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  1. they were sold off back in the 70's , the 73 oil crisis , , the Wall of Sound was too costly to haul around .
  2. https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2021/from-the-vault-property-from-the-grateful-dead-and-friends?lotFilter=AllLots Auction Closed From the Vault: Property from the Grateful Dead and Friends
  3. Trade secret sold on Amazon would renew these speakers . https://www.tradesecret.ca/?page_id=317 photo courtesy of @MMurg
  4. until further News , No Worries
  5. the JBL is a Studio Monitor , a speaker in a sealed booth , or a recording studio with Room Correction software , it's a superb instrument for sound editing , now take the JBL and put it in a Movie Theater or a Dance Hall and it's the wrong speaker , but the Jubilee wins , 2 way different speakers , is very accurate .
  6. send them back asap , the speakers should not come with any defects
  7. @Keyboardmaster these Cornwall Verticals are made so the left and right speakers have the woofer on the opposite side ,the motorboards of both speakers are reversed . here are a set of Cornwall Decorators ( no grilles ) , the speakers can be placed upright or laid on their sides
  8. BTW this is a good start , but keep your eyes open for more sets of these speakers ,for more ambience , ceilings are high , the wood floor is great for dancing , you may have very good acoustics in this loft
  9. try to locate a functional RSW-12 , for troubleshooting the amplifier
  10. post the pictures , and let's see what you're talking about
  11. Agree with @jjptkd @Schu , 100% inert , 0 resonance welded square steel tubing boxed frame , painted with coatings to absorb resonance , no sand fill required , if the stand can support a Ford F-150 without bending , a pair of klipsch Quartet will do just fine . https://www.amazon.com/vdp/9c6e8f25517f41dba19c47661f185296 https://www.amazon.com/vdp/9c6e8f25517f41dba19c47661f185296
  12. klipsch has plenty in stock , brand new with full klipsch warrranty .
  13. look to see if there are any screws holes that were used , that would tell you whether screws and PIO capacitors were removed , also look at the solder joints , are they clean enough to look like a factory job .
  14. it's gonna sound fantastic , great speakers
  15. Nothing wrong with the AL , it's a complicated crossover for sure , yes , but bad , nope
  16. your speakers are either 1962 or 1963 based on the serial numbers , open the back covers and look at the wood board of the crossover , you should see markings that designate the crossover type , a picture can help
  17. I have seen these rare burgundy capacitors before , the metal holder brackets and screws look to be made very specifically for these capacitors for a clean look , are there any other holes in the wood board
  18. are there any holes in these metal tubes to add filler ?
  19. the Archives of La Revue du son -. https://archives.doctsf.com/documents/index.php? https://archives.doctsf.com/documents/index.php?num_serie=197&annee=1965
  20. my jaw dropped watching this picture
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