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  1. ----------beautiful dogs ------move out , sublet and get another Akita -these are very , very rare
  2. sad you lost your music room -------it must have been very special-
  3. you gotta see the man's sound room ----we are talking , very amazing quality -
  4. the concrete board absorbs the humidity and repels it if it's waterproof treated ----------we use it in shower areas
  5. we have a 120 lbs Rottie and a small Chihuahua -
  6. get a Chihuahua , you can hide it anywhere ,-----nobody will ever notice ----------
  7. there is no chance of getting brain cancer with a regular phone ,
  8. Did you decide what course of action to do with these speakers ----
  9. not sure if a sand blasted K-400 would look good for very long , but polished , or chromed maybe
  10. you can purchase , new capacitors for a few $ each , there are 4 , unscrew the old , unsolder only when you have the new caps in front of you , mark the wires of the speakers for polarity , and 20 minutes later , new caps and new sound -for about 25$, all you need is a soldering iron and a bit of solder material -
  11. beautiful speakers , nothing like a stained birch finish ---------
  12. looks a lot thicker than the OEM and way bigger screws
  13. ISN'T IT AMAZING , A BRAND NEW HIP decorator --------some styles just never get outdated
  14. perfect choice -------Motorola phones are a Diamond in the Rust -------amazing phones that fly under the radar
  15. RandyH  000

    What I Got Today!

    life without a dog is like life without sunshine
  16. a lot of Cornwalls are Walnut , the CW1 -2 will have a thick veneer -
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