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  1. As a possibly relevant side note: I am using 315LF's and not 904/940's so according to the active literature we've been discussing I would need to attenuate my HF -2dB, which I originally did when I started playing around with this setup by inserting a single series resistor prior to the + input of the network. I considered this solution simple and effective for what I was attempting and this method appears to be commonly used in current Klipsch networks. As an example this Jubilee/402 network supplied by Roy allowed the owner to insert a value 0-4ohm (0 to -3dB) inbetween the network and the K69A driver "to taste". In any case, I found that the -2dB suggested was not quite enough and end closer to double that using a 5ohm resistor. This experiment would make me wonder if those using the 904/940LF might not want to try using a 1-2ohm resistor (-1 to -2dB) in the same manor.
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    That would be my take away as well. Visually all the mumps do allow the horn to more gradually transition from its conical throat, appearing somewhat elliptical toward the middle, to it's rectangular mouth. A minor change but the devil is in the details. And again, I'm not questioning whether or not it is better, I feel like that is a known. I'm more questioning whether or not it is worth the hassle of buying a whole new set of KPT904HF's ($$$) just for the K510M's.
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    There is a quote out there somewhere where it was stated that the H4 horn doesn't have mumps because "they weren't needed"... And my personal opinion is that that horn is so limited in scope to begin with that mumps wouldn't do anything for it? So I can understand Klipsch saying that.
  4. Actually the 335 has an LCR in the MF circuit that is centered at about 3650kHz as well... I wonder if Roy would ever consider supplying 904 owners an LCR design, that could be inserted between the supplied passive network and driver, that could be used to tame this issue?
  5. I've noticed it too but can't isolate it... The high Q value and distance from the crossover point make me think it is whatever is causing "PEQ2: 3.7kHz Q: 5 Gain: -3db" in the active settings. Surprisingly the KPT-Grand HF-T (510/69) similarly requires "PEQ4: 3.5kHz Q: 7 Gain: -2db" "PEQ2: 3.8kHz Q: 5 Gain: -3db" in certain applications despite being crossed at roughly 4kHz in those applications
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    While I'm sure the 402's are VERY cool... I would need to be able to fit them in my home to enjoy them.... same reason I've never owned a Lascala or Khorn
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    Actually, EQ does help... which kind of makes sense given the intended application of an KPT/KI speaker. And speaking of driver selection... in a long (over 10yrs ago) dead thread, @Chief bonehead made a reference to producing a network designed for a K-510 with a K-69-A driver but I have never come across it. Does any one know if this said schematic exists? All, I've ever found are the 2 schematics for the Jubilee w/ the K402/K69A
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    Yes, it would be good to know that as well.
  9. Thanks, unfortunately for me, the sale continues...
  10. The K704/K704T is not really a direct drop in replacement for the K701 though it does share the same mounting dimensions/flange. It takes some network tweaks to flatten it out. The PAudio 2510 horn is identical except it is missing the woofer cutout/notch. I have a few of them that I have tried to use a few times but they never sound very good... I have avoided all of the stock models that utilize them because of this so I do not know how the current implementations sound? As for the driver, I am also curious about what it is exactly... my current guess is the same PAudio driver used in the KPT/RF/Forte just with a new diaphragm but it could be all new?
  11. Has anybody opened one of these up yet? I'd really like to see the K702 driver... I'm guessing it's just a K70G/K701G with a new diaphragm but maybe not? Also, though I'm not sure why anyone would want to, there is a very good chance you could easily 2way a CW4 using a KPT310M crossover.
  12. I mean, I tried it too so I don't really have that much room to talk but I would suggest erring on the side of trusting Klipsch... If they could have extended the freq response, without consequence, just by adding some cardboard tubes I think they would have? I threw out everything after I was done playing around but what I remember was that while adding length extended the response it also decreased the output under something like 100Hz. Maybe if I played everything at concert level I wouldn't have noticed but at moderate levels it didn't sound right. Does any one who has done this mod have before and after data?
