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  1. habinger808

    Long thread about HIIIs deleted. What is going on?

    great now i have to rob another bank to even save up for some heritage speakers
  2. habinger808

    Heresy III w/ integrated amp?

    which of these amps you listed have more low end?...
  3. habinger808

    Help With Speaker Decision

    by doing these upgrades, would you say that they are like forte3s after?... just listen to the forte3s again and they sound great. but doing upgrades on 1 or 2s would be easier for the wife to get on board.
  4. could you pm the cost of them to me?... mahalo
  5. Where did you get the grills from?
  6. habinger808

    Cornwall III or Forte III, help me choose

    would love to know that too
  7. habinger808

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    so it is i guess its only off the ebay site. now do i use the credit card and just have my wife pissed at me for a longtime is the real question?!
  8. habinger808

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    and now theyre all gone and looks like his prices are the same as everyone else
  9. habinger808

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    the simple fact that this is a pair at this price is why im trying desperately to convince my wife of letting me use the credit card yes we can get a cheaper b-stock set but im thinking 30+ years from now when my kids take over these beauties and smile.
  10. habinger808

    More Gender Angst

    actually i know a transgender individual back growing up in hawaii. its not uncommon to meet and know what we call "mahu" or gay man. i know this one "guy" since we were little kids and he always liked girly things and was very feminine. he would get picked on all the time and our group of friends would always back him up and even beat the crap out of several guys that would pick on him throughout highschool. he was definitely one of the tiny percent that should and did get sex reassignment surgery. the best part of this entire story is that years later in our mid 20s, i met a large group of former highschool classmates and several of the guys that used to pick on my friend pulled me on the side and asked "whos the hottie?" my friend was much more beautiful than she was ever handsome. shes very happy and is in a happy relationship. her boyfriend is happy and knows her history. they dont advertise it and they stick to themselves which is fine. she will always be the kid i grew up with that just needed a friend. now granted this is a very rare case and story. since then, i met alot of "transgender" individuals that just seem confused and emotional wrecks. i stay away from those types. by the way, my friend never tried to push anything on anyone as is with todays society.
  11. habinger808

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    not sure how many total but the ebay seller has another 6 left. ive been eyeballing these for awhile also. i was concerned with crazy low price but now seeing a forum member with them is a bit of a relief.
  12. habinger808

    klipschorn for sale

    well you all might have been right about offerup. still havent heard from the seller.
  13. habinger808

    klipschorn for sale

    big mahalo to everyone. truly appreciate all your input. i know that in a few years we are remodeling and the room will be much bigger. trying to use that as a selling point to the wife. buy these and we dont have to get "bigger" or more speakers later.
  14. habinger808

    klipschorn for sale

    thanks to the both of you. what should i "listen" for? he is the second owner of these and only has it setup to his avr which is what it would do until a suitable amp can be bought. lastly, would this be too much for our small 14' x 30' room? apologies for all the questions.