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  1. I bought a Tivoli Model One for my mother for Christmas 2002. She has had nothing but praise for it and listens to it more than she does her main stereo system (out of convenience, the fewer knobs something has the better!). She lives in rural KS and has no problem pulling in distant radio stations. The Tivoli products show just how much of a genius Henry Kloss really was - he was very adept at building great quality into low and mid-priced electronics. Another legend (like PWK) that is now gone and will be missed.
  2. I listened to a few Luxman models in the 80's and they had a nice, smooth sound to them. The build quality appeared to be first class with a nice feel to the controls. Luxman was known as "the Japanese McIntosh" to a lot of people in the audio business, the sound wasn't as grainy as the Pioneers, Technics's, etc. of the era. If you watch Audiogon and Ebay you'll get an idea of what they're worth.
  3. Could that be a guidance system for a Scud missile? The technology appears about right!
  4. Guilty as charged, with some blues and jazz on the side.
  5. Some speakers require more break-in than others, but usually the manufacturer will state that in the manual or literature. I had a pair of B&W CDM9NT's and it took 1-2 months of regular listening for them to smooth out. A lot of it has to do with the material the drivers are made out of, some types of cones and surrounds need to "loosen up" before they sound their best. The biggest thing to remember about break-in is that the overall sound will improve slightly, if the speakers you're auditioning sound rather harsh now they'll still sound harsh ten years from now - just a little less harsh. I don't want colored sound from speakers but if most of your CD collection doesn't sound just right it's not always the recordings - it could very well be the speakers. After listening to Klipschorns with tubes the B&W's just didn't cut it, so I sold them. The Khorns sound good on darn near all of my vinyl and CD's, and fantastic on the good recordings. Always see if the dealer will let you take a demo pair home so you can hear them in your environment - it can save a lot of heartache.
  6. mOOn: Yep, he's done. The webmaster announced it in this thread: http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/view.asp?mode=viewtopic&topicID=32621&num=30&sessionID={953C7E19-C02C-48DE-8B1D-A755840C6AC0}&pageNo=1 minn_male42: No problem here, I would rather be discussing audio stuff and it's not my intention to drag any problems out, this thread was just intended to state my opinion on banning members. I read most but refrained from posting on those political threads due to their incendiary nature. I just don't want members having to worry about being censored or banned just for having differing or unpopular viewpoints. Like being banned for posting about the four-letter word "Bose" or speakers manufactured by someone other than Klipsch ..... ooooooh, he said JBL! Burn him, burn the heretic! Some other audio forums have gotten heavy handed on censoring and banishment, I would hate to see this great forum be reduced to that. Quote Hannibal Lecter: "Eat the rude"
  7. They work just as well as the little stones you set on top of your speakers to tune them, but be sure to consult the Ouija board to determine the correct type for your tubes!
  8. ---------------- On 3/25/2003 10:11:01 PM minn_male42 wrote: LET IT GO!!!!! you may not have noticed, but the two individuals you are referring to have not posted this evening.... if you quit bringing it up...they will go away... LET IT GO!!!!! ---------------- You seem to have completely missed the point of my post, which is that in my opinion that the banning of Forresthump2 is unfair if the other two (and those like them) are allowed to remain. Banning should not be exercised at all unless it's exercised evenly. I agree with the moderator locking the war related threads to bring about order but blowing out Forresthump2 was overkill. As for "LET IT GO!!!!!", sorry, but I stick my head in the sand for no one.
  9. Great looking turntable! I've never heard one but it looks very well designed. Enjoy your vinyl!
  10. Let me see: Forresthump2 gets banned for stirring up the liberal oriented and some personalized comments, yet KAIN and DEAM are still allowed to post on this board. KAIN is spewing anti-American vitriol, and DEAM's posts are ignorant and vexatious (much less the crude avatars). Christ, at least Forresthump2 had a sense of humor, the other two are just truculent pukes. I disagree with the banning of Forresthump2 just because a few thin-skinned whiners don't share his conservative (and sometimes insane, but funny) viewpoints. He's gone and those other two are still here? What a load of excrement. Perhaps we can burn some books while we're at it, or even publish a list of words to be avoided lest someone's feelings get tip-toed on. Let's all sing Kum Ba Yah. Go forth and hump the world! ....... Or is that statement not politically correct enough?
