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  1. OO1

    138db @ 100 feet

    331 cubic inch hemi - not the 426
  2. I agree , 1300$ ,, they should be mint -
  3. just to advise you that the cheapest option for you is to buy the latest pie slice logo from klipsch -a set can be sent via mail - these are a stick on product - just peel and stick on -they would not be exact for the year but they are original klipsch -good luck Do you mean those? http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-Small-Speaker-Badge-Klipsch-Pie-Shaped-Logo-Plastic-Grille-Emblem-Nameplate-/271760729535?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f4633a5bf But they aren't the real ones, are they? Thank you for your reply! yep - these are the ones they use in the Heresy 3 -cornwall 3 -lascala 2 - Khorns - I think they sell them for 12$ each -original klipsch
  4. if you do find evt35 originals - can you please get back to me with a pm - tx thanks Randy, maybe after you get yours you could then sell them to me? I was under the impression that you had already spoken together - no problem - I will bow out - they are all yours -
  5. if you do find evt35 originals - can you please get back to me with a pm - tx thanks Randy, maybe after you get yours you could then sell them to me? and you know this because you have tested them like Bob Crites tested them? you can call Simply speakers -1-800-511-3343 talk to the man -
  6. This is just plain wreckless. We see this in nature all of the time. A species has abundant food, overpopulates and destroys its habitat and dies off. We are no different except that we are smart and should have the ability to avoid this. Should have? Let me stop laughing, first. Go ahead, spell out the rules. Who gets what kind of car? How much gas are they allowed? Who gets to fly? Who gets to keep their home at 72F year round? How big should our house be? How often can we get a new car? A new suit? Unless you can cite the specifics, there are none. And if they're are no specifics, there is no way to avoid limits on anything. It might sound good, it might feel good, but it's pointless preaching. Consumption is mechanistic. If you can't describe the machine, you can't control the consumption. the analogy is very real when you consider a country like Venezuela - that sells their fuel to the people for 18 cents a gallon -and nonetheless - they cant buy anything else -
  7. Iunderground mines use scrubbers on their combustion engines - and it works - they will come soon or later to all gas engines to reduce pollution -it is just a question of time - I work for a Class 8 truck manufacturer - the big rigs on the road. The federal regulations regarding the exhaust coming out of those trucks makes the it cleaner than most automobiles. We are already there. they use the urea liquid solutions from Germany -through the cat -
  8. let;s hope there will be some fossel fuel left to power the spaceships - when you move the whole planet - you\d be better to have a few spare quarts -and another spare planet -ooops - can I please take my Cornwalls with me to Mars So you advocate man F#%$ing up another poor un-suspecting planet ?? we are human after all
  9. 1 less dinosaur quart in the planet
  10. plus you can change the symbiotic diaphragm to an aluminum one for better sound -or is it that you like the symbiotic for the mids -
  11. the k 402 you sampled was coupled to which driver
  12. how much do these go for - are these titanium diaphragms made by klipsch or by another maker -
  13. OO1

    Ebay warning

    that is what we call - good neighbors
  14. you are comparing a 150$ horn with driver used to an 900$ horn used , I would be congested as well in that I would need 1800$ to feel the difference - but I agree totaly - after all it is used in the jubilee and the cinema series -
  15. the Jensens P15LL woofers are that good - 300$ a pop - very musical and expensive to recone - they show up in a lot of leslie cabs -
  16. you are saying that the K55 V -k51 v - k55 m are perfect fits for the k400-k401 or k600-k700 - - are the k53 the same with the k701
  17. what is your take on the arctic meltdown - would the wobble increase the collision or closeness to an asteroid hurtling towards Earth,
  18. what is your take on the arctic meltdown -
  19. the kits tthat were to be assembled were very different from the speaker drawing kits that were available at a lower cost - -the complete unit was a non-assembled speaker - -that had no bearing on the value of the unit once assembled - -as these units were shipped across the world - the complete kits were much better protected for transport via ships-trains or trucks -dont forget that we were in 55 - a skilled carpenter would open the box and could do a much better fitting work than a factory cabinet that was subject to mass production - the parts were all pre-cut at the factory -and the carpenter would follow the instructions , the same way , a worker would at the factory -
  20. I think he just got tired - after all President Obama did sign a deal with China , if the strongest man in the free world is on the wagon , we should listen , the President did state that the problem is global - all nations must be on board or nothing will happen -
  21. Be honest, you don't know why you believe man causes global warming. Do you? Give us something more than smog in New York or your washing machine theory. here is data that is 10 years old - there is a cool video - self explanatory : http://expedition2010org.blogspot.ca/2010/09/fabled-northwest-passage-opens-ice-free.html
  22. they dont falsify data , it changes constantly the science is not there yet , nothing you can do about it before a few decades - the last time I was in Asia , you could not see 10 feet away - they use charcoal everywhere - NY is heaven compared to Shanghai -
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