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  1. Between you and me , Reference Flagship actually sounds a lot better than Reference Floor standing .
  2. you swapped out all the drivers ,and checked all the connections of the internal wiring , there's pretty much nothing else in the equation but the XO
  3. swap out the k55v, the K77 into the Lascala , and give your impressions--
  4. yeah , you can see the thicker seam from the back
  5. 000

    Boston Craigslist

    you can post the link -
  6. Following Pearl Harbor , the Desert Training Center in CA was organized by General George S Patton
  7. Kawasaki H2R reached 400km/h in 26 seconds , the bike could go faster , but the tires would blow up - Then , the Ultimate race on tarmac , racing cars , bike , F1 car , and an F16 ,and a private Jet .
  8. ok , so these are the horns we saw in the Pics of the MWM cabs , was wondering what these were
  9. and 0 recalls over the last +40 years -
  10. keep your speakers serial numbers handy --- email klipsch is best to be ahead of the cue ➡️ submit your request.
  11. CUSTOMER SUPPORT NOTE: At this time, Klipsch Phone support hours are 9 AM -4 PM EST. Klipsch Online Order Support For assistance with orders placed on Klipsch.com (United States only): Call 1-800-554-7724 or submit your request.
  12. Ok so these are KC-BR , for Birch .....wood cabinets .....Klipschorn - Model Type C, no "collar" -K-33E square magnet- K-77 Alnico -K-55V mids -k400 -AA Network - the crossovers have been upgraded (around 10 years ago ) with the GE Cans , excellent condition is right --GLWTS
  13. they are ok , could you please take a picture of the serial no tags , I wonder if these are KC-BR .........Birch
  14. Are the mid-horns from the KP-301's the same horns used in the Chorus II (with a threaded insert)? the kp-301 horn lens screws into the driver
  15. cant wait to see the pictures of the speakers -TX
  16. @uteman1011,very nice find , CWII speakers dont come up that often ,
  17. check these out --Furutech https://www.furutech.com/products/component-parts/spade-connectors/
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