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  1. If anyone wants these send me a PM. Otherwise I may just bring them back with me for some of my special sauce. Pony express. All aboard!
  2. I with you on that. I am tired of politicking on a speaker brand forum. There are always going to be some who can't determine what is a debate talking point and what is a personal attack, and that is bad business for good relationships. I would support moderators locking more of these threads or posts, yes the same ones I participate in, in the future. I understand not everyone can check their feelings at the gate, and not everyone can speak so eloquently that they could never hurt someone who carries their feelings on their sleeves. No one is attacking anyone here, and if that is the impression anyone got about me then I apologize to that person. I enjoy a good 2 sided debate but do not need to debate with those who do not want to also listen. Occasionally someone wants too participate, but for some, when the view point shifts to the other side of the two sided debate, suddenly the pats-on-the-back stop and someone says feelings got hurt and participators start calling foul play. Debate is traditionally ended with smiles and handshakes for a job well done. That job is to have each side of the story presented with the purpose of holding the attention of an audience. So I am now out of this thread. Thank you everyone. Now onto that topic @mojomc was onto I have some more Klipsch speakers in the garage getting new skins, and they need my attention badly. I also have some Klipsch speakers going along with me being delivered to their new owner. You can check them out in my threads. See y'all in a couple of weeks time. Give a shout or come visit with me in either LA or FL. If anyone needs pony express, send a me a PM. I will be driving by many of you on my own personal time. Say hello along my 3400 miles. WI @Rivernuggets IL @Drewg MO AR @Max2 @mojomc TX @Mallette LA @Rooster42 MS @dtel @dtel's wife AL GA FL @billybob TN @Marvel @Dave A @Coytee KY @Woofers and Tweeters OH @Deang @Pete H WV @wvu80 IN @jimjimbo My road even goes through Hope. Those not mentioned either have not posted in this thread, were off my path, or UTR. TTYL
  3. LOL. I knew that would draw a response. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share the view point from the current administration (Secretary of Defense Mark Esper) of your opinion. 2 likes and 2 thanks already. Shows who the plaudits are here.
  4. We have seen this theme before. Only plaudits raining felicitation of the status quo are welcome. Better watch what you say, or loose your privilege. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/03/politics/esper-insurrection-act-protests/index.html Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is on shaky ground with the White House after saying Wednesday that he does not support using active duty troops to quell the large-scale protests across the United States triggered by the death of George Floyd and those forces should only be used in a law enforcement role as a last resort.
  5. Yes Yes Yes Same I already have. Does not matter. You are like an unmovable mountain in your inherent ways. I can already hear my own echo as my voice bounces off of you.
  6. Just do whatever it takes to get my life back, my business safe, my family back in their rightful place. I am entitled that you make this all go away. I am too old and entrenched in my mindset to think any differently.
  7. Ceo @ Bestbuy statement More of this kind thought process will take hold and change will occur over the course of an entire generation. The problem we have is systemic, endemic, and will not go away with one murder and an arrest afterward. Rioting will not improve our situation either. We need to change ourselves more than we need to change the laws. Something drastic and dramatic has happened othewise why would you care enough to make that change? Is that enough? As if we have not behaved this way for the past 400 years.