  13. Ok, I'm going to go a head and open this back up now that the holiday madness is over... Both of these are packaged up and ready to ship. Both boxes are 12x14x17 & 22lbs. They are technically shipping in the original boxes though they are now at least 50% boxing tape. When I ran quotes for the guy in NV it was looking like is would cost $50ea to ship them. I'm not sure if that was because of where he was located or because it cost more to ship something around Christmas? It was definitely higher than I was expecting...
  14. Before giving up on the CWII’s try replacing the tweeter diaphragms with the current Ti version. You can buy them directly from Klipsch. They don’t cost much, less than $100 for the pair. Whole tweeter assemblies are also available if you don’t want to disassemble your current tweeters, they are like $100-110ea if I remember correctly? I had to buy one a while back... If you want to test the waters before purchasing parts just remove the tweeters from your HIII’s and install them in the CWII’s. There are other mods/updates you can do but in my experience the tweeter diaphragm is the biggest... if you don’t like them after trying it then you must just not like them
  15. I played around with adding port length to my KPT315LF’s, which if I remember correctly have a similar volume and port design... none of the results I saw lead me to believe that this is a mod worth performing
  16. I currently use a Marantz NA7004. It’s technically a media streamer/player but I really only use the opt and coax inputs... been very happy with it for quite a while. I think the current iteration is the NA6006?
  17. So dude never replied to any of my communications and appears to have not logged in since 11/26 (day after he joined and PM'd me) so I guess he wants to hold out for 402's? In any case, I think I'm going to put this sale on hold until after the holidays, when I'm not quite so busy... If anyone else is interested in these, please feel free to PM me, I just can't promise a quick reply with everything I've got going on in the coming weeks.
  18. Not sure if it helps or not... but here is an old pic of one of the K64 motors I sold
  19. How can you tell the magnet is larger (deeper)? I never noticed this? I would also note that this may still not be a difference between the 63 & 64... and may actually be a revision to the motor (magnet) or manufacturing variance. The CF line is obviously known for its "versions".
  20. I mean part of speaker design is aesthetic...? I guess if you leave the grille on it doesn’t matter what you do under there but for me/to me it feels crowded? I’m also not sure hearing the speaker will completely explain the rational I was seeking insight into as well... I mean I’m sure they sound nice but they made the cab taller to fit both the ports and the 603 horn, why not one or the other? Why go to the trouble of making it taller? I know that the 603 generally sounds better than the 703 but sometimes there are reason you don’t go bigger? Sometimes something is good enough for the problem you are trying to solve? I mean the 402 is amazing by all accounts but I can neither afford them nor fit them in my home so despite their awesomeness they are not the solution for me. IDK?
  21. Can anyone tell me, does Klipsch allow owners to buy replacement M models of the 703, 603 & 510 with valid serial numbers? I know that at times they have allowed such replacements/upgrades (think Ti tweet/mid diaphragms or K28E woofers for the Heresy) but was unsure what the current policy is? Also, how many members here have actually heard model variants with and without the M horns and what were your thoughts? It has always seemed like such a minor alteration to me, is it even worth bothering with? I am mostly curious about the 510 because I have been the least impressed with it in its stock/original form. Thanks
  22. I'm kinda curious why the K603M over the K703M on the CW4... that motor board is CROWDED!?! 703 would have allowed a bit more breathing room and likely would have performed just as well? It seems to do fine in the FIII? Also, if you are throwing the kitchen sink at the thing why no K771? The H4 upgrades look nice but I have never cared for the 704 horn... it's always seemed like a weird series of compromises? I have like 4 of them in my garage and every time I think about using a pair they end up back on the shelf. I'm personally curious if there have been any talks about a 2way Heresy with a 703? The ones I built look like sh!t but I very much enjoy the way they sound...? There have been a few KPT models built this way over the years but none that I can think of that come in a standard rectangle shaped enclosure? Also, is the polyimide midrange driver just a new diaphragm for the K70? If so, is this something the KPT guys could use in stead of the titanium or was it produce specifically for the midrange application?
  23. My guess would be that the one w/o the screen is likely just a very early production model? Possibly a different supplier/vendor??? The old spec sheets have the CF series produced from 94-96... it's hard to believe there was so much variation in such a short amount of time?
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