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  1. Looks like a set just popped up: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/phd/d/klipsch/6676438652.html . Not sure if that's within the typical price range for these though. Enjoy the obsession...I'm up to 8 or 9 pairs of speakers now, and there's probably more to come
  2. Oh wow, you sold the 5.5's too...I had thoughts of pairing all 4 of those with my KLF-C7 for a decent little home theater setup, but I guess I'll have to keep looking. And by looking I mean for a new job where I get a day off
  3. Congrats on the sale. I'd been hoping to contact you and meet up soon, but I haven't had a day off in close to 4 weeks so there just wasn't any time.
  4. No need for cloth on my end; but thank you both. I actually have grilles already but they are black cloth and I'd like to switch out to something more interesting without tearing these up.
  5. I too would love a set of Heresy I grille frames. Anyone still planning to make them?
  6. I had KLF-10's for a long time, just sold them last year. Loved them but they had the typical rattle on the rear panels so I had to douse them with Liquid Nails. Have you had any issues like that with these?
  7. Very tempting, but I must resist! I have enough speakers already, I need to delve into projectors now that I have the space . These would go great with my KLF-C7 though...
  8. I saw these on CL yesterday, are they yours?
  9. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/msg/d/klipsch-la-scala-speaker/6601109748.html Looks to be one speaker only, maybe someone needs a center channel?
  10. Been using KnuKonceptz wire in my cars and home for years now. It's always been good stuff for me, no yellowing or discoloration.
  11. Forte Walnut Oil, $600 https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/klipsch-forte/6559194756.html
  12. Yeah my eyes crossed trying to figure things out here...thought I'd post them just in case someone found them useful
  13. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/msg/d/klipsch-la-scala-pro-speakers/6543906247.html Probably more than most would want to pay, but thought I'd throw them out here
  14. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/d/better-klipsch-klipsch-la/6545781896.html Not sure what's going on here, but the bins might be worth it for $80
  15. I guess I should read the product descriptions instead of just looking at pictures...looks like the diaphragms come with the drivers
  16. Haha, thanks for clearing it all up for me . I think I will go with the Eminence drivers for now, but I'm still going to have to source crossovers and that will probably be from Bob. I'd order everything right now but the HM25 horns are still out of stock even though they were supposed to be available yesterday. I guess the other thing I should look at is some diaphragms to go with the horns and drivers. Any recommendations there? I guess this is the right choice? https://www.parts-express.com/selenium-rpd220ti-8-diaphragm-for-d202ti-d220ti-and-d2500ti--264-276
  17. Shaun K


    I was too late I guess
  18. Shaun K


    I'm local...I should probably pick this up
  19. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/klipsch-klf-20-floor-standing/6544042844.html No affiliation. Seems like a decent deal, something I'd even jump on myself if I didn't have enough going on already
  20. Having a hard time deciding...I have all the specs on the 12LFA but not a whole lot on the CW1228. Anyone have a preference?
  21. It's the Selenium HM25-25: https://www.parts-express.com/selenium-hm25-25-1-exponential-horn-90x60-1-3-8-18-tpi--264-312 Specifications: • Horn type: Exponential • Minimum frequency: 1,200 Hz • Nominal dispersion: 90° H x 60° V • Throat diameter: 1.0" • Mounting type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI • Dimensions: 10.79" W x 6.46" H x 5.94" D • Cabinet cutout: 4-5/8" H x 9-1/4" W • Selenium #HM25-25. I was planning to go with either the Eminence Delta-12LFA or the Crites CW1228. These are empty cabs so I don't have any drivers or crossovers to work with.
  22. Wow, that's really kind of you. I'll knock out one of the boards ASAP and get all the measurements once I have the new horns here (they're out of stock at PE until March 30, so it'll be a couple weeks)
  23. So just tap it out gently, cut, and then glue/screw it back in? Or am I missing something there? Now that you mention cutting motorboards, I'm thinking that just buying new ones would be a good route...then I could preserve the original boards if I ever wanted to go back. How much would that set me back?
  24. Thanks, that's good to hear. Did you cut the existing motorboard to fit the new horn, or build a new one?
  25. woof....this is tempting, but I already picked up some empty cabs today
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