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  1. Excellent addition to the collection.
  2. Says he is willing to drive an hour or two to meet up, if necessary too.
  3. Now listed as "off the market"
  4. Great player (I have the black). I don't normally see the silver version. GLWS!
  5. The post says the center is a walnut KG 2.2V Good luck with your sale.
  6. How would these be with the eliptrac mid horns?
  7. From ad: Very Nice Vintage Oiled Walnut Belle Klipsch Loudspeakers. They are essentially a Klipschorn in a different cabinet. They are no longer produced by Klipsch. Please email if interested. (5bd9994304f7354d9e2f6158edefdc64@sale.craigslist.org) https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/chesterfield-vintage-oiled-walnut-belle/7295679185.html No photos provided. Just posted, no affiliation.
  8. This was years ago now, the deals are much harder to find now in days.
  9. Actually, it was pay the Wife! As you might have guessed there were many interested buyers. She posted the system and the emails kept saying I have to discuss with my husband. I asked to please be considered first in line and it worked. I got there, very nice couple, he was retiring from the railroad. He told me to pay her and we loaded up the vehicle. Very happy drive home. I sold most of the other gear over the years to fund other purchases, but still have the La Scala and my spare pair and my other spare pair (I might have a problem).
  10. BLS factory stained and lacquered, w/s is likely walnut stain. My LS-BLS w/s with serial 8666301 and 8666302 have AL crossovers in them. I bought them in 2013 for about this price, $2000. But, mine came with a little extra in the package. I drove home very happy! 😃 Stereo Equipment high end.pdf
  11. Nice find. They are from 1980 (according to the Crites website), not sure if they would be AA or AL crossovers.
  12. The rare mahogany Belle. Nice find!
  13. What proof are they? Good luck with your sale.
  14. Congrats to seller and buyer. Audio gear is moving slowly lately.
  15. I have one of those too (no case) That is in very good condition. GLWS
  16. Where is Cornfield County?
  17. Looks like the bases may have seen some water...
  18. Great response to a Chuck posting: https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/atq/d/indianapolis-re-sansui-g8000-kenwood/7285922177.html I would copy and paste the text, but I think it would get me suspended for a while.
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