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  1. Dang, that's a deal and a half.
  2. Here's what may be one of nicest sets of RF-35's you may ever find. The drivers are in perfect shape. The wood finish is in cherry and is also in perfect shape. The grills are magnetic - not the original "floating grills" with the breakable pins - and are also in perfect shape. These have the internal wiring with Monster Cable. I really like these a lot and would keep them except that I need to free up some cash and hopefully nab another pair of speakers for sale here in the forum. So, these will need to move on to another good home so I can make some room. These are located in Livonia, MI on the west side of Metro Detroit. Pick up or meet within a reasonable driving distance. $385 for the pair. Pics are here (hit the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to view all 4 pics): http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/mwhell/media/RF-3II/P1090022_zps9byys2lg.jpg.html
  3. Me want. Me in Detroit. Hmmmm.....
  4. Buyer sent me some pics. Doesn't look like these were well taken care of. A few too many scuffs and scratches for my taste.
  5. You've always want to take a trip up to visit Detroit, right? Now's the time. Oh, and you can bring your speakers with you.
  6. whell

    F.S. KLF-30

    I see you are in my neck of the woods. I am in Howell. Howdy neighbor! Howdy back at ya. Livonia here.
  7. whell

    F.S. KLF-30

    Any way you could talk your friend to head back to Cali by way of Detroit? Hell, if there was any hope of connecting with him I'd buy them right now.
  8. I used a Shume M97..AH (not sure of the exact model) built into an adjustable headshell for a couple of years before getting a V15 type 5 mr. I think it was a very good sounding cartridge. I don't think they make the model with built in headshell anymore which was very nice as you just had to plug it in and adjust things and not have to mess with bolting it onto a headshell. I still have it and hope to get a second tt going. The good news the available N97 replacement stylii will work with it. I don't think Shure makes replacements for the V15 type 5 mr anymore. I have that same cartridge. It is a the Shure M97HE-AH. M97HE OEM replacement styli will fit it, but they are getting, IMHO, way too expensive. The LP Gear replacement stylus is pretty good for $60. If you really wanted to get close to the performance of your V15, you could opt for the Jico SAS M95ED replacement stylus for your M97. Almost double the price of the LP Gear stylus, and you don't get the "stabilizer brush", but worth it I think.
  9. The ATN110E is a nice budget cartridge. However, with a 0.4 x 0.7 mil stylus tip, its not getting terribly deep into the grooves. Riding closer to the surface of the grooves could be giving you some noise that a stylus with a more aggressive eliptical tip evade by riding deeper in the groove. The cartridges you mention would be a bit of an improvement, with the exception of the AT440MLa, which offers the AT Microline stylus, and could be a signiicant improvement in groove noise reduction. Some have suggested that this is a "brighter" sounding cartridge, however, so let your ear be your guide. The Shure M97xe also offers a 0.2 x 0.7 mil eliptical stylus tip, tracks nice and quiet, and has a bit of a rolled off top end for a warmer, mellower sound.
  10. Those Jico SAS styli are terrrific, IMHO. They are very close to the stylus shape of the origina Shure "Microridge" or Stanton "Stereohedron", and make great contact deep in the groove to dig out the cleanest, clearest sound quality from your disks.
  11. Think "middle of effin' nowhere, east side of the lower peninsula", and you've got it about right. []
  12. Two regulars in my rotation, though they may not be the group's "best" efforts, are the CSN album, and Daylight Again. I saw them back in the early 90's when they were touring and playing "accoustic" - no back up band, just singing and guitar. Still sounded fabulous.
  13. I have a love / hate relationship with threads like this: mostly because I can't fathom the idea - where this thread started - that elevating cables off the floor reveal dramtic audible impact on the sound of a system. However, isolating the gear itself is a different matter. In my system, with a Rotel RB-1092 amp with the B&O ICE Power module, using isolation/vibration damping did seem to have an audible impact. This is the nicest sounding amp I've ever owned. I got some Ginko Mini Clouds and set them under the amp. Seems to tighten up the bass quite a bit, and the amp already had ample, tight bass to my ear. I've been wanting to replace the stock feet under my turntable, a Technics 1210 M5G, for a while now. I happened to come across some adjustable spring-loaded footers that I thought I had long lost. Radio Shack made them, and Audio Technica made some that were very similar (the RS and AT versions may have rolled off the same assembly line). I unscrewed the stock Technics feet and slid these underneath. They're adjustable, making leveling a breeze. With the stock feet gone, the table now has a clarity and extension in the frequency extremes that I've been missing, attributing the less than ideal sound to my crappy listening room. I think the RS feet were $19.95 at Radio Shack back in the late '70's when I bought them, and the Ginko Clouds were on sale for $40. Can't beat it!
  14. Ditto that. While I do agree that subtle differences can be heard with analog cables, the same cannot be said, in my experience, with digital cables. Possibly when one gets into the realm of the super megabuck systems might one be able to hear a difference, but I couldn't detect any differences on my system.
  15. If memory serves, the Dual cartridges that came with the 1245 and others in the series with the ULM tonearms, were very light in weight, and designed by Ortofon to match the ULM tonearms. Another Ortofon, probably something from the OM Super series, would like match pretty well. Note, you can use other, heavier cartridges with the ULM tonearm. However, the Dual tables with the ULM arms came with sets of weights that screwed into the back of the counterweight on the tonearm. Without those weights (hopefully they came with the table when you picked it up), it will be difficult to use other, heavier cartridges.
  16. A Trends 10.1 passed though here a few months back. I liked it for what it was, but at some point I got a huge deal on a PS Audio Trio 100 amp. Out went the Trends. However, if I had a small second system, I would certainly consider the Trends again.
  18. "They eyed each other, nervous but giddy, waiting for the spontaneous game of 'slap and tickle' to break out."
  19. Check the dust caps on the woofers. Mine came loose and it almost sounded like I blew a woofer. Turned out the dustcap was loose. Glued it back down, and all was good again.
  20. CD Guys: You're absolutely right. LP's suck. They are a pain in the @$$ to maintain, sound like crap when dirty, skip, and you need to be tweaking your turntable constantly to get the most from it. LP Guys: There. I hope you consider this my contribution to keeping the cost of LP's at the thrifts down. Now, back to spinning that nasty vinyl.
  21. Andy - welcome back! You were missed!
  22. My RF-7's occasionally enjoy a dose of Pat Metheny's "One Quiet Night". It's just Metheny and an acoustic guitar, played at home is his home studio, and it is very well recorded. I wouldn't admit to being a huge Metheny fan, but I really liked this effort.
  23. If you can find one of these, go for it. It mates well with higher compliance cartridges. The link describes the table and has pictures. Beware that Pioneer reused model numbers, so there is a hunk of junk version with the same model number in all-black with belt drive.
  24. Info that is always helpful to have when answering questions like this: Your budget Your listening preferences for music A little bit about the room that the speakers / amp / receiver will be used in (dimensions, room treatments, distance from speakers to listening spot(s) Other gear that will be used with the speaker and/amp. For example, if you have a turntable, suggesting a receiver or integrated amp without a phono input would not really be helpful. Please post back with this or any other helpful info so we can help you out a bit more.
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