  11. Hey fini, Are you going to have a picture taken with you playing this piano while naked (for your new avatar)?
  12. ---------------- On 3/13/2003 6:53:08 PM wheeler wrote: I,ve just recently auditioned a pair of rf7's, and after five minutes of listening, I had to stuff cotton in my ear cannals to stop the blood flow. - these must be the most horrible sounding / built coffins I've had the misery to listen; and this with a single ended smoothy + turntable! Tell me I'm wrong; That is if you think you've got the guts! ---------------- Vamoose, TROLL! Scram, begone, get back under your bridge!
  13. We the mediokra, I bought this thing because I had seen it years ago and always sorta lusted after it. I have always liked Nak equipment and respected their ability to build electro-mechanical components, old Niro is a smart SOB. Most high-end players are single CD units and it seems like Nak decided that they were going to build a true high-end multi-disc unit just to buck the trend. The one I have is a factory version 96/24 DAC, one of the later production units made in 2000 before the company got into financial straits. It was originally only available in Asia territories, not too many were imported into the US. I got a good price on it from a dealer closeout, and Nakamichi sent me a nice packet with all kinds of background info on it. The unit is very well built, the finish on the wood and paint on the chassis is baby-butt smooth. Of all the stereo stuff I own this has the highest quality of fit & finish, even the underside of the chassis is as shiny as the other sides. It comes in three separate chassis: a controller with power supply, the disc mechanism, and the DAC. The DAC is in the same type of chassis as the disc mech, the DAC board is mounted to a 4-5 mm thick slab of aluminum and floats several ways on an internal suspension. Both disc & DAC chassis are heavy aluminum and have screw-tight sealed doors, it's supposed to isolate vibration from the floor and also from air pressure waves. It uses a 7-disc version of their Musicbank mechanism for disc storage, and loading a CD is hilarious to watch. When you put a disc in the drawer and push the button to close it the tray starts to close and then shakes back & forth, then closes the rest of the way. This is designed to center the CD in case you didn't put in in the drawer slot correctly. The design is definitely overkill. As for sound, it's very smooth but detailed, neither harsh nor overly warm. It has very basic control features, it will do random and repeat but no programming or anything fancy. And no HDCD. One nice thing is it has a digital input switch so that you can use the Nak transport or run another player via coax through the Nak's DAC. My local Linn/Levinson dealer wants me to bring it in to do a comparison with a ML 390S and a Linn CD12, but so far I've been too lazy to break it down and bring it in. Could make for an interesting listening session, though. My guess is it will take the ML but may not hang with the CD12. Well, gotta go for now - it's 3:22 am & my eyes are crossing. AND I gotta get up at 7:00 am.
