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  1. It was existing. Bought them 'as-is' so there was no option of anything else. I do, however, greatly prefer the looks of stainless, but that is a personal preference. I can't say I had any problems with them. There were no scratches when I received them and no scratches over the 5 years appox that I've had them. Finish is still reall nice. - PB
  2. Never uploaded pics before; hopefully this works. Mine VRD monos are powder coated silver. Bought these used so stainless wasn't an option at the time. -PB
  3. This might be against the general concensus around here and YMMV, but I tried an HCA 1500A in my HT to drive my Dean-G'd RF-7's and found the amp a bit grainy in the top end. Bottom end and midrange were great with a much improved soundstage compared to my Denon, but I couldn't listen to the setup at higher volumes for any period of time. The HCA 1500A is for sale if anyone's interested. Looking for $390 (what I have into it). Excellent condition, I can't find anything wrong with it. - PB
  4. Man, I was on that stretch of highway a couple of months ago being a tourist. That's close to where that big smoke stack is right? Amazing the rail didn't hit any other vehicles. Thank God there were no wife or kids in the other seats. -PB
  5. I like this one. I've been laughing at it all morning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXtzaBeACLU - PB
  6. Thanks Josh, that was my impression too, and that's why I took it out of my system. While it seemed to image better and tame the bass of the RF-7's, I didn't like the overall tone of the midrange or highs. I didn't think the ground loop problem was a big contibutor, however I thought I would ask around here before I put the amp up for sale. -PB
  7. Thanks. I guess I should have tried to isolate the group loop problem and removed it first. That may have answered my question. Unfortunately I've removed the HCA1500A out of my system because I did not find it a good match (too bright in the top end). After thinking about selling the unit, I thought I would ask if the ground loop would contribute to the brightness in the top end. -PB
  8. Greetings all, I bought a Parasound HCA1500A to power some DeanG'd RF-7s. In my current (temporary) set up, I'm using a Denon 3802 as pre. There is a pretty serious ground loop hum, which I can appreciate needs to be addressed. I find, however, that the sound is quite grainy in the top end (much more grainy than the 3802). Could this be related to the ground loop problem? I thought the HCA1500A's were suppose to be quite smooth. Any input would be greatly appreciated. - PB
  9. I sure hope you guys don't get hit with a sudden warm front and/or a rain storm; need a slow melt for sure. Hang in there. -PB
  10. This is interesting. My manual says to run between 0.65 and 0.75 VDC for KT88s and states that Craig personally runs his at 0.70 VDC. The same discussion is included about lower voltage settings and longer tube life though. Perhaps some clarification is in order from the manufacturer! -PB
  11. I wonder if they fixed than darn plastic peg problem on the grills???? These new models look good Klipsch! Well done. -PB
  12. I would vote A. Although it is a night and day difference. They still sound a bit bright on some music, but I think the sound is overall more balanced. The top end is also much more clear (wait until you hear drums and cymbals!). I do struggle a bit with getting a focused image now though. I know my speaker placement isn't the best, but now the music sometimes sounds a bit confused/muddled, particularly with vocals. Tough to say what the biggest differences between the old and new are anymore, I kind of forget what they used to sound like. -PB
  13. Rich, perhaps you have this figured out already, but there are also small tick marks in the platter and main spindle assembly that should be lined up for balance. I know this may sound ridiculous, but I had space problems also. My wife had a nice, well built, low profile, wooden serving tray with side handles that fits the entire table and motor assembly perfectly. It makes it real nice for move transporting the table around if necessary. My table is in a difficult location to access and clean, so it needs to be moved once in a while. Needless to say, my experiment using the tray has turned out to be a more permanent solution. -PB
  14. I hate the thought of being bated by this guy, but I just about spit my coffee all over my monitor reading this. What a joke! Sure glad he's around to bring us to our senses. I can't imagine he will be around for long. Rich, I've owned a 1400 for about two or three years now and though I always wanted a 2001 or 2200, the 1400 has kept me very happy. In fact, I don't even think I want to upgrade right now because I have two young ones bouncing around the house. I know it may not be important to some of you guys, but my 1400 plays stable with no skips or jumps (and I mean none whatsoever) when my two kids are dancing (more like bouncing and jumping) right beside it. I don't think I've ever had a table that was so stable. I recently added a new Zu 103R and counterweight to my RB250 and it's like I have a whole new system. I think it will tie me over for a long time. The right Vector might make me jump though. One thing I would carefully check over before you purchase the table is the motor and bearings. My motor has had what I think is a bearing problem since I purchased it unseen. The motor spindle is quite noisy when powered up; however, even just a small amount of pressure makes it go away. I can't bear to think how much it is going to cost to repair, so I live with it. I think you will enjoy your purchase. Can't wait to hear your reviews! -PB
  15. Awesome deals. Just what I was waiting for. Thanks for the heads up! -PB
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