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    I was looking for a specific frame, I'll probably have to capture it from the movie This will have to do for now ..
  2. I've often wondered if tomato base vs vinegar base is location dependent, like low country vs hills ? I've also wanted to do a bake off with speaker cables, 2 channel mono L vs R speaker. Lamp cord vs all contenders, blind test to the peanut gallery using AB switch to change connections. My fav review site rates speakers as sounding like fine wine, and they can hear the speed of electricity differ from cable to cable....those are some great ears. I once stood over a bottle of $6 Chilean Red wine (name brand twist off) and after a solid 5 minutes concluded that it made no sound at all ........ PS I am a tomato person (formerly known as tomato-man), although a business trip to Austin years ago changed my orientation to dry rub. It was difficult, but I finally shared the news with my family and friends, they were very supportive, but still insisted on BBQ sauce when we got together......
  3. If the recording sucks then sound sucks If the TT or DAC sucks then ..... If recording is good and decoder good, but pre amp bad, then the sound sucks If the first three are good, then it's the amp's turn and finally there are the speakers. The "tube sound" is from the pre amp, not the amp ergo a tube pre and SS Class A are a good combo IMHO This lets you tube and brand roll for amusement For most apps 16ga lamp cord is just fine ....
  4. Each speaker model is a different design philosophy Klipsch probably went through lots of failures, to get to a few good ones. Sounds good on paper is not the same as sounds good. Fortes are sleepers 1 best sleeper I know of 2 same thing but better 3 haven't heard it 4 haven't heard it I'm guessing 3&4 are better since there was time to evaluate and improve
  5. Different woman, this photo is a resistance fighter, I believe in the battle for Paris, age 19-21. A woman of the French resistance movement who is a member of a patrol routing out Germans snipers still left in areas of Paris France on August 29, 1944. She is carrying a German Schmeisser submachine gun or MP40. Pinterest Simone Segouin who went under the name Nicole Minet was 18 years old at the time of the invasion of France. A French Resistance fighter and a member of the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans (FTP) group, Nicole captured 25 German prisoners during the fall of Chartres, this was witnessed by both American troops and journalists. After the liberation of Paris where Nicole also fought, she was promoted to lieutenant and awarded the Croix de Guerre. Pinterest
  6. Clash of Civilizations, is worth a look There are also some good essays on the author's ideas, and presentations. In short, Liberal Western Civilization, competes with other civilizations. With the threat of the Soviets gone, and the freebies from the West drying up, populations are migrating back to their indigenous civilizations. Liberal Western Govt lasted 5 minutes in Afghanistan, replaced by Tribal councils like the past 3500 years. Western Civilization is under an all out assault internally, at the same time as competing civilizations are resurgent. As to the Almonds canard, the Sierra club took a $100 million contribution with the stipulation that they never speak of immigration degrading the environment. The US has added 3 million per year for the past 30 years = 90 million. Many from alternative civilizations. All of them drink water, and flush toilets. IMHO as the US and West go into economic and civilization collapse, there will be a scramble to fill the power vacuum, there always is. Rome's collapse triggered a 1000 year economic depression and at times a 90% population die off in the West, and countless invasions from the East. The Eastern Roman Empire was able to shield the feeble West up until the 1200s. The Rus, led by pesky Russian speaking Vikings, as they gained strength and territory became the shield for the West for most of the past 700 years. The standard of living in the West only reached Roman levels I believe in the mid to late 1,700s. If not for the Vikings, and those pesky french speaking Vikings the Normans, Western Civilization may have never recovered some of it's lost ground, only 50% at best. I picked up a copy of The Law of Civilization and Decay by Brooke Adams Thumbed through it, it's in the stack Premise is that moral decay precedes Civilization collapse, making money becomes the priority of society above all else.
  7. Boston, don't look back Vinyl pressing 1978 Great Cover Art
  8. There are a bunch of these on Youtube they must be licensed to use it Good background music
  9. Ottmar Leibert, Barcelona Nights Lots of good stuff in this category, Neuvo Flemenco Some pretty good old Flemenco too
  10. You should add a location to your avatar NZ is such a nice place people should hear the names of the various locations more often
  11. Dave Mason, Let ot Flow
  12. Dave Mason, Let it Flow 1977 pressing Great LP, great sound quality Post Traffic ? Found the needle drops last track Side A Takin' the time to find Mason gets his guitar singing ......
  13. Pickup on South Street Criterion Restoration Fuller interview worth the 5 minutes after the movie Jean Peters, the only thing I can say is va va va vooom ! Green-eyed beauty Jean Elizabeth Peters flashed across the screen as a bright star during her relatively brief tenure in Hollywood. After just seven years under contract to 20th Century-Fox (1947-54), she joined in the reclusive lifestyle of her eccentric billionaire husband, Howard Hughes, and all but vanished from public view. IMDB Looks like shot from zapata ?
  14. Super Duper Gary Cooper Watched it two days ago another great work product from Kino Lorber Studios
  15. Willie Nelson, Stardust great recording, 1978 pressing
  16. Muppets 123 Count with me I'm sure the kids will love it on your gear Over and over again .....
  17. Good..... start them young !
  18. I Robot Charles de Gualle Airport, a work of art in itself
  19. I Robot, Alan Parsons 200 gram from Classic Studios Remastered using tube gear, not sure why that maters MoFi has a version in 45 if memory serves me correctly
  20. I don't know IDK, if it's an official category but the term I am familiar with is Dream Pop It comes on one of the local stations at 10pm Central aka 22:00 WNIJ FM Dekalb IL About 35-40 miles away most nights my tuners can grab the signal omni directional antennas. There may be a way to save the radio stream on your PC for hours when you are awake, me too Listen Live WNIJ https://www.northernpublicradio.org/ ECHOS broadcast and streaming https://echoes.org/ Dreampop playlist, didn't listen to the entire list so no opinion on it
  21. It's OK, I can still taste it 45 years later the Ruhr passed through my kidneys at least once
  22. Brought back a childhood memory we had a friend who's father was an importer and imported maybe 100 cases of this beer. Wrong bottles or labels or something, so they could not sell it. Our friend asked if we wanted it, otherwise they would have to destroy the shipment. Not being one for waste, we said YES !
  23. Ruhrgebiet For such an important area, I would have expected at least 7 or 8 syllables ....
  24. Funny you are playing them, I was going to dig for my collection of their records later...........
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