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  1. very interesting do you have pictures of these black formica scalas -were there any vibrations from the added formica tx
  2. W.C , privately owned Cobras are so rare - I saw this video that actually shows a civilian Cobra -
  3. Aye , Aye , Sir - and heli001 will have kits made to add the trim - polished up , they should look real good -
  4. I was looking for the best way to fibreglass lascala and heresy cabs - I cant find any thread showing this process - are the cabinets all lined with fibreglass cloth and covered - then painted- or is there another easier way to do it - tx
  5. heli001 , Please cound me in - I was under the impression that the original product was brushed stainless - it actually was aluminium alloy -thanks for the clarifications - I really like the original look and material -
  6. can you please expand on how you digitally restored your labels - this is very interesting - I was under the impression that you could ask klipsch to simply reissue the sticker based on the proper proof of ownership -
  7. Fritz , I appreciate you sharing your experience -although I have all the right precision tools - I was hesitant - Happy Easter and Passover - take care
  8. I have a couple of k77's that dont work - but I also have 2 EV ST350B tweeters that I had on spare for EV S1503 cabs brand new in the box - can I interchange the horn lens from the two - can I split the horn lens of the ST-350B and replace it with a k77M- -I split my lens horn from the k77M - Man , was I affraid to damage the cup assembly - but the EV ST350B is one solid part - are these splittable or is this a fixed part - anyone have any input I would really appreciate - tx
  9. Colter has used the word BEAST - right on -
  10. that is very right indeed on both counts , 12khz is normal for most of us - the higher levels are not warranted by current health standards - one is better to care of his hearing , I second fritz on that wise statement -
  11. so much for the worlds best tweeter - the EV t350 is considered as one of the best ever made -
  12. I am curious about the EV T350 versus the K77 alnico or M , this tweeter is so much bigger - I just remembered that I had a pair unused in 30 plus years - time to play them or sell them thanks for any info -
  13. think of it like a HEMI - or a BOSS -BGW amps are a powerhouse of technology - Made in the USA , with proper gear , they would produce DB levels that are illegal today , they are way too powerfull for the current sound levels that everyone is used to , have fun -
  14. Thanks Fritz , -Can I use the same EV cup to repair the EV ST350B units -( the double square magnet versions with the butt-cheeks horn ) these are better sounding than my K-77M -I guess that I have to seperate the horn from the cup - when I did it on a k77M - it scared the hell out of me - I thought I broke the tweeter but I realised that they are sort off glued on , it is the same with the EV-ST350B - thanks -
  15. Dear forum members , Currently , I need to repair some of my K77 tweeters , there are 2 choices - the aftermarket diaphagms - 20 $ - or the whole cup that is a NOS original electrovoice part number - 40$ - - are the aftermarket diaphragms doing a good job - or should one have to revert to the whole k77 cup to obtain good results - -I spoke to a vendor of the aftermarket diaphragms , he said that they are being manufactured by the same outfit that used to make them for Electrovoice - - Sales pitch or truth - any of you guys and gals have any feedback - thank you very much -
  16. To my fellow forum members , My klipsch speakers have a variety of K33E or K43 woofers A) K33E - square magnets with the large dust covers 100 W -( not the square magnet version with small dust cap ) - K33E round magnet - 100 W - C) k43 - round magnet - 200 W - I understand that these units have changed through the years , are there any differences in the specs of these different woofers or are they relatively the same - thank you
  17. Good evening to all , Lascala Speakers come with either a k33 or k43 with the industrial version - -PRO -speakers like the KP320 - KP 3002 -KP 301 series come with the K48 driver - would this woofer be a good choice in a SCALA for the sole purpose of added bass response - -Does this woofer fit in the speaker cabinet without modifying the dog house or the woofer frame - thank you
  18. Fritz , you are a way out from me - you mention that I have to reverse the wooder connection if I go the direct passive route - could you please expand on this though - tx
  19. djk - I read this thread a way back - very interesting - I was wondering about the dual ports at the back -do they have a dual function a) by acting as a vent for added air volume that is then exited through the dog house opening 2) radiate the sound from the back of the dual ports making the bass sound louder hence the 7db at 40hz - -tx
  20. thank you for the correction - Ladies and Gentlemen , I thank you in advance -
  21. Ladies and Gentlemen , I am looking for the part number of the adapter that enables a k52 -k53 driver to bolt-on , basically screw on a k600 or k700 horn lens - also if anyone can direct me as to where these can be purchased , thank you -
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