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  1. I need to refinish the scala cabs - that's not cheap - but the internals are in mint condition - I have cornwalls and I love the sound - especially playing 70 's sound - building a pristine pair of cornwalls cabs is hey not a bad alternative - and I can always take my time to fix my scalas - a few screws and they can be retrofitted - I am not scrapping my scala cabs - in any case - tx
  2. Gentlemen- I am looking for drwings to make a cornwall type cabinet - I have 3 old scalas that I can use as donor units - I would appreciate any help from a forum member - most obliged -
  3. Sir - are the cabinets sold - if they are , what a great and beautiful pair -- do you have the drawings of the cabinets - I would love to make 2 cabinets - I have old scalas that could be donor units - most obliged -
  4. I am doing a follow up on this thread in regards to K28 woofers in Heresy and Heresy II - Klipsch's own Trey Cannon had mentionned that the K28 also worked well in a Heresy II - - after 2 years , can you please give us an update on how the k28 is behaving - thank you
  5. I would take the chance - if they were well packed - but you made them and they are super looking cabs - take care -
  6. if they are still available , I'll take them - PM sent - tx
  7. I wanted to thank HudsonValleyNoah , for giving us such a cool essay on the K52H, K53, K-57, K-61 and K-55 motors - thank you for taking the time to answer our questions - regards
  8. very interesting do you have pictures of these black formica scalas -were there any vibrations from the added formica tx
  9. W.C , privately owned Cobras are so rare - I saw this video that actually shows a civilian Cobra -
  10. Aye , Aye , Sir - and heli001 will have kits made to add the trim - polished up , they should look real good -
  11. I was looking for the best way to fibreglass lascala and heresy cabs - I cant find any thread showing this process - are the cabinets all lined with fibreglass cloth and covered - then painted- or is there another easier way to do it - tx
  12. heli001 , Please cound me in - I was under the impression that the original product was brushed stainless - it actually was aluminium alloy -thanks for the clarifications - I really like the original look and material -
  13. can you please expand on how you digitally restored your labels - this is very interesting - I was under the impression that you could ask klipsch to simply reissue the sticker based on the proper proof of ownership -
  14. Fritz , I appreciate you sharing your experience -although I have all the right precision tools - I was hesitant - Happy Easter and Passover - take care
  15. I have a couple of k77's that dont work - but I also have 2 EV ST350B tweeters that I had on spare for EV S1503 cabs brand new in the box - can I interchange the horn lens from the two - can I split the horn lens of the ST-350B and replace it with a k77M- -I split my lens horn from the k77M - Man , was I affraid to damage the cup assembly - but the EV ST350B is one solid part - are these splittable or is this a fixed part - anyone have any input I would really appreciate - tx
  16. Colter has used the word BEAST - right on -
  17. that is very right indeed on both counts , 12khz is normal for most of us - the higher levels are not warranted by current health standards - one is better to care of his hearing , I second fritz on that wise statement -
  18. so much for the worlds best tweeter - the EV t350 is considered as one of the best ever made -
  19. I am curious about the EV T350 versus the K77 alnico or M , this tweeter is so much bigger - I just remembered that I had a pair unused in 30 plus years - time to play them or sell them thanks for any info -
  20. think of it like a HEMI - or a BOSS -BGW amps are a powerhouse of technology - Made in the USA , with proper gear , they would produce DB levels that are illegal today , they are way too powerfull for the current sound levels that everyone is used to , have fun -
  21. Thanks Fritz , -Can I use the same EV cup to repair the EV ST350B units -( the double square magnet versions with the butt-cheeks horn ) these are better sounding than my K-77M -I guess that I have to seperate the horn from the cup - when I did it on a k77M - it scared the hell out of me - I thought I broke the tweeter but I realised that they are sort off glued on , it is the same with the EV-ST350B - thanks -
  22. Dear forum members , Currently , I need to repair some of my K77 tweeters , there are 2 choices - the aftermarket diaphagms - 20 $ - or the whole cup that is a NOS original electrovoice part number - 40$ - - are the aftermarket diaphragms doing a good job - or should one have to revert to the whole k77 cup to obtain good results - -I spoke to a vendor of the aftermarket diaphragms , he said that they are being manufactured by the same outfit that used to make them for Electrovoice - - Sales pitch or truth - any of you guys and gals have any feedback - thank you very much -
  23. To my fellow forum members , My klipsch speakers have a variety of K33E or K43 woofers A) K33E - square magnets with the large dust covers 100 W -( not the square magnet version with small dust cap ) - K33E round magnet - 100 W - C) k43 - round magnet - 200 W - I understand that these units have changed through the years , are there any differences in the specs of these different woofers or are they relatively the same - thank you
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