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  1. The specs sheet for rf-82ll says the tweeter is a compression driver, is it the same design used as in the rf-7ll but just in a smaller size?
  2. On an unrelated topic, I have a fairly large listening room and stacked my rf-82ii on top of my dual r-112sw, and the overall presentation is impressive. A wall of sound!
  3. Thanks! Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  4. Has any one used this set up and been OK with the sound? I know it's not ideal, but is it a huge compromise from the rc-64ii
  5. Has anyone done or heard of converting a standard k-horn into a type of 60th ann. model, by enclosing the rear of the bass bin, and be able to toe in the speaker and remove it from corner loading?
  6. sorry for your bad experience with es gear, ive owned nothing but for past 8 years with no problems, the latest flagship avr 5600es is fantastic sounding with the klipsch referenceii speakers im using, ill just hope my luck with dependability holds up...
  7. also try sony es avrs, they make a great pairing.....
  8. Not that i can think of... only increased power consumption, at least we all know its a common problem and each one of us can decide the best way to handle it. it doesnt appear to have any other issues in regards to the subs power amp or operation, I say forget about it and ROCK ON !!!
  9. I feel your pain! I got 2 of them, and neither one of the auto positions work on mine. I just reach around and turn them off at night, but i agree they DO ROCK!!! I guess we could return them, but i"ve decided to live with it .
  10. I want to thank everyone for the GREAT feed-back on this topic i started.... one wouldnt think there was so much to consider when setting up crossover points on subs, I think it helps when we remember that L.F.E. and bass management are 2 seperate items that must work together at times! and each of our systems will be set up, maybe differently when it comes to crossover points, but the general rules still apply.... Ray
  11. Thank you! well explained. I guess the problem i was having was trying to figure out the difference between L.F.E.and bass management, so JUST to put this in simple terms... with a TRUE .1 LFE channel such as dvd/blue-ray/sacd multi, use 120hz crossover to get the full signal. with subwoofer bass management thru the avr ( NOT a L.F.E. .1 ) say crossed over 80hz, use that or slightly higher for a crossover point and not 120hz so as not to have "bass bloat" from 80hz to 120hz, again thanks, i wonder how many systems are not set up this way, i know mine wasnt.......also the "small" speaker selection must be taken into account.
  12. dont remember what magazine it was, but i did read it because it struck me odd that there was not a slope on the bass roll off, so do you think that the sub crossover point on SACD/DVD/BR 5.1 signals should always be 120hz as not to lose ANY bass info? (with the .1 being a discreet channel)
  13. Could use some input... im pretty sure that the L.F.E. / .1 channel of both D.V.D. and blue-ray are from 10hz or so up to 120hz where it hits a brick wall, no 121hz signal at all. so it is best to run the sub crossover at 120hz or by-pass it. Question is about SACD multichannel 5.1 discs... does the same 120hz "brickwall" cut off apply and it is best to run the sub as above, OR does the receivers crossover points set up for small speakers (in my case 60hz) do the bass management? I guess a better way to say it is ... are ALL .1 L.F.E. signals 120hz and below, reguardless the source.... D.V.D. / BRD / SACD?
  14. i have the rf-82ii, rc-62ii, rs-52ii, rb-61ii (sw-112 x 2) in a 7.1 setup. the rs series produces a MUCH wider sound stage then my rf / rb series speakers, in a 7.1 home theater setup, rf / rb for surround backs make sense. in a 5.1 set up i think the rs series is the way to go for the surround channels if they are on the side walls. use rf / rb if your surrounds are behind your sitting position.
  15. I have the new for this year klipsch #SW-112 SUB retail price $599.99 teamed with references series 82ii / 62ii / 52ii / 61ii home theater 7.1 system, it has NO problem keeping up with anything i throw at it!!! excellent on movies and very good on music, not boomy IF careful with crossover freq. ( i cross over at 60hz ) run 82ii on large size. The $600.00 perfect sub is not out there, but give it a listen, i think klipsch did a great job at this price point....
  16. Maybe break in period is not the best way to say it, I dont believe they require a break in period per say just that the bass ( and maybe to a lesser extent the treble ) will improve i.e. less harsh and more smooth after the cones get a few miles on them, as far as the actual time, everyone has there opinion, i was told about 50 hours, reguardless, i have well over 50 hours now, and they do sound better now then when they were brand new, smoother treble and slightly better,more extended bass, thanks for listening!
  17. I have the same system execpt for the sub, im using the klipsch SW-112 hooked up to a sony DA4300ES avr, the RF-82II bass will improve some after about 50 hours of play. the woofers surrounds and spiders do break in some what, It is really an amazing system! both on music and movies, what i notice most is the detail of the sound, its easy to hear thru complex passages to the single sounds of the music, A GREAT demo piece is the dvd from YES, House of YES live from house of blues. the 5.1 music track of Homeworld is a great way to show off your system, the bass at the end of the track really surprises everyone......
  18. Yes, and thats what i was thinking. TAS says there way was what klipsch wants ( couldnt find that in the manual ) like you, i dont think it would matter... i will go with the manual and use the top posts, THANKS!
  19. A happy new owner of Klipsch RF-82 II speakers, they have dual binding posts and i have heard and read of different ways to connect one + and one - wire. The owners manual says to use the top pair ( tweeter input ) the shop i bought them at says the bottom pair ( woofer input ) and the latest issue of TAS says he connected the + wire to the top and the - wire to the bottom posts! All three ways will work, but is there ONE best way or not?
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