  14. What is this forum coming to? It's supposed to be an exchange of information and ideas, not a sniping contest. I don't know what artto or paulparrot's problem with Kelly is but it was uncalled for in this thread. Dndphishin starts a good topic in an attempt to help everyone interested in a Rega Planet out and the FIRST response to it is an insult to Kelly, and he hadn't even posted in the thread yet. As for "get a life dude" it seems to me that y'all two are the ones in need of artificial respiration. Are you really soliciting information or just jonesing for an argument? Who gives a rodents rectum if someone edits his posts to correct something, and who the hell elected you the official "post edit counter"? Just for your information, this isn't the Argument Clinic, although Getting Hit On The Head Lessons may be in order. We the mediocre hardly needs me to defend him but this thread was starting to sound like a junior high school lunchroom. Suck it up! For anyone interested in an original Rega Planet, $350 or so is an excellent deal on a first class player. I really like the one I have and even though my Nak Dragon does sound better I find myself listening to the Planet very regularly. The top loading door is fast and convenient, no waiting for a drawer mechanism necessary. Compared to an older top-of-the-line Sony I used to use the Planet is much smoother sounding and pleasant to listen to, the Burr-Brown Delta Sigma DAC does a good job of holding down the brightness. Overall, it's quite a nice sounding machine and a bargain at it's current price point. As long as you get one that's been taken care of the Planet is a very reliable unit. As for the SACD subject, I kept all of my vinyl but years ago ending up buying most of the music again on CD for the sake of convenience. I have little interest in buying my favorite music a THIRD time. Once the SACD vs. DVD-A war gets sorted out I might consider a different format, but not any time soon. So far, there's still lots of good used vinyl around to scrounge.
  15. ---------------- On 2/28/2003 1:00:42 PM Mike82 wrote: Yeah, I've heard it too, but audio has been my main hobby for 33 years. Thankfully, my wife puts up with it. Here's why: 1. It keeps me home. 2. It's not a motorcycle (used to be my other main hobby) 3. I'm not down at the Gold Club stuffing $5.00 bills into some chick's G-string. ---------------- Yep, I'm addicted too! The audio habit got me down from owning 3-4 motorcycles at a time to only 2 now. At least I'm in the house more than I used to be (when it's raining or freezing outside). As for #3, using $1.00 bills goes a lot further and leaves more money for go-fast parts!
  16. I've got most of Rush's stuff on LP's and CD's but I bought the "Spirit of Radio Greatest Hits 1974-1987" CD because it has a good mixture of their music and the extra DVD. After listening it seems that these are remastered tracks, they're smoother than some of the versions on early CD's and definitely sound better. Now, if you want a real headache pump some early release Rush CD's really loud through a pair of Cornwall's driven by 70's era solid state equipment, although if you do your dog may disown you. One of my favorite older Rush tracks to listen to is the live version of "What You're Doing" from the Chronicles LP. Hammered up to about 95 db with Klipschorns and tubes it's quite impressive. The bass line is a bit simplistic compared to their newer polyrhythmic tendencies but if you're having a coronary you can hit the volume button on the remote and do enough chest compression to get your heart out of arrhythmia.
  17. Now I know why I hate audio salesman! Ever thought about selling vacuum cleaners, magazine subscriptions, or encyclopedias?
  18. After reading this simpleton's posts I wholeheartedly agree: His avatar is unacceptable in this type of forum, his troll-like posts are argumentative, and he should find a new home. This forum has way more class than to allow junior high school level taunting and pornographic avatars. Off with his head!
  19. Dale, If you can afford to go a little extra the VPI Aries Scout / JMW 9 combination is a great deck. It goes for about $1500.00 in the US, not sure what it goes for up north. Jazman has one and likes it a lot, the one I have has a Rega RB900 arm and seems to be a good combo. The HW-19 Jr is still a good deck and very upgradeable - definitely a good start if you want to go a bit more conservative pricewise.