  8. 314carpenter

    Yo, saw dudes

    Assuming you were asking about cutting 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" standard hardware store angle. Have you considered a fine tooth hacksaw? They work great. Clean up with a file loaded with chalk or soapstone after. If not, then... Use the highest tooth count you can find. 10 teeth per diameter inch. Tooth count and configuration depends on the alloy and thickness. The thicker the aluminum material is, the fewer teeth you typically need. (TCG) Triple chip grind tooth profile with a negative tooth angle is best. Like -5 degrees. You can use a wax to lub the blade to prevent welding of the material to the teeth of the blade. The aluminum will melt instead of cut if you go to fast and will make for a very ugly cut. Make sure you have your entire body covered in clothing, gloves, face shield, hearing protection. Use a very firm grip or clamp. One side of the angle against the fence and the other side against the table. Maybe put up some cardboard to contain the metal shavings from getting everywhere. Cover any glass in the line of fire. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DIABLO-12-in-x-96-Tooth-Laminate-Non-Ferrous-Metal-Cutting-Saw-Blade-D1296L/203162568 This high quality blade has everything you need for your project, meets the requirement of your saw, and is readily available. I was unable to find an economical alternative with adequate specs. You will not want to use this blade later for cutting crown molding or any lumber or boards down the road. Sorry you can not upgrade your current saw blade with this aluminum project of yours. There are wood/metal combo blades, but those are for ferrous metal. A blade made for composite decking like Trex could work if you were planning that type of work ahead. Aluminum is a specialty product and should be treated as such. I know a blade like this is expensive for small projects. I own many dozens of different types of saw blades, maybe even a hundred types. They are not a one fits all kind of thing. Sometimes you just use them once. Please do not buy a 10" saw blade for your 12" saw and attempt to cut aluminum with it. It won't cut all the way through anyway. You would need to build up your fence first. Please do not turn your saw blade backwards and cut with it. Leave that to the siding crew. It would not apply here. Buy the right tools, buy the right accessories, do it safe. If you would like to save yourself some money, get a smaller size saw for special projects and the blades will be much cheaper. Like this https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-7-1-4-in-Miter-Saw-TS1144/306939256 plus this https://www.homedepot.com/p/DIABLO-7-1-4-in-x-56-Teeth-Laminate-Non-Ferrous-Metal-Cutting-Blade-D0756N/202035231 I have been trained, educated, you can trust what I say to be true. I do not deny that there are other real alternatives and suggestions you will hear that will actually work, but those typically originate from having a lack of something else. Some of those can cause damage to material, damage to equipment, or even loss of bodily function. I am just trying to give the best advice I can.
  9. I grew up in the most segregated city in America according to Brookings. I used to cruise the various neighborhoods like it was some kind of trip to the zoo, looking out the windows of my locked car feeling the change in cultures as I drove around. I will not go into details, but I have been inside many of those homes where there would be an AK, Mac-10, or Tec-9 sitting on the coffee table. Look around and damn, I am the only white dude here? Sometimes it would be a gun pulled, couple times on me, and lucky no shots. Lots of those old acquaintances are still in prison or dead. Yeah, it's a different feeling for sure. I got my ticket on the Great White Flight 25 years ago. Now I live in town where there was a only an attempted stabbing once like 6 years ago. I am pretty much a polar opposite of my former self, which helps me understand both sides of things on more of a personal level. Kind of a cross with the Covid-19 thread, but I am posting this here in this thread. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/the-avenue/2020/04/17/covid-19-is-turning-the-midwests-long-legacy-of-segregation-deadly/ Quality of life involves more than the right to not be killed by cops. Healthcare, education, water, pollution, among other inequalities. Add to this Covid-19 and you have plenty of reasons to get off the porch and demonstrate your frustration if your are unfortunate enough to not have access to the great white flight that I got my ticket for years ago. I don't expect anyone to understand any of this. I am just sharing something about myself, something about where I came from, something about where I live, and something about the people that live there.
  10. Maybe not on the forum, but we can take it to PM if you want.
  11. (Sarcasm, for those who don't know me.) Really? Did you even think at all while you wrote that. Are you seriously so insensitive and ignorant to not realize what it is that you just said. Please edit and retract that comment. Please find another platform for your sarcasm. You are embarrassing me.
  12. To be clear, my comment below does not pertain to those those who engage in the generally accepted rules of Civil Disobedience. No that is not it at all. They actually think they are loosers of the world. They say they come from nothing. They think they will always have nothing. They think they will never become anything more than a name-tag on a shirt. They think they are the most underprivileged people on the planet. And they want to destroy everything you have. They want to start a civil war. They want anarchy. They believe that the USA could end up just like the countries that had civil wars during the Arab Spring. They want to turn the USA into a war torn country like Afganistan, Somalia, or Democratic Republic of the Congo. What happens after that is up in the air, but as it stands they believe they now have no shot what so ever. So start a civil war and hope to be dealt a better hand after the reshuffle. Unlike those people however, I happen to believe that just being born in this country, even if it means being born under a bridge, provides you more quality of life than 50% of the population of this planet. And that is nothing to piss away. Go try this in some other country and see how fast they start filling those Covid-19 mass graves with those protesters bodies instead. I don't think they got a fair deal, just that the deal they got is average at least when compared to what others options god could have given you. It is also important to remember that unlike some other countries, you have the right, privilege, and invitation to leave this country and find a better place elsewhere. Good luck in the world outside these borders. I say be careful what they wish for. The war may just come to them, and if that is what they want, I just don't see it ending well for 99% of them. All of the bad things they fear now will suddenly become a reality for them. A significant beneficial outcome is highly unlikely for those who are willing to go the route of civil war.
