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  1. schweet! i suppose this is good for me as i cant piss the wife off
  2. mahalo. just trying to convince the other half to let me buy them, if i can convince her to listen to them, would you allow us to come by if they are still setup? we are in 85018 area
  3. what would you estimate all the parts cost to build what you have?... my father in law is a woodworker and he's always looking for things to build for the grandkids. maybe this my way of killing 2 birds with 1 stone
  4. we only have a cheap AT-LP60 so we had to go with a phono stage. went with a schitt mani
  5. 300?!... lv is a 5 hour drive from phx 😕
  6. great now i have to rob another bank to even save up for some heritage speakers
  7. by doing these upgrades, would you say that they are like forte3s after?... just listen to the forte3s again and they sound great. but doing upgrades on 1 or 2s would be easier for the wife to get on board.
  8. so it is i guess its only off the ebay site. now do i use the credit card and just have my wife pissed at me for a longtime is the real question?!
  9. and now theyre all gone and looks like his prices are the same as everyone else
  10. the simple fact that this is a pair at this price is why im trying desperately to convince my wife of letting me use the credit card yes we can get a cheaper b-stock set but im thinking 30+ years from now when my kids take over these beauties and smile.
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