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  1. Heresy are small (when compared to other Heritage speakers!), and well worth the investment. They are extremely "sensitive", which means you get great sound out of lower wattage, vintage stereo equipment. I own two pair, my first were a pair of beaters so I turned them into faux pros. And did the "Super Heresy" mod on them. They sound great. The second pair are Heresy 'E' (The 'E' is for Export), sold in a PX overseas, and brought back to the States. I purchased them from the original owner who had not used them since the '80's. They are 100% original and sound fantastic! @geezin'
  2. Fantastic looking pair. I never seem to see 20's. It occurred to me that maybe people went with either the lower end 10's, or the top of the line 30's, but not so many went for the "in between" level. They look like Epics with the horn and woofer swapped. Free bump! *<;o)
  3. I wish I was close enough to drive it in a day. Some will pop up here in Florida sooner or later.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-KP-250-PA-Speakers-Pair-400-Watt-USA-Heresy-PICKUP-ONLY-IN-DANVERS-MA/164633237597?epid=12022696382&hash=item2654e7d85d:g:HzkAAOSwFJFf-JI9 Klipsch Pro version of Heresies!
  5. I picked it up at a Salvation Army thrift store for $40. As you said, good reviews. I always pick up amps that are proper brand names, reasonably priced and have pre-outs on all channels. I also look for good quality 5 way posts on all channels to go with the good reviews. *<;o). Generally, these features are not found on lower quality amps, normally they are seen on the higher end models. Sometimes I get lucky, occasionally not. I have found that I can achieve incredible sound without spending incredible sums. It simply takes persistence and patience.
  6. I will have to check. I will let you know. *some time later* It's an AVR-3802. @Micklipsch
  7. It actually could be perception. It's as if you had been using a wild EQ setting, and then go back to flat.
  8. It's a 5.1 Surround receiver / amp, set to "No Subwoofer" and only 2 channel. The sound is pushed to it via fiber optic, and it is plenty. Hmmm. I wonder if I can use the extra channels to bi-amp. I will have to check for this.
  9. I use a 100w Denon for my CF3's, and there is all the volume and bass you could ask for without getting any clipping or missing sound. They thump you in the chest.
  10. Nice amp. Wanna sell it? (j/k)
  11. I run 7 Klipsch Pro speakers on an Onkyo 7.1 receiver. It's supposedly rated at 120W per channel, but the RMS rating is probably closer to 85 or 90. Halfway up the volume is painful and will run you out of my office, long before any clipping occurs. *<;o)
  12. With clipping, visualize it via a sine wave. Normally it's a smooth curve up and over the top. Now if you are trying to push too much power through an amp that cannot handle it, the top of the "mountain" curve ends up getting chopped off flat. This acts like DC current, always on during that flat part. Your drivers are run on AC, so the voltage goes from high to low 60 times a second. So your drivers move in and out as per the voltage. During the clip, it's powering the driver with a constant on. Drivers don't like that, heat up, and burn out. (I know I took a lot of shortcuts with this explanation, but they are simply concepts...) My post count was 667 on this one. The neighbor of the beast. *<;o)
  13. KSB 1.1's. One SW8 II. One pair of KSF 8.5's. Two 1979 Super Heresy! A pair of Epic CF3's V1.0. A sequential pair of R-14M's. A super nice pair of KP-3002's. A matched serial pair of KP-101's. 2 sequentially numbered pairs of KG4's. A pair of KPT-100 taken from a theater in Gainesville. A pair of KP-1000's, modified into 2-way garage speakers. A perfect pair of 1977 ‘Heresy E’ export model "H-WO", laser emblems. I've not yet sold any Klipsches, much to the chagrin and consternation of the Mrs.
  14. I bet he's done with this particular forum after his "encounter"...
  15. If the system he built does what he wants, why change things? Granted, if capacitors have aged over time and the sound with them, then you might not notice that anything wonky has occurred. It's always fun to play with new gear, however, and as long as you don't sell off the original parts of the system, you can always put things back to what you liked.
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This. Exactly this. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ @Steve Brunson
  17. I think you might find that the bass response was curtailed more by the smaller cabs than the woofer change. I doubt the company will give you new inspection stickers for speakers that were remade into cabinets that did not match the original specs, and one of the three drivers being replaced. You should be able to lift the paper labels off the "new" cabs successfully. Google something like label removal chemicals or sprays.
  18. In that case, I would pass myself unless I needed a set for another room. Keep your eyes out for a reasonable pair of KG 5.5, that might be worthwhile for you.
  19. I should say something helpful... They look decent, some small dings on the risers. If they are $200 or less, they are a good deal IMHO.
  20. @Yukon888. Welcome to the forum. It would be good if we could see the serial numbers, that would help a lot.
  21. Wecome to the Forum. The repair you suggested will most likely be okay. If not, it needed replaced anyway... *<;o)
  22. I hope that there is another prodigy that @Chief bonehead can foster and teach, to bring up the next generation. PWK started something that will hopefully become a grand tradition.
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