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  1. An FYI to everyone: The current issue of Stereophile has a review of the Forte 3.
  2. How about a pair of Mac 275s driving a pair of Cornwalls?
  3. I was tempted to yell out to the Klipsch rep,"Crank it,dude!" but I did not have much time left to hang around at the show.
  4. Last Saturday I attended the Axpona show at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumbug,Illinois and during my tour of exhibitor rooms I stopped in room 1414 to check out what was on display from Klipsch.However,I only stayed a few minutes because the volume on the Klipsch Fortes was turned down so low I could not really get a good idea of what they sounded like.
  5. Hopefully,Stereophile will review a member of the Klipsch series,perhaps models that have the dual 6,8 or 10 inch woofers.
  6. Over the years I have seen numerous posts online and in the pronted media that Klipsch speakers of all types that describe their sound as being to bright,too high in the treble,lack of front to back sound staging,etc.Why do these people put down Klipsch speakers when so many have been sold the world over?
  7. The March 2019 issue of What Hi FI gave a Klipsch home theater set up a not so good review.
  8. jazzer


    elvis would have wanted these speakers.
  9. jazzer


    question: dr pepper in a can? answer:because he doesn't.
  10. tony bennett with bill evans.they recorded 2 albums together,the first in 1975 and the second in 1976.
  11. anita o'day sarah vaughan irene kral the king sisters
  12. Check out the review of a pair pf Forte 3's in the June issue of HI FI And Record Review.It is not exactly what i would call a rave.
  13. Why doesn't Klipsch exhibit at Axpona?They could have set up a huge exhibit at the 2018 event to have much of their product line on display.By doing so Klipsch could demonstrate that great,2 channel stereo sound doesn't have to be super expensive. Is there still time for Klipsch to do so?
  14. do lascalas image well in a 2 channel only set up?
  15. yes,something like the polo that is listed for sale but my proposal would be an all cotton or poly cotton blend.one that could be worn with jeans with the shirt tail out or with a pair of dress slacks looking like one of those dapper guys who man the klipsch booth at the electronics shows.
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