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  1. Man that’s lucky. I paid considerably more for mine I got from the museum used with a k69. New price the best I could find was over $650ea But yes I have like new k691s for sale. I just pulled them off my Jubilees yesterday. They really have very little play time on them. And I’m certain they’ve never seen more than 2w.
  2. Aluminum with the Mylar surrounds for now. I’ll upgrade the diaphragms to beryllium next year.
  3. I ordered a pair so they should be here any day now.
  4. Im leaning toward Radian 950PB since the faitalpro 20at are discontinued.
  5. Selling the factory drivers from my Jubilees. Received them around May of this year. Light use. $400 plus ride for the pair.
  6. Has anyone given the Radian 950PB a look? I think I’m gonna order a pair soon for my Jubilees because the faitalpro 20at is discontinued.
  7. Fantastic. Sounds like one hell of a trip !
  8. I’ve measured -3db at 20hz using only the xilica. And -3db at 18hz using ARC from my Anthem avm60 pre/pro. Blends with Jubilees just like you’d want. Beast of a sub. I just wish I had room for a second 1802.
  9. What is the estimated room gain? +3db? +6db? I’m too scared to try to find the max output in a house. And don’t believe my mic will go that high.
  10. I was wondering if anyone came up with a conclusion on the performance of the tht’s vs 1802.
  11. Definitely an option. I just wasn’t planning on pulling it out very often.
  12. Id like to put them in my bedroom while I’m refinishing and customizing my khorns. I most likely won’t let them go unless I have someone close to me in need of these beauties.
  13. I’ll have a pair of k400s available for sale very soon.
  14. That is the plan. It’s not that I’m not fantastically impressed and satisfied. I just like to tinker. And if there is a “fine tune” that optimizes this setup for home use I’m all for it. On another note the front treatment has brought tremendous improvement in imaging and sound stage. Mesmerizing
  15. i was able to get a little done with room treatment this week. Still a ways to go working front to back.
  16. I’ll move them around a bit. I’ll use them as surround backs for a little while anyway so I’m not too worried. I know fortes are great. Just not in this spot.
  17. So far the minimal playing I’ve done with the stock forte 2s are pretty horrible. Some of the weakest bass I’ve heard. Of course I know it’s a placement and room issue. I’ll be excited to upgrade the tweeter diaphragms and replace the caps so I can enjoy them for years.
  18. Yes it will keep me from stubbing my pinky toe I’m hoping.
  19. Does anyone have experience with using decware tube amps driving k402’s? I’m seeking out a few tube monoblock options for my Jubilees. http://www.decware.com/newsite/SE84UFO3.html
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