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  1. Yes they are here in Nashville with the retards riding them in traffic. Hope they pass a law where no driver is liable when stupid gets hit on the scooter. These people are seriously mental defectives and just as bad as militant bike riders who want the roads car drivers paid for to be protected open access for toys.
  2. Well the idea of the Super Heresy has appealed to me for some time but it was not until a customer last week revived my interest and coincidently I run across a set of HBR's from 1981 with soldered lug drivers in great shape so I guess I have to do it now. Waiting on parts to get here but doing what I can and that includes putting in a DE10 instead of the DE120 to replace the tweeter. Claude recommended this at the beginning of this thread but I had never though about doing it so I try it today. I will never recommend the DE120 for Heresy's again and it was a bit surprising how nice the DE10 sounded even on the smaller lens and the nice bonus with these is cheaper price.
  3. There is another issue at play here regarding diaphragm replacements. I had a set of Ti diaphragms for a K-792-K recently and decided to run a frequency sweep on them just for the heck of it and the two were really different. So I took the one that had low output and rotated it 120 degrees and NOTHING came out. Went and rotated it another 120 degrees and they both sounded right on and balanced. I have read that it is best to do frequency sweeps when setting up diaphragms before and from now on it is the only way I will do these. I do not know which was eccentric to the other on the one tweeter but there was a way to make it right.
  4. No it is not just generic it is a provable benefit. I have the same B&K 885 meter as he does and not one crossover I have had has had acceptable capacitors. I think he recommends replacing capacitors always but that is not a new crossover that is a recap. Not one old capacitor I have measured has low ESR even if the caps UF was in specs and yes that does matter.
  5. I am shocked that you would say I have a horn bias. Working on a project I might bring to Hope that would dispel that idea though. Hearing is best but they don't exactly give those 396's away so for many that is not an option.
  6. Well you know me and pro gear is the best way to go as far as I am concerned. I have been having great success making La Scalas sound much better though and what you can do with a two piece LSI is create something really nice just not super deep bass. I mean sound nice in the same room next to the Super MWM's. They make great book shelf speakers
  7. If you ever get La Scalas again try a mid brace in there. At higher volumes eliminating the resonance does not give you more bass but what is there becomes crystal clear and dramatically better when the resonance is gone.
  8. Absolutely and I prefer the LSI's by far. Fiddling with eliminating side wall resonance with LSI's and I have tried two things. One is with the one piece I stuck braces in there between the dog house and sides and it make a big improvent. If you have a two piece what I have done is to beat the sides off and replace with 25mm Baltic Birch. Then make a new top horn section with the K-400 and K-55-V and a set of large MAHL's with the DE10 and it becomes a whole new world. You do nothing at all to LSI's but recap the crossovers and they are still much better than stock La Scalas with recapped crossovers. Two piece LSI's are the very best thing you can get to make huge improvements in what you hear.
  9. I am thinking there has to be an acoustically neutral dyed hot glue and will be on the lookout for it.
  10. Yes they will fit. To date the only problems have been with earlier KHorns where the holes were hand routed and there is also an answer for that. PM me please. Question on the A55G drivers. Do you think they are noticeably better that stock Atlas drivers?
  11. That K-43 is more musical than the K-33. Also 200 watt vs 100 watt. I never take K-43's out but I have been know to take K-33's out right now and in fact have a nice pair for sale.
  12. That's what I have courtesy of my wife who no longer needs it. Seems to work fine. I thought about silicone too but the idea of set forget and work immediately was what I wanted
  13. OK so low temp glue sounds better then. Any idea which ones to stay away from?
  14. OK all you crossover whizbangs I see plastic clips, zip ties but never hot melt. Is there a reason for this or is it just habit?
  15. I have an EQ with gain control on a pair of La Scalas right now and it makes a big difference over feeding them from just my amp. Whole lot cheaper than DSP too when you don't have to have the very best output. My personal system will be run with Xilicas from now on but I am going to start selling used EQ's with some of the speakers I fix up because they make things sound much better.
  16. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Done and they have been built and in active use for months now. They are big and awesome sounding. Those are the plans. The only error on them is one of the 1" x 1" corner pieces is short and I never fixed it. All the rest is right.
  17. Yup the 600's have the portability for sure.
  18. Better than that build a set of Super MWM's and replace the mid and tweets with a 402. These came in a buy and not for personal use. They are in perfect condition and for sale.
  19. Yup fat finger but it got past the onerous censor so for posterity I have to leave it there. Hope the REAL grammar cop does not catch me🤣
  20. Wow page 107 on the thread that won't die! OK my contribution today is "MDF MDF rah rah rah, pro gear sucks pro gear sucks sis boob bah!" 🥳
  21. B&C has some new stuff I am very interested in. I am getting samples of two 2" throat compression drivers and one 1,000 watt woofer good from 40hz to 2KHZ with a 100db efficiency. All are supposed to be very good and I have some projects in mind. The idea of a 1,000 watt woofer boggles my mind when I think of the prodigious output from the KPT-456 which has two 15" woofers but "only" 800 watts combined output.
  22. Mine is I turn mine on only when I am driving somewhere and I do NOT buy those things for anyone as gifts. Especially grand kids.
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