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  1. Is “need replaced” a regional construction? Apparently, “to be” is understood. North of the Mason-Dixon Line it would be phrased, “ . . . that need [to be] replaced.” When I lived and worked in Terre Haute, IN for a decade one summer, I noticed that everywhere, in speech, in the newspapers, on radio, and in TV ads. “Does your muffler need replaced? Get on over to MIDAS.” That’s the beauty of language, it evolves. Sometimes on accident, I mean by accident. Don’t want to be mistaken for a Millennial.
  2. W & T, I’m surprised Otto korekt didn’t prevent your “Toleto” typo in the subject line. It kept trying to correct my deliberate misspelling. The seller appears to be a fan of the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers, we know he/she is delusional.
  3. People from “Toleto” are known to be less tidy than their counterparts from Toledo. You know, just like the slobs from Lecksington who besmirch the image of Lexington. Just imagine if the seller weren’t trying to show the receiver in its best possible light.
  4. Other than demonstrating an inability to spell “Harman” correctly, the seller tells us nothing about the unit. As to the merits of the 430, they are excellent. Some prefer it to its x30 siblings. I’ve had each of them at one time or another, and each is excellent with plenty of power for efficient Klipsch speakers. At “$100 obo” it seems to be a bargain, even if you spent twice that to have it professionally restored. What do you say Andy @HDBRbuilder and Bruce @Marvel?
  5. Thanks Sputnik. My grandmother lived from 1896 to 1992. That was an even more amazing time period. Born into an agrarian society with travel by horse with manure filled streets, she lived to see powered flight, the Model T, Interstate Highway system, men on the moon, organ transplants, etc.
  6. Elden, I must respectfully disagree.
  7. Yes. One person, one vote. Where you live makes no difference. Anything else makes a vote in Maine more important than a vote in California.
  8. I believe you’re correct. I hope your Goodwill guess is correct. He can do more harm as part of NASA than as a member of MENSA.
  9. My COVID-19 bachelorhood will soon come to an end. My beloved mother-in-law passed peacefully sometime after 3:00 am. She was 96 in February. That her daughters could be with her to ease the process was a blessing.
  10. Diet Coke and Lite, seems like a suicide attempt to me.
  11. Is that a MENSA shirt?
  12. The Electoral College has outlived its original purpose, but it won’t be eliminated in our lifetimes.
  13. Great idea! A Jeopardy Teen Tournament winner would beat that “stable genius.”
  14. No. You want to be laid off to be eligible to claim PUA.
  15. Still no PPP cash to supplement the $3,000 EIDL advance. My wife and I did receive PUA of $1,520 ($760/week x 2 weeks) each as self-employed. Our small business might survive yet. One of our three employees was prevented from filing an unemployment claim online. She got an error message advising that a problem with her SSN necessitated a telephone call. Getting through on the phone is impossible. Fortunately, a message I sent to Michigan UIA prompted a call from them to me. I was able to give the caller our employee’s phone number. A call took place and the claim has been filed. If PPP does eventually come through, as I expect it to, I will have to decide whether to resume payroll or make it possible for our employees to collect $962/week for 8 weeks, which is more than their paychecks would be.
  16. Good catch. Although probably irrelevant from a practical point, that does provide negotiating leverage.
  17. The anonymity of a keyboard brings out the worst in some people. Some here will remember Parrot. IMO, he was one of the most unpleasant people on the forum. Many years ago I had an opportunity to meet him in person at an audio event at a hotel in Southfield, MI. Instead of the arrogant belligerent *** from the forum, he was a scrawny dork who couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. After a perfunctory exchanged greeting I avoided him. He had been mean too mean to too many for too long for me to waste time on him. I believe he was banned shortly thereafter.
  18. Wood glue is PVA, Poly Vinyl Alcohol, the foundation of Reg Williamson’s cleaning system. The Williamson method is like wood glue but much better, especially when Cyastat SN, or another anti-static agent, is added. YMWV - Your mileage WILL vary.
  19. Freedom of the press does not preclude partisan press, nor should it. Newspapers have historically been partisan. I have no problem with media outlets advancing a specific agenda. I have the right and the ability to sift through the news to embrace what I value and reject the rest. I value science and reject opinions not grounded in science.
  20. I’m tired of the excuse that this administration inherited an empty cupboard. Even if that lie were true, why did it take 3 1/2 years to look in the cupboard?
  21. YES! He should have discussed that with Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci in private, where they could answer his questions without putting them, and him, on the spot becoming objects of public criticism. He should apologize for suggesting in public that disinfectants could possibly be injected or ingested as a therapy. He should apologize for public speculation about dangerous activities in a world where people die after ingesting detergent pods or cleaning supplies. But he won’t, because he can’t.
  22. This has probably been discussed elsewhere, but my veterinarian friend strongly recommended those finger O2 saturation monitors, like that shown below. He recommended using one as soon as any symptoms appear. Your O2 saturation level should be greater than 90%. If below 90%, get to an ER ASAP. I ordered one. They’re not expensive. Stay healthy.
  23. Can you imagine how much better it would have been for him, if, instead of lying by claiming he was being sarcastic, he would have said something like the following? “I was incorrect. I should not have speculated about the efficacy of medical therapies. I should leave medical opinions to the medical experts. I apologize if anyone ingested or injected disinfectants after my musings.” Unfortunately, that will not happen.
  24. I spoke with a friend yesterday who is a veterinarian. He has worn full hazmat protection while performing medical procedures briefly on animals. It was hot, uncomfortable, and difficult to work like that for short periods of time. He can only imagine how difficult it would be to work like that hour after hour, day after day, providing emergency care to humans.
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