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    GSG Devastator

    burn the box give me the woofers. I haul trash for free.
  2. OK Now I understand. We were only discussing one driver and I did not realize you had thrown something like the N320T-8 in there along with the other ones. It would be nice to get price reductions but considering what their competition sells similar capability drivers for I don't really expect that. I am still interested in reading the article or source you reference on sales numbers though.
  3. Those tweeters look a lot like a set I sold a guy in Texas who was building an MCM 1900 system. They were in perfect shape with just a couple of small scratches on one side into the logo a bit if I remember right. I don't think they were ever used much if at all.
  4. Yes but what is your source as I am interested in reading it so a link would be appreciated. Also we are discussing the N314X-8 ohm driver and I do not see a 100 watt version of this so could you provide a link to that too? Of the three N314 type eminence drivers I see on their web site the N314T-16 and N314T-8 are listed as 100 watt drivers but they were not the topic of discussion and I also can't find a 2" version of these so where are you finding that?
  5. Right. What craze were you referring to? I am interested in sales reports if you could point me in that direction.
  6. These are brand new horns and there are not warehouses full of them. What craze are you referring to?
  7. Well open your wallet and pour some money out and be the one to report ;-D
  8. I ran a set of MCM 1900's in my shop with a Klipsch OEM 3 way crossover off of a Crown XLI 800. I set the gain on the amp half way up and controlled the volume from there with the volume control in Windows Media player and it would run you out of the shop before I could turn the volume up all the way on the PC. Those are very efficient speakers.
  9. Dave A

    Corona has vanished!

    I thought all this wuhan crap was done. The two sides here have clearly stated they do not believe each other and it is time to knock it off and go back to being a Klipsch forum. It was so nice to not have this stuff brought up for a few days. Moderators will you PLEASE kill this thread!
  10. I had no use for Cornwalls until CW4 and hearing one for the first time was a real shock.
  11. As far as I can tell Klipsch never used Baltic Birch, at least not in any cabinet I have ever seen. The did use birch veneer plywood though. Never thought to try to check for density and save scraps of wood to weigh.
  12. Dave A

    What I Got Today!

    I have thought that at times. I am not willing to be a liar to make money though.
  13. In the I don't know if it matters category. I had used those white plastic screw down clips for capacitors for a while. Snug them down with cable ties tight enough to prevent movement. One day I went back to one that had been sitting around for a while and cut the tie. Looking at the capacitor I noticed dents pressed in the side from that clip. I don't know how fragile poly caps are so I stick them down with silicone now. Means I have to let them sit for some time before continuing but I also don't have to worry that what have I done might damage the cap. On boards with that hot melt glue often there is enough there that you take your hot air gun and heat it up and your new capacitors will stick to it just fine. I don't clean off old hot melt anymore I reuse it.
  14. Center top with the unit held at a 45% angle down back side facing me and normally up side up with left hand and rapped smartly with the trouble making finger on the right hand. Plugged in so the built in unit continuity meter is running.
  15. The brace IS the path of least resistance and will reward you well. Now I think at the age of 66 moving big speakers keeps you young and in shape and I assure you that you will hear a difference. You try the clamp idea first and you will see. I had thought about trim on a couple of LSI's I had but wanted those OEM style cast corners. Impossible to find and gave up. Finally found plastic corners and strips like the old Klipsch pro boxes had and they are still being made in England but after you get done with minimum orders and shipping it is crazy expensive and gave that idea up too.
  16. Dave A

    What I Got Today!

    Speaking of cables.... https://www.thecableco.com/accessories/misc-accessories/quantum-burning-technology-burn-in-machine.html
  17. Dave A

    What I Got Today!

    Well not quite that expensive. Says in part "Use on IC’s, transformers, circuit boards, any where noise could be a problem". Did not say if it was effective on spouses. https://www.thecableco.com/black-out-ultimate-paint.html
  18. I am not normal with speaker wires as I am constantly hooking up different speakers with the same set of wires. I used to love banana plugs until I found on older speakers at times they would be loose. And the male banana plugs compress and you don't realize it until one day you hear something wrong. Its your banana plug rattling around at higher volumes. Anymore I use fork crimp connectors and those same female banana plugs but clamp down on the forks and stay away from the bananas. I find myself discovering loose wires with those male banana plugs all the time unless you solder them in. The fork crimp connector never seems to work loose and I can use those fork connectors in more places than the banana plugs too. Switch from barrier strips to banana plugs no problem and no more loose connections. I think crimp connectors without soldering have a bad name in some instances because the user did not know how to do it right and with the right tool. What I see in speakers I have bought tells me a sad tale at times.
  19. Forgot to mention that but yes they are.
  20. Without removing boards I tightened every one I could see. I will have to get in touch with Siggurat and see what they were. Checked every connection visible and they were fine.
  21. Well finished and fired them up today. One of my La Scala test songs is 2Cellos Thunderstruck. At fairly loud volume regular La Scalas just squall through this. Not a hint of squall tonight and the articulation is pretty amazing. I am thinking this is clearly better than mid braces which is way better than stock sides. I ended up missing supper because fiddling with a bunch of songs with a grin on my face was more fun.
  22. I am an electronic genius. So I check the fuse, ok and still nothing. Alright take the top off and no visible problems. So I put the top back on and plug it in and nothing. With a judicious and precise calibrated rap of the knuckles at precisely the right spot BOOM there it is. Fingers crossed it will remain OK. Upside is I found a place in Nashville that sells Xilicas and other things for the pro market and they can repair some problems with Xilicas. Bad stuff has to go to Canada though. I run everything through a Furman Power Conditioner so I assume it takes care of problems.
  23. OK will do and Thanks.
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