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  1. Sorry to hear man, bullshit for sure. I am half glad I didn't book in advance I guess
  2. Bits and bobs mate, bits and bobs
  3. If you don't know I'm joking, dunno what to tell you. I don't give a shit about degradation under water, I consider that a meaningless test.
  4. This is why I would NEVER buy Klipsch pro gear. Awful stuff
  5. I ONLY belive in MDF. It is superior
  6. I HATE Baltic birch. MDF is the ONLY way to go. I don't even understand why this thread is here
  7. Ah, best way to make portable lightweight klipsch speakers.
  8. Jim might be in for a suprise when he ships those k33s.
  9. Have, you shipped anything over 50 pounds recently? It's insane. Can you say $200 amp shipping cost?
  10. Yes. They Def beef the bass up a bit and give a tighter, quicker bass response. They benefit from being broken in noticabely.
  11. I dunno. I bet if he plugged it in and fired it up, the sound that came out of it would be magical.
  12. At least he did a great job. Now the amp won't overheat anymore. My savior.
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