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  1. They have several brands , Kuangwu (Foshan) Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, Foshan.
  2. too bad you're not considering the Wilsenton R8 , there's something very special about that amp , put it against more expensive tube amps in a blind test , the R8 may surprise you with CW IV speakers
  3. The woofers are not original K-24 's , they've been swapped out , cabinets have very minor scraping , the cabinets are actually in pretty good shape
  4. I was in contact with the seller on FB yesterday , the seller had the boxes and payment was due on pickup ,
  5. marine grade plywood splits bass bin + fibreglass + metal trim all around , these cabinets are built like tanks
  6. there is no requirement to remove the thread , it can remain in the Garage Sale section as SOLD
  7. I 've seen the speakers in pictures but that's about it , as to what the brand name is ??? , never interested me enough to find out , sorry if I dont sound thrilled about these speakers , they dont interest me at all when we talk of corner speakers on the klipsch Forum . we refer to the majestic and fabulous PWK Khorn
  8. I've seen em , over the years , yes , but that's about it
  9. 1 more post , will activate the PM function on your user name , you need a total of 5 posts
  10. there's 1 sure way to determine if you have a Klipsch Shorthorn Model S utility cabinet - an unfinished cabinet would have these dimensions .... Height 36 .75" , Width 24" , Front to corner 22" - a finished cabinet would be slightly larger ..... H-37" - W 25.5" - Front to corner 23.25"
  11. the R300 has 1 great review with 2 different klipsch speakers https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2022/10/08/willsenton-r300-tube-integrated-amp-review/
  12. there is no need to modify the HII crossover to add a bandpass filter , the bandpass filter is separate from the H II crossover
  13. there is no reply from this FB listing , ..so far , 0 response
  14. you dont really have to mod the existing crossover for TItanium mids diaphragms , you can purchase the complete driver K-53-TI from klipsch Parts
  15. Chorus fit perfectly , if they dont , simply remove the risers..........or raise the TV by 1 inch
  16. the Chorus II K-48 woofer is a klipsch designed woofer ( discontinued ) , good news is you can buy the direct replacement K-48-ST 15" woofer from klipsch Parts
  17. Chorus II would be interesting if you can find speakers in very good condition with no need for repairs the Chorus dimensions are roughly 4 inches higher x 2 inches wider x 2 inches deeper vs a Forte II , finally the price , the Chorus and the Forte seem to be selling for pretty much the same prices lately.
  18. the Shorthorn you have is a 15 inch Utility cabinet , the crossover has a klipsch tag dated 1956 with the model K-1000/5000 , the signature appears to be Lloyd McClellan , PWK's 1st employee - the tweeter is the University 4401 - the Midrange metal horn is a K-1000 , the midrange driver is the University SAHF - the woofer is the cast University C15W 15 inches dual voice coil ,dual spider piston woofer .
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