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  1. here is a thread about the specs of the k43 woofer - the rating is 400 watts power handling - 3 inch voice coil - yep the midrange is much better than a k33 - some say less bass - -https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/127390-k-43-specs/
  2. no wonder these did not suit your needs - you should have gone with k28 woofer of the Heresy III - 4 ohms - these really rock -klipsch parts sell the kit complete - woofer - mid driver-tweeter -crossover - now that is really nice sound - balanced - good luck
  3. got one - grey with k55v - early serial number-pristine condition -
  4. How are you ben - the lp's are very interesting - are these still available tx
  5. again loss of air is a problem - but you can do a lot of testing yourself and get back to us with your results - I can suggest a few ways to test the midrange drivers -here is a small list - the k55v on CW1 are the push pin type - so all you have to do is push the pins -remove the wiring and unscrew to swap the BLARING midrange driver from speaker to speaker and from the 2 crossovers and the 2 horns - A) You can unscrew one midrange driver at a time and test it on each of the 2 crossovers - that will give you the crossover test - basically you are testing to see if the driver sounds different on each crossover or not - swapping each midrange driver on the 2 midrange horns - will handle the horn testing and the gaskets - this will allow you to see if the gaskets are causing the issue - C) there are 6 screws on each k55V - make sure these are tight - do not overtighten - D) if you end up not seeing any problems with the crossovers - the gaskets - the horns - then the 4th step is to remove the 6 screws on the k55V and open the midrange driver to take a look at the diaphragm of the K55V that has the issue - nothing like seeing the internals of the diaphragm -take some time and clean the inside from dust - these 4 tests should enable you to troubleshoot the cause of the problem - again only one of the 2 drivers has an issue -so you can simply concentrate on the one that is doing the BLARING -sound - E) You can also take an ohmmeter and check the DCR - 10ohms is about right - F) make sure that all screws on the midrange horn are tight - as long as you are at it - go through all the screws of the tweeter driver and horn - midrange driver and horn - woofer screws - these speakers are 30 plus years old so that will not hurt at all to get to know the overall condition of your speakers - good luck -
  6. I thought that Cornscalas were meant to improve the concept - They WERE good speakers...... They WERE Klipsch speakers...... They WERE AWESOME CORWALLS -
  7. so I guess - the fit is the same gasket as the ones used in the K700 horns - thank you Moray
  8. Does anyone know if the k1000 horn for the Shorthorn and early Cornwall had a gasket - or was it originally installed whithout one - - my K1000 horns that I have with very early serial numbered K55V dont have any gaskets at all - - so I am curious at to whether one is needed -
  9. just by curiousity - how do you crack k401 horns - I have several of the k400 in my scalas - is the k401 fragile - or is this simply an accident - I just was about to purchase a pair - maybe I should stick to the older alloy horn - but they are scarse - tx
  10. I cant imagine how fantastic these speakers mustbe - the triple woofer setup and the Oris horn on top - it is like a sound magnifier - playng a movie soundtrack must be awesome - I 'm sure you could hear a pin drop -
  11. How are you Mark -do you have a list of the drivers - tx
  12. - Morey - your scala setup with the k402 is super fantastic looking - awesome - how does it sound - can you please tell me what driver is behind the k402 - tx
  13. klipsch actually still uses the k28 in the H3 UPGRADE KIT - I spoke to them on the 3rd of june - H III Update Kit OM Final 061024.pdf
  14. can someone explain to us the difference with capacitors - per example - SONICAP -ERSE - SOLEN - when you see Klipsch original factory crossovers - I never see brands like DAYTON- SONICAP - SOLEN - ERSE - it is always some weird brand - made in mexico or somewhere in asia - -
  15. the k28 is a definite improvement on the k24 since it is a 4Ohms woofer -[Y], I recently got a pair - so the testing is done -the bass is up - I dont know how to measure it - but you can feel it right away - strong and punchy - -the Tangent T-400 is a stretched version of the heresy by almost one foot longer -so it will deliver even more bass than a H2 to H3 comparison - -the k23 is also a 4ohms woofer but I have never seen or tested one- -take care -
  16. Marvel - can you please elaborate on the filter mod - ( If you do the filter mod to go along with it, they are flat to about 30Hz. I wouldn't really call that 'adds some bass effect'.)
  17. I tried the upper enclosed horn modification and the lower one that you are showing - both work but nothing to really brag about - it adds some bass effect -- but this aint like a Cornwall - I find it alters the quality sound out of the Original LasCala setup - - the real improvement is done by adding a subwoofer - setup - like the SW-15 series from Klipsch http://www.klipsch.com/sw-15 - http://www.klipsch.com/sw-15-ii - these subs alone bring out the low frequencies that the Lascala cannot reach - a single is sufficient - as it also carries a passive radiator - -Klipsch had another solution which was the way the original design was made to work - simply adding a second Lascala bass bin - -good luck -
  18. I understand that your advice is to move the mids and HF up a tap, basically raising the spl by 3db and change the mid cap - to what value should I change the mid cap to - thank you
  19. I was wonderIng what is the DCR average reading for the K42KP pro 12 nch woofer - thank you -
  20. Neil - Thank you very much for the HERESY II grille frames - they got here in excellent condition -and I will put them to use very soon -
  21. Gentlemen - Can anyone tell me what is the NORMAL - DCR reading of a Klipsch k42kp 12 inch woofer - thank you very much - '
  22. check the woofer or the bass bin panel /door -
  23. Gentlemen - I just bought a couple of k42 KP woofers - I was wondering if these can work in a Heresy I or Heresy II cab while using the original crossovers - being 8 ohm woofers alike the k22 and k24 - can one expect a better sound - more detailed tones - or is it back to square one - the k42 kp can handle more power so can I expect to being able to have the speakers go louder before the woofer reaches the distortion levels - -finally - is the original HIP crossover that uses the EVM12L Compatible with a K42kp - I understand that this is very similar to the AA netword - tx - your input would be appreciated - very much obliged -randy -
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