  13. @Gclayton Are you even willing to separate, or is this all or nothing? Give us some direction on the sale please. What screen do you have? Projector? Seating? Are they for sale? So you are willing to ship? What form of payment will you accept? Do you have original boxes, packing, accesories, and documentation for each of the items for sale?
  14. 1 year supply of food and 3 huge bugout tubs full of gear ready to run for the hills, then I went outside and nothing except crickets and frogs. Went back inside to watch the revelers roasting weenies while reflecting on why I no longer live in a city. I had a thought today while reflecting. I Remember how Colin Kaepernick was ridiculed and outcast for a very quiet, peaceful, respectful protest for the same kind of reform. Well far more so than this week was. I guess what ever you call that, the Kaepernick tactic apparently did not work so well. Sometimes change happens to work it's way around you anyway. ---------------------------------------------------------- Question is, do you personally believe that all of the protesters across the U.S. of A. would actually have accomplished more, while trying to gain real governmental reforms, if they had taken a knee this week instead?
  15. I bid $200. I'll cover shipping. Yip!]
  16. Not at all how the Garage section works. If a bid were placed in PM, then we have a closed bidding, and may be bidding against ourselves. I proposed the seller present all of us prices. His reluctance to do so does not diminish my desire for some of the gear. Open bids then? I will open the bidding for the Denon @ $50. Good luck everyone.
  17. Location. Prices. Shipping. Fees. Fill in the blanks
  18. Sale pending. Expected delivery by June 7th. Thank you all for your interest. I know it is hard to see something this special slip past you. In the end there could only be one owner. I will let the new owner speak for himself when he is ready to do that. Please wait until after the delivery is complete before sending requests. Please keep an eye out for more of my work. I will have more projects completed soon. If you already own a special set of speakers, and you think you might like an extra special finish job done for you, send me a PM, contact info, and pictures. Lets see if we can come up with a solution that works for you.
  19. I'll take any compliment I can get.
  20. I remember somewhere here, Bob posting how his partial hearing loss did not make him the best judge by ear. If you need a good judge find yourself a youngster to tell you what's happening.
  21. Just when we thought we had everything under control. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-monkeys-escape-with-covid-19-samples-after-attacking-lab-assistant-11996752
  22. Wait. Who got the 10% finders fee?
  23. Wonder who got the Chorus II's in MN that sold for =>$650 in the first couple of hours on Memorial day? I never ever had a chance to call. It reminds me of when I drove to 500 miles RT to MN in a snow storm there to get a pair priced similarly. When I got there the guy was visibly sweating from answering all of the phone calls he was getting while he awaited my arrival at 9PM. Gotta be first.
  24. I love it. Very well written OP. Sorry you feel attacked here Jim. I did read into it. A good thread that can be generalized anyway. My 2¢ below. Probably my own inefficiencies at hand, but I will admit to you ALL right here and right now this... I post a price, or make an offer to purchase one time and that it, I never budge. No singing, dancing, drama, battle of the wits going on with any used product I am associated with. Now if there are circumstances involved, those not related to the product itself, or unknown condition issues that later arrive, then the negotiations with me are valid. I will walk away over >$25. Done so many times. I don't play. No fun to be had negotiating with me. Move on if that is your motivation please. I started trading when I was 7. I have tried it many ways, wheeling/dealing and whatnot, so my own personal experiences have lead me to this eventuality. Do what works best for you. Just don't expect it from me. Trust me, I have done plenty of homework before an exchange ever happens. As much as I try to leave style, personality, and attitude out of the deal, unfortunately there are times my being "firm" comes off as exactly those things to some people. On more than a few of those occasions I am sure they really just wanted to "play". I am not having it, and am better for it, but probably not richer. I am OK with that. I have tons of other skills that keep me going.
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