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  1. Ideally looking for a single used La Scala to use as a center channel to pair with my two Klipschorns (1988) for a home theater setup. That said, knowing that it may be next to impossible to locate a single La Scala for sale I'm open to looking at pairs and storing the other. Thanks!
  2. Gorgeous and definitely worth the ask!
  3. Mark - We spoke and emailed a few times last year after I acquired a JMA Blueberry Extreme and a set of pCATs. I had a minor issue with one of the pCATS that you graciously helped me with. Thank you again and I'm glad to see you back. - Gary
  4. If you don't mind sharing, what vintage McIntosh are you using?
  5. I've had a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III since January running my Heresy 4's and don't hear any noise. Now, I have read that Rogue updated the CMIII to virtually eliminate the noise that existed on the CMII.
  6. I wonder what Rogue model that individual was using. Was it an older model? Bad tubes? Ground loop? Anyhoo, my experience has been the complete opposite. I acquired a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III in early January and have been nothing but pleased and in awe over it paired with my Heresy 4's. A virtually undetectable noise floor whatsoever on mine. I only bring this up because my experience is different.
  7. Highly rated budget phono stage in excellent condition. Selling because I no longer need it due to now having a built-in phono stage. Comes with original box, cord, and manual. $100 + shipping/fees
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/453182319844066/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  9. Selling my Denon POA-1500 stereo power amplifier which is in very good condition. I purchased this seven years ago from the original owner. Unit was previously serviced and the large capacitors were replaced at that time. This is a great sounding and performing amplifier that is rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Everything works on it and it is beautiful to look at, especially with the meters bouncing. There are some minor blemishes on the sides. The only flaw is a chip on the left inside flange of the front glass panel, which isn't visible unless you're looking for it. It's very difficult to see due to the black background behind the glass panel, even when the meters are lit up. I tried to show it in one of the photos (left side closeup) but it's so subtle the camera wouldn't capture the detail. After some research I believe the glue holding the glass to the metal faceplate gave way during shipping and the glass bounced around inside the amplifier causing the chip. I repaired it by removing the rest of the old glue and using hot glue to re-attach the glass to the metal faceplate. Includes the original box and manual. Features: Output peak level meters, switchable sub-sonic filter, normal and high-cut input jacks, self diagnosis indicators, 2 sets of speaker outputs, input level controls. $625 + Shipping and Fees (PP). Local pick up also an option. Thanks for looking!
  10. Never heard a Dynavector 20X but I can only imagine from your description they may be in the same ballpark performance wise.
  11. Thanks! It was a huge step up from the Ortofon Red and Black carts that I used over the years.
  12. This cartridge is only a few months old and I am the second owner of this cartridge. It only has about five hours of use on it. I purchased it from a friend about a month ago to finally experience a higher end phono cartridge. It sounded awesome just like the reviews indicate. I've since decided to move away from vinyl and focus on bettering my streaming setup and the convenience it offers. So I sold my newer turntable and now I'm selling this cartridge which I no longer need. Includes the cartridge and head shell screws. My friend misplaced the original box while in the process of relocating. It will be carefully packaged, shipped and insured. Asking $900.00 includes shipping. Buyer responsible for fees. (PP/Venmo) Thanks for looking!
  13. For sale is my Technics SL-1500C turntable (Black) which is only a few months old and is in like new/excellent condition. It 's a great sounding and looking table which has about five hours of use on it. I'm selling because I'm not using it as much as I had anticipated, thinking I'd get back into vinyl. I've changed my mind so now it's for sale. This is a highly rated semi-automatic direct drive turntable with a built-in preamp which plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speeds. Includes an Ortofon 2M MM red cartridge, power cable, RCA audio cable, ground wire, plastic cover, manual and original box. Turntable comes in the original box and will be double boxed. This is selling new for $1199 + tax. $990 + Shipping and PP fees. Thanks for looking!
  14. Are you replacing that Hypex with a VTV Purifi amp?
  15. Can't wait to see your video review.
  16. Anyone running an EVO 400 integrated with Khorns? What is your experience with this pairing?
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