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  1. tx for the great review
  2. the KP-450A are klipsch Pro speakers with casters and handles , your speakers were Made in 1993 based on the serial # you provided - cabs are 3/4 inch birch plywood , the cabs come in 2 pieces , the Low Frequency cab has two 15 inch K-45-E woofers , the HF cabinet has a K-69M compression driver with a K-501 horn
  3. the specs of the 70's -80's K-55V with the original Atlas diaphragm indicated that it extended to 6KHz whether single or dual phase plug and so does the K-55M , but the K-55M was hotter , and we all know that the newer 2001 K-55X , PD5VH including the newer D-20GB diaphragms only extend to 4100Hz .
  4. Jesse , do both passives have the same diameter or is the KD-15-ST a tad larger , does the KD-15-ST fit in the Forte II
  5. great idea , buy an AA kit from JEM + the missing parts , skip the Zener diodes , if you dont like the sound of the K-55M with the AA , you can sell these off and buy K-55V drivers , both K-55V and K-55M extend to 6KHz as long as the diaphragms are Original .
  6. too bad , that the Forte series does not have a 15 inch woofer option , call it a Forte IV Plus or X , but please , give us a bigger woofer
  7. he was favoring the Yamaha AS-801
  8. The Heresy 1,5 were Heresy 1 speakers ,all the H1 series have removable rear panels , the H II 1985 and up are sealed
  9. You're confusing the AL series for the Lascala and the AK series for the Khorn
  10. the Altec 19 was not marketed or sold as a studio monitor but it's that good , HIFI Engine lists the Model 19 as a Studio Monitor https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/altec-lansing/19.shtml
  11. it's the other way around
  12. the Altec Model 19 cant be compared to a Lascala -Khorn or even a Cornwall , it was basically a large 70's studio monitor with veneer and grilles
  13. the Chorus III was never manufactured , how can klipsch skip to the Chorus IV if a Chorus III was never released
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