  20. ---------------- On 2/16/2003 8:03:27 PM crash827 wrote: Curmudgeon, I sound pretty uppity but hell some people find the new Pontiac SUV's attractive despite all evidence which suggests it may be the ugliest vehicle ever made. The "thing" was a work of art compared to this monstrosity. On another audio note, how do you like the Linn? How does it compare to your VPI?---------------- Crash827, As for the people that find the Pontiac SUV attractive - they should kick their seeing-eye dogs! And the VW Thing looked good once you mounted a 50 caliber on it! On the turntables: the VPI is an excellent deck with lots of good qualities but the Linn stills sounds just a bit better to me. I like both of them, each has it's own characteristic sound and the VPI is much simpler to set up and maintain compared to the Linn. When I've got them hooked up into the same preamp (which is rare) and compared them with the same LP, volume settings, etc. the Linn usually has an edge over the VPI in bass extension and slightly more natural voicing. At this point the cartridges are different brands and types (one MC, one MM) so the comparison isn't exactly fair. I have several cartridges but no two are the same brand and model. To do a meaningful comparison the decks should have identical tonearms and cartridges but that isn't likely to happen around my house anytime soon. The LP12 has been around since the early 70's and has garnered a lot of respect, it still holds up well against newer designed and more expensive decks - not too bad for a Scotsman just tinkering around almost 30 years ago! The VPI Scout is a new design, a great performer in it's price class and very good performer even out of it's price class - if you buy one you won't be disappointed. To get into a Linn setup the best thing to do is find one used, a new full-spec LP12 is around $5000.00 or more now. One nice aspect of the LP12 is you can start with a basic model or mid-spec one and upgrade it as you get the money, plus there's usually several on Ebay and Audiogon most of the time. The LP12 I have came from it's original owner in England with original receipts and box, I bought the Lingo PS off of Ebay (got a great deal on it, too). Both decks are mechanically simple and fairly easy to work on if you read the directions and lay off the Vise-Grips!
  21. The last time I checked, so called "psuedo-audiophiles" refuse to even consider any type of Klipsch speaker as "audiophile" anyway. As usual, they don't know what they're missing. If putting the Synergy line into Best Buy exposes more average "joe six-pack" listeners to Klipsch quality and gets them away from crap like Bose I'm all for it. Once they hear the dynamics they've been missing they'll realize what a POS "cubes" and the like are. Hopefully, this will work to Klipsch's and Best Buy's mutual benefit and Klipsch will become more profitable so perhaps they can hire a few more craftsman to speed up the production of the Heritage series. The audio market just doesn't work the way it did in the 70's and 80's, times have changed. I don't dislike Best Buy, they're great for CD's, DVD's, and computer stuff but most of the electronics they carry barely scratches mid-fi, much less anything hi-fi. Companies like Yamaha sell "consumer level" products there and reserve their better offerings for salon type dealers so what Klipsch is doing is not that unusual. However, the first time I walk into a Best Buy and spot a Khorn or an Aragon component on the floor there will definitely be projectile vomiting involved.
  22. Justin, Good to see you back in action. By the way, how long do your keyboards last before you wear the lettering off of the keys?
  23. ---------------- On 2/4/2003 9:23:19 PM Clipped and Shorn wrote: " supercilious negativity" ---------------- 4 entries found for supercilious. Feeling or showing haughty disdain. See Synonyms at proud. supercilisus, from supercilium, eyebrow, pride : super-, super- + cilium, lower eyelid; see kel-1 in Indo-European Roots.] super·cili·ous·ly adv. super·cili·ous·ness n. supercilious supercilious was Word of the Day on January 27, 2000. supercilious \Su`per*cil"i*ous\, a. Conceal.] Lofty with pride; haughty; dictatorial; overbearing; arrogant; as, a supercilious officer; asupercilious air; supercilious behavior. -- Su`per*cil\"i*ous*ly, adv. -- Su`per*cil\"i*ous*ness, n. supercilious adj 1: having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; "some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines"; "haughty aristocrats"; "his lordly manners were offensive"; "walked with a prideful swagger"; "very sniffy about breaches of etiquette"; "his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air"; "shaggy supercilious camels"; "a more swaggering mood than usual"- W.L.Shirer disdainful, haughty, lordly, prideful, sniffy, swaggering] 2: expressive of contempt; "curled his lip in a supercilious smile"; "spoke in a sneering jeering manner"; "makes many a sharp comparison but never a mean or snide one" sneering, snide] My, oh my! We're needing a thesaurus to browse the boards these days (he said with haughty disdain)
  24. Justin, Get well soon and keep your typing fingers in shape. We all need you here and hope your recovery is speedy.
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