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  1. what accuphase did you get and whats it hooked up to?
  2. bklyn seen look those up at world market and those are nice!
  3. i wish my wife would just let me buy your lascalas! im only a 30min drive from you :/
  4. are these not worth the price?... im being honest in asking by the way
  5. ill trade you my one year old pair of rp150m in walnut for your rp600m
  6. Let's assume that a Bar lounge was being built, what Klipsch speaker setup would be "ideal" for patrons to listen to a wide variety of music. mostly from a streamer and vinyl. Assumption being the room itself has a relatively rectangular shape and about 40' x 60' dimensions.
  7. all i want to ask is how did you get the wife on board with your thinking?... been trying to get a pair or heresy for my sons room so he and his sister can rock out on their own!
  8. schweet! i suppose this is good for me as i cant piss the wife off
  9. mahalo. just trying to convince the other half to let me buy them, if i can convince her to listen to them, would you allow us to come by if they are still setup? we are in 85018 area
  10. what would you estimate all the parts cost to build what you have?... my father in law is a woodworker and he's always looking for things to build for the grandkids. maybe this my way of killing 2 birds with 1 stone
  11. we only have a cheap AT-LP60 so we had to go with a phono stage. went with a schitt mani
  12. 300?!... lv is a 5 hour drive from phx 😕
  13. great now i have to rob another bank to even save up for some heritage speakers
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