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  1. M = mud slurry magnet PASS The plywood box can be made new for Less than $150 The crossover AL are barf.
  2. OK we all love Amy and Klipsch. Given as we are here. time/space............. toilet rim out look...... 1974 wages were $2.00/2.10 hour = My first Klipsch-- free shipping $525.....LaScala nice but the tweeter blew the first day? Letter from Mrs Belle Klipsch, free tweeter with this letter. The replacement K77 AlNiCol is still sounding-- but, cost me $75 to drive to the closest dealer for free exchange. Absolutely THE best company for contacting/asking/questions and getting an answer. YHVH. But the new LaScala is made with some poison MDF panels ? and useless woofer motor and cost way more than $500 ? the big rim is circling No human making minimum wages at 25 years of age today is considering a new single Hope made/free shipping center channel hand rubbed LaScala.
  3. I bought several autotransformers and woofer chokes form Bob Crites, very fast shipping. Quality parts for sure. He has the caps and tweeter coils you also need. http://www.critesspeakers.com/autotransformers.html
  4. Compare the schematics. You need a 13uf cap, autotransformer ( T2A) and tweeter coil (245 uh) and lose the extra parts. AL AA The pix can be see better in the crossover thread.
  5. P for 1976, Barker and Bradford inspected and tested my 1975 Klipschorn. AA
  6. Darn that's strange and sad. Local Klipsch dealer said same thing, never heard or seen Klipschorns. Wanted to come to my house to audition.
  7. All my amps have gain controls, for Khorns/Belles/LaScala I run the controls -10 dB for normal 80-90 dB music in the room.
  8. The floor noise these obsolete units make with horn driven home systems makes these useless at 90 dB normal max home use. EV has the DC -One for todays systems.
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