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  1. Audio Racks

    I use a Bell'o AT402, downside is that there are no wheels, will be building MDF platform with wheels. Not my living room BTW
  2. What's the catalog number for the Richard Wright album? Thx
  3. JIm, Nothing in your photo hurts these eyes!!! Agree about compare but haven't rearranged my listening space yet to place them ... getting close though. I will offload a pair of oak KG4's that the Quartets replaced.
  4. Thanks Mike, That's good news. I bought them to upgrade a pair of Quartets and haven't taken them out of their boxes since I brought them home .... decisions, decisions. Bruce
  5. Hello all, I purchased a pair locally earlier this year from original owner, one of the pair was replaced due to damage from a move. Both are in perfect condition and in their original boxes, if I decide to sell these on should I expect a significant impact on their value? The grain pattern of the newer speaker is close but of course does not match, would not be noticeable in a normal setup unless someone was specifically checking. Thanks
  6. the most relaxing song ever

    My pick ... Brian Eno - Discreet Music
  7. Marantz 2270 Question

    Thanks guys your insight is most helpful, and I completely forgot about the special engraved faceplate.
  8. Marantz 2270 Question

    I have an opportunity to obtain the above mentioned receiver and am looking for any members comments about this particular unit. Have never owned on and don't really need it, but it speaks to me. Also what do you think is a fair price for original non restored condition? Currently using a STR-GX9ES as my primary that I'm very pleased with. Thanks
  9. WTB Sony STR 7055

    Don't know if this helps but I once had a STR-AV1000 that developed a hum, and eventually found the culprit to be the ground between the main circuit board and the chassis. After backing out and retightening all the screws the hum disappeared.
  10. Solid State amps known to sound good with Klipsch

    Also using a Sony STR-GX9ES powering a pair of Quartets. Couple months ago scored a pair of Forte II's but need to rearrange my listening space before connecting them. Love the sound of that amp.
  11. Klipsch forte ii

    Agree with other posters, a great deal if it is a pair. If you don't purchase let us know so another devotee can get the deal!
  12. How to choose a DAC?

    I'm using one of these now, just wondering if there might be something better for bi-direction use. Thanks.
  13. How to choose a DAC?

    Do any of this recommendations allow you to process in the opposite direction as well (record vinyl & playback)?
  14. How to choose a DAC?

    Man that is funny!!!