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  1. This is the same with Klipsch's Promedia system and is the only powered speaker system I own (and I own many) that has no power switch which means it's designed to be on all the time but it bugs some people because we're conditioned to turn things on when we use them and off when we're finished using them
  2. So does anyone else here have both Promedia systems or am I the only one?
  3. I have both Promedia systems but I have no idea what "LED hole" you're talking about. I've never used the "aux" feature until just now to test it out and the light on the subwoofer turns green which I didn't even know it could do, I thought it was just went blue (on) and red (off)
  4. i've had my Promedia's for almost 7 years and they've been wonderful but one minor gripe I had was the convex dustcaps which get pushed in VERY easily and I learned this because a couple of years ago I took the grills off and saw that one of the dustcaps had been pushed in which baffled me because I had no memory of doing this and I don't drink a lot. I know it doesn't effect the sound of them it just looks shitty and hurts their resale value so I pushed in the other one so they at least matched. I guess others have had the same problem because in subsequent iterations of the Promedia's it appears they have concave dustcaps
  5. Thanks for all the input guys, for some reason it must be a Canadian thing like occasionally youtube won't let me play something saying it's not available in my area which i've always chalked up to being Canadian but it's rare. I tried to contact Klipsch to alert them to this website issue but couldn't find a link to that either The reason I asked about the old SW-10 subwoofer was because someone was selling it locally here for $200 but it looked pretty old and I was right, it's 30 years old and one of the weirdest looking subwoofers i've ever seen so I wondered about the specs on it
  6. It didn't help because both those links led me to: 404 PAGE NOT FOUND The page you were looking for does not exist. Continue shopping which just proves i put forth the effort to find them
  7. I don't know if anyone that works at Klipsch reads this forum but it would be nice if the website listed past products like Martin Logan and Paradign do because I went looking for info on an old SW10 subwoofer for sale but couldn't find any info about it or if Klipsch has info on past products I couldn't find it
  8. I like the way the "B" was scraped off, kudos if that was you 🤣 Also, I can't believe I was the only one that noticed that!
  9. Huh? How old is your OS/virus protection because neither MicroMara nor I had any problems with that link In my experience Nakamichi and Teac made the best decks so i'm not exactly surprised that there's so many Nak's showing up here but both were way out my price league back then. I remember the Nakamichi Dragon being the deck to end all decks back in the day
  10. I've only owned two cassette decks but it's been over 30 years since I had one. My first was a Sanyo and my second was a Technics. Your old Pioneer has impressive meters on it for the time but only having Dolby B would make it difficult for me to listen to as the only choices with it are suppressed high end with minimal hiss or natural highs with the incumbent hiss. My decks both had Dolby C and my Technics had Dolby HX Pro which restored the highs while largely eliminating the hiss, HX Pro was a big improvement https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Uika9JaRdeI/WdN6Zj8y6aI/AAAAAAAADBM/jBG05BIE-JUIfXyePvSYLaTzKUxeuorVwCLcBGAs/s1600/Sanyo%2BRD-S30.jpg https://hankstore.ca/product/technics-rs-br465-stereo-cassette-deck-bx1029/
  11. That's a big part of the reason I can't go back to a 2 channel system, because it didn't matter which equalizer I used or what I set them at, I could never get deep bass and that's exactly what subs provide even at low volume
  12. With the exception of the ultra expensive new Jubilee's the Cornwall's produce the deepest bass of any of the Heritage Series so a sub isn't going to get you a lot deeper than what they produce. 34hz is pretty low. I own 14 subs and only 3 of them go lower than that so unless you're really into pipe organ music i'm not sure why you'd need a sub for your Cornwall's
  13. The first time I drank Starbucks ~30 years ago I had a coffee epiphany because I just knew this is what coffee is supposed to taste like but I only ever buy it when it's on sale, which is rarely. Starbucks is responsible for every company upping their coffee game, I remember years ago being offered a free McDonald's coffee and thinking it would be shit but being pleasantly surprised by how good it was so thanks Starbucks Now if I could just figure out what this time-honored thread has to do with cables, cycles and cocktails.....
  14. Unlike myself I'm sure most of you have more than one source of music but which is your favorite and why? I see so many systems with turntables these days I figure analog is the most popular these days but maybe i'm wrong
  15. I've had my Promedia's for years but I guess with the newer systems there's a power button somewhere but on mine there's no power button either and i've read customer reviews that lowered their rating due to there being no power button which is silly because Klipsch obviously designed them to be left on 24/7. Having unplugged them a couple of times over the years has resulted in little power surges after plugging them in because there's no power button but that didn't seem to hurt them. The new Heritage Promedia's turn on automatically via Bluetooth when they're given a signal, in my case opening my laptop
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