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  1. K-79-K it is. Had to dig through my files for this one. It is hard to get decent info on some of this pro gear. Pro seriesC.pdf
  2. K-792-KP driver is what is supposed to be in there and your picture is not one of those.
  3. OK you know better than to use removable Loctiite, right?
  4. OK picture this. You are driving down a road in Hope Arkansas and suddenly you hear Toccata in D Minor. Puzzled you look down and your radio is not on and so what the heck???? What can it be? Suddenly the sky darkens and it is like you drove onto a monster or evil scientist lab type movie set and by now you get more than a little concerned. Look, up there ahead on the left where the lightning is striking the ground bolt after bolt you see a sign. Looks like birds in the distance and as you struggle through your fear and the thundering organ music, which is getting quite loud by now in case you were wondering, you see big birds dodging the lightning bolts. You cant turn back so you have to go forward into the pending doom facing you. Suddenly you see a sign that says "Alchemical Lab of Wood Doom Ahead---BEWARE!!" You get there finally and the lightning is so continuous it looks like bright daylight and those big birds are not Sesame Street they are Harpys reveling in your fear and there you see
  5. Yeah that is a poor example to price by.
  6. What is WAF? Is that Water Absorbant Factor?
  7. I am going to come out with a line for magicians "Look watch this, put them in a bucket of water and they DISAPPEAR" I figure to sell many of them. Only problem is making an MDF tweeter facsimile and I have not got that down yet.
  8. It is more than boominess. I have been pretty down on Cornwalls but these are a different animal.
  9. " Sarcasm is the body's natural defense against stupidity! " Does it work like garlic for Vampires does regarding MDF ? You know you all are not right don't you? The height was predicated on feedback from some who made stands for their tweeters. They certainly have not been tested but they look really cool. By the way regarding MDF. I have a picture to share tomorrow that may be disturbing to some and quite uplifting to others. I had to do a double take as we drove by this on the way to the Klipsch Secret Roy Delgado dungeon of audio doom. If it does not show up here look for it on the Cornwall thread.
  10. No actually the very best ones are the ones we heard in Roy's lab today. A significant improvement and the boomy box sound I disliked is GONE. They were really nice. These were very well ballanced and quite musical and it was a pleasant surprise to hear them. I am looking forward to the Tannerite test myself. Yeah you just never know if someone is a troll or really thinks that way at times. As long as you are entertained by it and don't get serious it can be fun. He had another thread which ended up over 100 pages I think before it died down and there was a lot of comedy gold there.
  11. Remember this is the guy who was telling us all what was best and why and had heard no pro Klipsch gear but he knew it was all bad. Tkae it for what it is worth and be amused or ignore him. One thing for sure logic will not prevail.
  12. I have never tried it but that's what they all tell me.
  13. Hah in 20 years I probably won't care. I don't deny MDF has it's place just not for me. I like to poke OD over MDF because he presents it as superior material which provides me many chuckles. So any tests you would like me to run?
  14. The article I quoted would have the rt hand speaker pointing to the left end of the couch and vise versa. Now if you draw an imaginary line from the right speaker to the left end of the couch and the left hand speaker to the right end the "x" will be crossed in front of you. I am referring to where the imaginary x cross point as the focal point as that is where the speakers are aimed.
  15. Oh this will be fun and things that are amusing to me are not a waste of time. First up the water test with a piece of each in a pan of water and update pics each day. Then we have the Tannerite stress test where we see how things handle sudden shocks. I am thinking of 9mm, 45acp, 223, 308 and 12g tests. I wonder if I should do a forklift load test? See creative minds have no trouble entertaining themselves. Any ideas to contribute? Might make these into videos and post them on Youtube. Maybe a hydraulic press test? I have seen those on Youtube. I can see sweaty drink tests and flower plant tests I mean the imagination can just run wild here.
  16. The width of a sofa is for smaller speakers and not the 402. When I tried that with the 402's it did not work so well. The couch idea toe in would place the "focal" point in front of you not behind you.
  17. One of the biggest mistakes in TIG welding and soldering, which are very similar in how the metal flows, is insufficient heat input. You get things hot enough quickly and you get good welds and joints. You use too little heat and you end up putting more overall heat into your work piece or wire by having to fiddle with it for so long and don't end up with the same quality to boot.
  18. You inspire me to create some documented experiments so look for some screen captures here soon. Being as that I am a hands on guy I know just what to do and how to do it. Down side is that there is not one piece of MDF here but for you I can spend the big bucks and get one. These will be engineer approved experiments but not MBA approved. What type of MDF do you want me to use? I want to get the very best grade and I know you can tell me what that is. I will have Baltic Birch for my side of things and will get whatever MDF you wish for your side of things.
  19. Won't be the first time a thread goes off track. Livens up dull days for the moderators.
  20. No I only dislike degrees that have in general been a huge negative for manufacturing and the preservation of the manufacturing base in the USA. The degree itself is not bad it is the predatory golden parachute larcenous mentality that many of its recipients have that bothers me. It is sadly a major that teaches the unscrupulous how to be so more effectively and draws that crowd in. Knowledge is a two edged sword for good or evil depending on it's recipient. Trust the company that has an engineering degree CEO before the one with the MBA because the engineer knows what needs to be done to maintain a certain degree of quality + long term reliability and to remember design specs are things to be adhered to and not things to be worked around to save a buck at the expense of the consumer. I have high regard for engineering degrees. I am amused with a conversation where the MDF side says "Its that I dislike it when people make blanket statements, like “MDF is garbage" and then says all the speaker builders of note use it and so do all designers and none of my friends have ever had problems. It is the cavalier dismissal of evidence to the contrary that I most like about your premise.
  21. There is an old saying about salesmen are the best customers for slick sales presentations whether the product is worthwhile or not. They appreciate a great sales pitch. On the other hand you have people who deal with the fallout of inferior material choices made by these marketing MBA people as they force the engineers to make do with crummy raw goods. I do just love watching you defend that stuff though and tell me more. See here is the difference. We come up with why we don't like it and give examples as people who rebuild, build and restore. You on the other hand as a plug and play type trot out they all do it now like that means an actual improvement. There is a difference between hands on and repeating sales literature. .
  22. Alright I will bite. Why is this interesting to you?
  23. I like this one though and think he is quite entertaining. He has an autoreact button that won't quit.
  24. Be very careful HDBRbuilder. This is the guy who told Roy he did not know what he was doing and if Roy doesn't you surely don't and I know I don't because I have been told so. But since I don't know I will ask for clarification. " MDF is easier to veneer. (it's surface is more consistent. No knots, etc..); " So basically you have never seen Baltic Birch or you would know it has no knots. " MDF is easier to make precise cuts, to shape, to route for recessed drivers; " So basically what I saw on the router table while my own knot free Baltic Birch was being cut was not reality, correct? " MDF is more consistent from sheet to sheet; " I don't know but you have manufacturing tolerances to quote no doubt so post them. " MDF is slightly less expensive, but it's significantly heavier. MDF speakers are probably more expensive to ship due to heavier weight (which challenges the "Bean counters prefer it 'cause it's cheaper" argument); " Boy you are in for it now HDBRbuilder " Klipsch Pro Series speakers have MDF baffles. " I don't know about that since the literature you love to quote talks about motorboards not baffles. Baffles are little wood thingies that go inside some of the speaker cabinets.
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