amplifier that still brings top dollar on the used market. Now as far as biamping with the xti's I think many members here do that and just love those amps for that reason. Kind of a toss up as to which you need or want more. Good Luck and welcome to the forum.
  8. It's a work in progress at the moment. I have a few parts of the puzzle to finish. I listened to 3 different pairs of KLF 30's and only liked the sound of the pair I bought so whatever that means. Once I get them setup properly I'll give a complete run down of my thoughts. It will definitely be tubes on top and ss on the bottom.
  9. Did the 30s replace your Chorus IIs? Or are you enjoying both? Both at this time.
  10. Make that three of us now own 30's.
  11. Hey Scott, How about a bad interconnect. I've bought new ones in the past and had them give me fits. Never could figure out what was going on and it turned out to be a bad interconnect. Just a thought. Sure is strange whats going on. Almost sounds like some piece of gear is eating x-overs.
  12. Somethings not right. I think something either went wrong with the crossover mod or there is a part out of wack. Chorus II's image and quite well. They've been laying a pin point bead for me for over 21 years. Oh and as far as soundstage, with Floyd playing I've had them walk in one door, walk across the floor and right on out the other door. Pretty damn cool. As far as bass if they aren't hammering you with that kind of power I think there is something amiss there as well.
  13. That bad habits been gone for 5 years and 3 months now and don't know how I ever enjoyed smoking in the first place. To think I did it for 24 years. Like Coytees' wife I have a hard time with secondhand smoke.
  14. If I was a betting man I would bet the voting is tainted. Or just all the Hope voters wish to stay anonymous just incase they can't make it.[] Indy gets my vote.
  15. Yeah but he is far from broke unless he gets any nuttier and just throws it all away. I hear billionaire Mark Cuban wants to do a show with Sheen.
  16. I read that article years ago and tried it and just couldn't make it work. As far as more bass output out in the room I will kindly have to disagree. Passive radiators get reinforcement off of the rear walls or corners. Out in the room always gave me more mids and less bass.
  17. I would rather bet its because your running almost twice the power now. The Crown K2 has a lot more kick than the K1 as well. But yet again its a power thing.
  18. Hey Rudy , So you traded in your K1 for an EP4000. The 4000 is very similar to a K2 where the 2000 would be similar to your K1. K2 has a death grip on a woofer IMHO. I've had the QSC SRA 2422 which is just a home version and maybe a few fancier parts than the PLX line. I used it in full range on my Chorus II's and it was great but I wouldn't trade my K2 for a QSC full range. Again thats just my opinion.
  19. Aragon comes to mind. Alot of folks didn't speak highly of the Klipsch aquisition.
  20. Looks like another reason for insurance companies to raise their rates.
  21. Ah sorry to hear. That sucks but I'm sure you'll get it worked out.
  22. The vultures probably seen what you paid for them. Don't let them go for less than doubling your money Don. You just can't buy them like that anymore! But better yet just keep them! Congrats again by the way!
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