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  1. MATE price: $750 PLUS SHIPPING & TAX, BUT, the dealer can have it drop shipped to me...might just keep looking on uMay...
  2. bought a RW-12d, newegg special, (finally got free of C$%#@!'s List & uMay) not bad for $280...will send the Onkyo up to the parlor for 2 of them there...hope I can get at least 1 more of these, before the box car loads run out at newegg... next 2 after that...SVS???
  3. i finally bit on one, after all these months, I'm gonna be all Klipsch; and beginning to go Klipsch on my 3d AVR...
  4. How about a flat red-head, in th' back seat?
  5. Have problems with IE, too. Tried to register for about 10 days before I went with Safari.
  6. It would make a great center depending on what your mains were. Finding an identical mate may proove difficult if you're concerned about asthetics. OK, so I have 4 Heresy II on the front with another due tomorrow or the next day for 3 centers & 2 mains, all HII. Should I use this as a center, or the HII? I can use it, or give it to the.Wife, until I find a mate? If I buy it, hope someone buys it out from under me. If I find a mate, we're talking Surrounds, mounted on my brick column & wall. Should have a price on a mate in the morning.
  7. People around here are so kind at helping with our next fix, LoL!
  8. let a shop do it: ELECTRIC SHOCK DANGER!!!! may KILL!!!
  9. Back @ ya & phone voice mail; Thank You!
  10. call to Klipsch Commercial Dealer to see how much to match...
  11. if you hook up all the speakers, with your size room, I think you'll find you like Height or Wide for some material and Surround back for others...ALL is better
  12. used to LOVE to read, but it strains my eyes to much, so the books will have to make room...
  13. The shelf is a built in bookshelf, complete with wall. Yes, I've seen as many pics as I can find on the net, but none of the speaker connections. Until I looked back at the CL ad, LoL. ;-)
  14. sure would look good on the shelf above my plasma...anyone have a pic of the speaker connections? Never mind one on CL ad.
  15. Thinking about those who never made 17-21, or, like my Pappooh, never saw their grandchildren. Did get to wear his Sterling Silver Lieutenant & Captains Bars, though.
  16. topping a very OLD thread to subscribe
  17. read for yourself, it's implied by Dolby, but stated by Audyssey...monopoles work for both...
  18. Gotta Black Heresy II comin' from uMay that will need refinishing. Plan to strip off & refinish. Easy Off Oven Cleaner will take off the old finish in a hurry. Be sure to use outside in a well ventilated area & use thick rubbers. Unless the veneer is messed up underneath, I'll use Tung oil to refinish in natural colour.
  19. After Katrina, I'll head north next time.
  20. Remember, too, A-DSX and PLIIz have differ recommendations for types of Height speakers: A-DSX recommends Monopoles & PLIIz Surround type speakers. Audyssey sends Full Spectrum & NEAR Discrete material, while DolbyZ only Discrete. Dolby does redirect Surround Back material from 7.1 Soundtracks, like Transformers Dark of the Moon (TrueHD 7.1) to the Height Speakers in PLIIz mode. Helps to have 7 year old boys; gives excuse to listen to these great soundtracks, like it & Cars2.
  21. THANKS, everyone, for your input, keep it coming. My dad taught me not to put all my eggs in 1 basket; if it goes out... So some, or none, may be Klipsch, some, down the road maybe built by Moi, I plan on 4-6, 1 @ a time & in pairs; subject to change, of course, due to opportunities & the fact that my twin sons, Lee & Jackson, should be my grandsons & have grown rather fond of shoes, food, & trips to Floridays. Plus, my room is rather large. Rearranging the gear resulted in much better TV picture, but effectively doubled the volume. Now I have to fill the den, kitchen, and part of the parlor, & oh yes, stairs from den to kitchen & bar area with sound. Need to look into some retractable doors to close off some of this space. Not a BASS head. I like it, but want to able to still hear in a few years. Although time around tanks, artillery & jet aircraft didn't help. Thanks again, everyone for your kind input. Will try to measure room, so we have a better idea of how much space I want to fill.
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