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  1. 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid. I'm SHOCKED that I love it. Expected to hate it. 50 mpg being easy, 40 mpg on it. I hear ya. Makes a HARD argument for electric (where I currently am).
  2. Holy hell batman. Had no idea on the vintage. Wish you the best in your sale!
  3. By more than 2 inches, apparently, yes
  4. Anything that is under a 21" Horn loaded sub on this forum is a toy if you didn't know... Unfortunately, I only have 18" Vented toys.
  5. 2 inches and you'll be right there. Jim, I would buy the second pair in a heartbeat. Anyone thinking, don't. Buy them. They will be gone. VERY fair price for what they are and what mods have been done. Cheap even, dare I say. Search the country, go on.
  6. Your speakers would destroy these, but aren't in proximity. Yes, thread crapping, don't care based on the OP
  7. I would buy your speakers if we were in proximity. They are beauties.
  8. Had poor experience with klipsch customer service honestly. Suggest simply speakers as referenced above.
  9. My 2 cents, I think you would be better served with ASIO straight output from laptop into a decent DAC after you rip CDs properly.
  10. Was just going to say that. What I used many years ago. Worked very well. Use the laptop and a DAC with USB perhaps? If you want to get fancy and use wireless..that's for the rest to decide. I tried Bluetooth with my topping DX7S PRO DAC and noticed a very obvious decline in sound quality. So.. I stuck with wired.
  11. Sell em and buy the new pair of jubes or an all danley system 👌
  12. If it works, it works.
  13. Awesome Tom. Thanks for sharing the end. Wish I could have picked them up in person. Anyhow, good luck on the move and enjoy your new place.
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