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    84 Cornwalls - 95 Kg 4.2 - 87 Heresy ii - KP301 - 1x Kg 2 - 1x kg 2.2 & 1x 12” skar sub w/ paraflex box design. 800w amp powers sub. - onyko a-9050 - onkyo tx-sr303 - peavey 500- all feeding into the dj mixer Ecler Evo5. Signal is direct on the amps. Tv is connected as well for the full stereo experience.

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  1. So a pair of RF 3's came up on facebook marketplace fairly close to home for cheap enough. They needed some TLC but I have brought them back to life. Sound is good on the one connected so far. I am waiting on a bi amp binding posts to arrive so i can steal the bridge that is missing on the 2nd one. The lone wolf is also going upstairs but may not make it into the rotation as for vey long as a kp 301 on sale close by for 100 buckaroos and i cant say no to a price like that.
  2. So I was sent this the other day and was completely floored. It is the Grateful Dead's wall of sound miniaturized. Comments are gold as well as they get into the actual routing of the original rig. Sorry facebook is the format, it is what it is. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=868855150337623 Enjoy If there is a better place for this post as I wasn't sure what category it would fall under please redirect.
  3. Magnificent, hope you are happy with your effort
  4. The finish line is in sight, your effort looks very much worth while. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Was just chatting with the seller, he talked with the folks at crites and will be ordering two mid range drivers (k66 equivalent). So i am just gonna have to wait a bit longer for these but all seems good. I also asked him about the custom xlr connection. The crossover & fuse has not been bypassed and it just one more connection type.
  6. This may be falling through.. 😭 spoke with the seller earlier after he took em out of storage and tested them. One of the horns wasn't sounding right, so he refunded my money and said he would address the problem. Hopefully he gets back to me and the sale goes through.
  7. This thread was an absolute pleasure to read. Nice to see progress in under way in regards to the roof.
  8. @chad Regarding PM'ing, can you raise the amount of posts it takes to make it more of a deterrent (>20)? Possibly limit it to new forum topics as well it will require much more of an effort to complete the scam. Just had member Austin36 circumvent the 5 posts by copying and pasting pictures from other forum members. Scammer reached out to me via pm. I reported as much as i could find.
  9. I just recently picked up version one of these speakers with the kp115's, they are very nice. I knew i'd regret it if i let these slip through my fingers. I also own the kp 301's, which kick *** too. One step closer to being ready for business.
  10. Just pulled the trigger on these as the price is too good to pass up. $537 after taxes
  11. Those are definitely the 1’s which I think you have come to that conclusion as well. So you have a newer k48 woofer and the updated version of the crossover which says version ii. The spacing in between each driver on the front board is much more condensed on the 2nd version. Did you plug em in yet? What did you think?
  12. Very nice. Did they unseat any of the current setups?
  13. LUDICROUS SPEED GO!!! Be creative with your pizza is my motto. I like to pick up a dough or two from the local pizza parlor which makes pizza rather well and use my sauce. Add all sorts of combinations because who knows what can happen. My pizza regular style is: Fresh mozzarella, regular mozzarella, homemade sauce, oregano, and the dough mentioned above. Toppings I am fond of putting on my pizza are: bell peppers & onions / pineapple & bacon / eggs & bacon /pepperoni / buffalo chicken with blue cheese. I recently purchased a Lloyd's pizza Sicilian deep dish pan which cooks very nicely.
  14. I see the results are running neck and neck here. I am a large advocate of pineapple and bacon pizza. I donate money to the cause all the time. Charlie
  15. Looking to purchase lone speaker, 8 ohms specific thats not a center channel speaker. I am replacing the one 4 ohm speaker in my setup, the kg 2. It is kinda isolated where it is in the kitchen but I would like an update. Whats everyone got lying around to replace my lone wolf. Charlie
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