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  1. HAH! Detroit teaches you the wisdom of learning by others experience. The package has a skull and crossbones on it you are welcome to open it and take a swig and see if you are lucky. I mean the warning might be just a prank after all.
  2. There were pockets of civlilty even in Detroit in the late 60's early 70's. Then urban renewal began and Detroit burned and was known as the murder capital of the USA. This 60's and 70's is where Memphis is now and none of us who lived in the Detroit Metro area had anything to do with Detroit if we could avoid it. I like blues and BBQ too but not that interested.
  3. Extreme high violent crime city now. Looking at train watcher self guided tours and time after time the comment don't go or if you do bring a gun, a friend and watch out all the time. Just no way unless you are way outside city limits. Forklift and pallet jack and easy peasy. Otherwise 288 pounds appx of no handles monster.
  4. I have plenty of bait. Besides he needs to get my future build double horn lens replacement for those delicate K-77's he has sitting up there.
  5. HA, yes what would that serve. Ear splitting vs ear bleeding? 200 watts to each bass bin and 402 and I rarely turn it up more than 1/6 full rated capacity so I think I am just going to stay with what I have and let people tell me I am wrong. I think I can easily handle the dire consequences of being forced to listen to this underpowered system😀 You need to stop in some day when you are around the general area.
  6. I will be bringing my S-MWM setup which is the speakers of course, a Xilica xp3060, two Crown xli800 amps, REW,TrueRTA on a laptop with a UMIke. I have racks of gear and parts I don't need and was going to put up for sale I might bring but looking at this attendee list I doubt we would do more than swap stuff we don't want to each other for different things we don't want.
  7. Yes and they hid the slobber, I mean solder joints.
  8. Yup the physical impact of the La Scala was better but the fidelity of the CW4 was stellar. If I had to choose between the two the CW4 would easily win.
  9. Be prepared to sit next to the big organ pipes.
  10. I am bringing the exact setup I listen to in my shop so yes. Leaving the bins on pallets and bringing a pallet jack also to move them around with.
  11. Zooming through the posts today and on my way by this one I had a thought. Kind of what the heck is this thought. Right or wrong I like to think of what pros do to get good live sound in real life concerts that we all want to duplicate in our systems. Somehow I doubt an 80000 watt system with a big venue has 800000 watts so they can sound right at 1/10 rated amp output. I believe I might double my wattage for the heck of it but I fall into the sceptics camp on this 10 to 1 ratio today. With my above example I went from woefully under powered to way over powered and had no chance to see in between levels. It saddens me that good reliable bullet proof info on best practices seems so elusive and we are left to experimentation in so many ways. With all the capabilities in the Xilica I am wondering if all I need is in there waiting to be unlocked when I learn how to really use it and REW.
  12. OK @Panelhead your tweeters are done. First set ever, well the first good set goes to you. I went ahead and redesigned the clamp plate while I was at it so I could incorporate Heli coils in there for strength. I am not going to do this in Red Oak until I can get better northern wood with tighter grain as it does pick out to much with my current material.
  13. OK that makes sense considering what happened when I put some 800 watt QSC's on some LSI's with 480 's under them the first time. I had been using a poor overworked Onkyo and the drums did slam and the bass sounded great with the QSC. I can't spend the money now but will look into it when I can.
  14. True, I should have said inebriated silly. Plain old silly with wits intact is A-OK.
  15. OK when the silly starts you all who do not drink stop by my room for a spot of sanity.
  16. Here is one from the south. If all your boxes have been sitting for a long time undisturbed check for Brown Recluse spiders.
  17. I have some KP-904's with 510 horns and B&C DE75 drivers. There is a crackle that comes out of the 510's with the stock crossovers in some music and less when I bi-amp these with recommended PEQ cinema settings. Now there was still some and while fiddling with the xilica settings I notice the 4 and 5khz eq at -2db seems to tame a lot of that. Not a whiz at using REW or TrueRTA and a UMike to analyze this so still guessing at what will work. For those of you who have been here before what are all the settings you have used? Also would a simple rack mount two channel EQ solve this with the passive crossover sets? The other thing I am wondering about besides the EQ aspect is if these were made to work behind screens and thus a little hot what could I change on the crossover to tame the HF down and possibly reduce the crackle? The third thing is I have begun to wonder if my music files have been hurt with too much tinkering through Audacity and considering starting over from original source material. Some of these just sound a bit un-natural now and I have to say I really hope Chris A can spend some time in Hope with Audacity best practices. As an aside here looking into the drivers to see about setting the diaphragms up with a frequency sweep generator and note what looks visually to be the same phase plug as is in the 1132's. I wonder if the latest B&C DE75 drivers Klipsch uses have also been switched out to the new SLA build phase plugs. Oh forgot to mention that the xilica crossover frequencies I am using are HF 900hz and LF 920hz which is what the Klipsch literature said but that seems a bit high to me.
  18. A set of LSBR's in great shape with a top hat grille and zero mods or things like recaps sold for $1300 in Nashville this week. Was listed for $1600. All original heh heh.
  19. Better hurry, they are getting more expensive by the month and harder to find. I do happen to have another set of plain jane La Scalas but that is before I fix them up and raise the price;D Probably be my last set ever as they are getting way to high and scarce but they could go to Hope this spring. If they are still here.
  20. Interesting idea but what I really meant was 1.4 or 2" throats on the drivers themselves. Had not thought about the K-55-V driver but it sure can crossover low enough and sounds good. Listening to a 2" horn driver the first time was a real revelation.
  21. Looking into mid horns also and debating the medium they will be cut from. Any opinions on 1.4" or 2" drivers for these?
  22. Dave A

    Ky/TN LS

    That's right and you snooze you lose.
  23. I have been dragging my feet on these wood V2 tweeters until I sold some old ones off. Guess it is a lesson in making to many before you know how they will sell. Anyway working on them finally and up first is the Zee bracket for Panelhead who has been very patient in his long wait. Then there is another one for a guy off the forum who wants to have a strange design. He is going to make a decorator set of Cornwalls by filling in the 1/2" recessed portion of the motorboard and so he will need a 1/2" taller boss to flush fit the front. Will be working on the rest later this week and expect to cut the first one tomorrow to see how the wood to metal knife edge seam works out. Pretty confident the Walnut will work well but I might have to get some northern tighter grain Red Oak to make that work. The Red Oak from this area has been a problem with such coarse wood grain and pick outs. The aluminum can be seen more readily from the front on the V2's so if that makes people excited I suppose they will end up painting the clamp plate bore. I have mixed feelings about doing special order singles and I guess I am going to stick my feet in that water. Told the decorator Cornwall guy it will be extra since it is a design and machine path for just his purpose and I don't ever expect to sell any more. I will see how serious he is before I start. Mentioning this as there is a possibility I would do this in other cases also as long as people are willing to pay for my actual time above and beyond the normal. Still thinking of free standing also but it will quite frankly be late spring before I get to them. I have way to many KPT-904's,100's,200's and some 415's I need to get done and out the door along with some Altec A7's which have been here to long.
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